Practical Meditation

Practical Meditation Author : Giovanni Dienstmann
Release : 2018-08-02
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN : 0241365244
File Size : 56.66 MB
Format : PDF
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Want to improve your concentration and memory, and reduce stress? Meditation is proven to do both - and more. Find out how to meditate to suit your lifestyle, whether you are new to meditation or seeking to enhance your existing practice. Do I need to sit in a special pose? How long should I meditate for? Is meditation religious? With myth-busting facts and easy-to-follow advice, Practical Meditation provides everything you need to know, from your first taste of meditation, to how to master the key techniques and deepen your practice. Find a style that you enjoy by exploring over 30 step-by-step meditations, from Mindfulness Meditation to Tai Chi. Discover the benefits of meditation on your mind and body, examining how it works and the scientific evidence behind its effects. Use the short "mini-meditations" to fit meditation into a busy lifestyle, or to sample a range of different styles, then learn how to set up a practice that works for you. Clear, practical advice helps you build meditation into your daily life, so you can find peace and stillness at home, at work, on the beach, on a business trip. Self-care for body and mind - anytime, anywhere.

Very Practical Meditation

Very Practical Meditation Author : Serene West
Release : 1981
Publisher :
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Very Practical Meditation

Very Practical Meditation Author : Serene West
Release : 1997-01-28
Publisher : Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN : 9780898650068
File Size : 76.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Very few people realize that meditation can be used for more than simple relaxation. With visualization techniques, it can be applied to any problem or goal a person may have. For the first time, there is not only a case and a method for meditation, but a program of specific affirmations for use in such circumstances as: dieting, finding a new home, overcoming anger, buying a car, relieving tension, healing the body, and many others. With this guide, individuals may begin to apply the benefits of meditation to achieve real results in their daily lives. Try it and see for yourself.

Meditation: A Practical Guide to a Spiritual Discipline

Meditation: A Practical Guide to a Spiritual Discipline Author : Thomas McCormick
Release : 2006-02-07
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 1597525510
File Size : 33.87 MB
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ÒMeditation transforms our perceptions of the world, the events of our lives, our own existence. -- Edmund P. Clowney Should Christians meditate? If so, how? In other generations the answers to these questions would have been taken for granted. Yet because of the influx of various Eastern religions with forms of meditation not based on biblical principles, Christians have shied away from this time-honored tradition. These forty daily studies are meant to assist you in searching out what the Scriptures say about meditation. You will not only learn about meditation; you will also learn how to meditate. These are meditations on meditation.

A Practical Manual of Meditation

A Practical Manual of Meditation Author : Massimo Scalifero
Release : 2015-06-01
Publisher : SteinerBooks
ISBN : 1584201916
File Size : 88.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rudolf Steiner often emphasized the importance of meditation practice for the self-development of students of Anthroposophy. In his writings and lectures, he offered various instructions for approaches to meditation and for strengthening qualities needed to unfold our latent spiritual capacities. In this accessible book, Massimo Scaligero—a lifelong student of Rudolf Steiner and Spiritual Science—systematically illumines Steiner’s practices, building on the foundation of our human constitution and explaining how and why these practices work. Such efforts take place in the world and with the people around us and restore us to our true condition: “Initiation is the restoration of the spirit’s original state, despite its human incarnation.” This text by Massimo Scaligero should be read and thought deeply, but also acted upon. It will be an aid to all those who wish to take the path of initiation through Spiritual Science. A Practical Manual of Meditation is a translation from Italian of Manuale Pratico della Meditazione (Teseo, Rome, 1973/2005).

Psychology of Meditation

Psychology of Meditation Author : Dr. Akbar Husain
Release : 2021-01-13
Publisher : Psycho Information Technologies
ISBN : 9388539117
File Size : 77.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Meditation is the essence of spiritual life. It is our mental attitude which brings in thoughts and shows us a positive outlook of life. Lots of patience is required to perform meditation. So everyone of us should do mediation to maintain positive attitude towards life. Performing mediation during stressful times in our life will make a big difference. There are many methods of meditation to keep the mind strong and for spiritual discipline. There has been a dramatic increase in the past 20 years on the impact of meditation upon one's health. There are various potential positive effects such as brain activity during meditation, brain waves during meditation, meditation and perception, sleep and elevation of positive emotions and outcomes, and positive behavior have been noted in the previous studies. In this book authors have reported a number of research based on various styles of meditation techniques: Insight meditation, Kundalini yoga meditation, Integrative body-mind training, Mantra Meditation, Non-referential compassion meditation, Mental Silence, Transcendental Meditation, Muraqabah and Tasbih meditation. Relaxation and different meditation techniques including bio-feedback, shavasana, vipasana, sudarshan kriyas, devotional songs etc. are of immense use in maintaining positive mental health. This book focuses on the relevance of psychology of meditation as a practical solution to improve the health-related quality life. We think meditative techniques suggested in this book are genuine in the sense that believers usually experience it. Readers may see what the general path is and the content this book reflects. It generates meaningful solutions of the physical, social , emotional, mental, and spiritual problems. This book will be useful for the students of psychology, social work and health caregivers.

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record Author :
Release : 1883
Publisher :
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Awakening Author : Yogi Brahmasamhara
Release : 2012-05-01
Publisher : Rockpool Pub
ISBN : 9781921878008
File Size : 87.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is a book on meditation that takes people beyond where most other such books have taken them. It is a book of wisdom - wisdom for its understanding of human nature, wisdom for its answers to the unhappiness in modern life, and wisdom for the person-to-person way in which it is written.

The Month ...

The Month ... Author :
Release : 1867
Publisher :
File Size : 32.17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation

A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation Author : Paramananda
Release : 1996
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780760721797
File Size : 25.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Paramananda’s light style helps to answer the bigger picture of ‘why meditate?’ as well as walk us through the mindfulness of breathing and the lovingkindness meditations. With key reminders on the importance of our body and suggestions on working with it in meditation, he also considers the distractions, how to set up and maintain a regular meditation practice, insight and further levels of consciousness." --Publisher description.

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer Author : Newman Hall
Release : 1883
Publisher :
File Size : 85.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper Author : James Philip Lilley
Release : 1891
Publisher :
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Old Testament Theology

Old Testament Theology Author : Hermann Schultz
Release : 1892
Publisher :
File Size : 85.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus Author : Siegfried Goebel
Release : 1890
Publisher :
File Size : 27.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Life of Christ

The Life of Christ Author : Bernhard Weiss
Release : 1894
Publisher :
File Size : 28.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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