Under a Blackberry Moon (Northwoods Dreams Book #2)

Under a Blackberry Moon (Northwoods Dreams Book #2) Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2013-10-15
Publisher : Revell
ISBN : 144124459X
File Size : 82.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 288
Read : 1292

Just a few days after she gives birth alone in the Northwoods, a recently widowed young Chippewa woman stumbles into a nearby lumber camp in search of refuge and sustenance. Come summer, the camp owner sends Skypilot, his most trusted friend, to accompany Moon Song and her baby on the long and treacherous journey back to her people. But when tragedy strikes off the shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula wilderness, Moon Song and Skypilot must depend on each other for survival. With every step they take into the forbidding woods, they are drawn closer together, until the tough questions must be asked. Will she leave her culture to enter his? Will he leave his world to enter hers? Or will they walk away from a love that seems too complicated to last? With evocative descriptions of a breathtaking landscape, Under a Blackberry Moon will sweep readers into a wild realm where beauty masks danger and only the truly courageous survive, even as the sweet love story along the way tightly grips their hearts.

A Way of Escape: A Novel

A Way of Escape: A Novel Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2014-12-01
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283159
File Size : 30.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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No one fought the war on drugs with as much determination as county prosecutor, Blake Ramsey, until he died of a cocaine overdose. His wife, Erin, and teenage daughter have to live with the shame of his hypocrisy until Erin starts digging up information that others in their small town do not want revealed. Suddenly she and her daughter are in great danger and forced to run. Their only ally is the last person Erin ever expected to trust, a man her husband once convicted of murder.

Love's Journey in Sugarcreek

Love's Journey in Sugarcreek Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2017-02-12
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283256
File Size : 31.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 477
Read : 205

Beyond The Door: Volume 2

Beyond The Door: Volume 2 Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2019-03-09
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283477
File Size : 45.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 120
Read : 683

Four authors. Twelve stories. Another writing session with only the unknown before them. In the pages of Beyond the Door Volume 2 can be found stories about: - a dangerous beauty seeking revenge - the power of words - an alien invasion - espionage during the Civil War - fraternity hazing with a dangerous edge - election tampering from the future The authors from Beyond the Door Volume 1 have come together again to mine their imagination for more visions of time lines only they could discover. Clones, child detectives, first ladies, and missing pregnancies mask a reality only they could survive to tell the world. If an open door is an invitation then consider this a taste of what you'll find inside. They are halfway through the deck. Q: What was it like to write these stories without the others in the room with you? A.B. Alvarez: Who says I wasn't in the room with the others? Just because they couldn't see me. I mean, I wasn't in the room with them. At all. Not under the bed or in the closet which BTW needs a good cleaning. I was home sipping a fine Merlot while watching the ships travel down the Hudson. While I wrote about pits covered in sharp pointy pieces of glass. That takes a lot of concentration and focus. And a good Merlot. Serena B. Miller: After editing your stories, Alvarez, I think a little less Merlot might be in order? And please stay out of my closets. That last restraining order is still valid. Jesse R. Lyle: Bittersweet. Since I didn’t have to listen to the droning-thunderous striking of keyboard keys from overzealous-caffeine driven digits, I could actually think straight, but I didn’t get to trade attempted witty remarks with my fellow companions. Derek E. Miller: It was a dream. I was home enjoying a fine Craft Artisan Amish made Root Beer listening to the neighbor’s dog bark way too much. But all that commotion was still better than listening to A.B. Alvarez constantly make laser sounds as he would write his futuristic sci fi stuff. You definitely need a good Root Beer to write. Q: Derek E. Miller, during your tour of duty in the military what was it like interacting with the aliens from Area 51? A: Turns out I was well prepared. Dealing with New Yorkers like A.B. Alvarez more than prepared me for interaction with an alien species. One of them even gave me two t-shirts. They have printed on them, "I Love Zork" and "The Big Abbsou." Q: Jesse R. Lyle, based on your fictitious medical degree from Johns Hopkins, did the details about genetics in your story help you make better breeding decisions about the multi-legged organisms you have running around your home? A: Oh, without a doubt my fictitious medical degree helped more than a legitimate medical degree. And yes, she might be a genetically created multi-legged organism, but she’s my little multi-legged organism. MuHahahaha Q: Serena B. Miller, after reading Sunny I can see you owning multiple guns and not being afraid to use them. Have you ever sneaked into a foreign country with the express intent of overthrowing its government? A: That depends. Has California attained foreign country status yet? Q: A.B. Alvarez, the last time you went time traveling did you find your doppelganger? A: Is that question for me? I've never gone time traveling. If I did would I be here? Multiple time streams don't make any sense. That doesn't mean I haven't been visited by others who purport to be from a different time stream. Meet my doppelganger? Don't be silly. What would I do if I met myself? Kill him and take his place? Of course not! He might try to kill me and take my place. By the way: why did you call me A.B. Alvarez?

Murder At Slippery Slope Youth Camp

Murder At Slippery Slope Youth Camp Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2014-01-03
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283094
File Size : 43.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Read : 621

In this tongue-in-cheek short story, Doreen Sizemore, an opinionated seventy-one-year-old Kentucky woman, leaves the comfort of her hometown to help cook for a Christian youth camp on an island in Ontario, Canada. Doreen ends up in the middle of yet another murder mystery giving proof to her strongly held belief that "it just don't pay to travel."

Murder At The Mystery Mansion

Murder At The Mystery Mansion Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2015-08-28
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing, LLC
ISBN : 1940283191
File Size : 40.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 826
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In this tongue-in-cheek novella, bad things happen every time Doreen Sizemore leaves her South Shore, Kentucky home. She can’t seem to go anywhere without stumbling over yet another dead body. So Doreen comes up with a solution. She won’t go anywhere. She’ll simply stay in her tiny home town where everything is nice and safe. But is it? The more she gets involved with the family living in the Victorian mansion down the street, the more suspicious she becomes that there is something very strange going on there.

Love's Journey on Manitoulin Island: Eliza's Lighthouse (Book 4)

Love's Journey on Manitoulin Island: Eliza's Lighthouse (Book 4) Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2018-10-26
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283434
File Size : 73.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 515
Read : 806

Snowstorms. Starving wolves. An Isolated Lighthouse. It is 1875 and Liam Robertson, keeper of the Tempest Bay Lighthouse, disappears during a series of record-breaking snowstorms on Manitoulin Island, Canada. Miles from civilization, his wife, Eliza, and their fragile, ten-year-old son are virtually trapped inside the lighthouse. When the remnants of a dog sled team drags a half-dead stranger to her door. Eliza knows she must try to save the man’s life, but she soon fears that she and her son might be in danger as the man’s ramblings reveal that he spent years in prison. While parceling out their dwindling food supplies, and with no way to call for help, Eliza keeps the great light burning, clinging to the hope that it will guide her husband home.

Murder on the Mississippi Queen

Murder on the Mississippi Queen Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2015-03-28
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283167
File Size : 30.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 432
Read : 1291

In this tongue-in-cheek novella, reluctant amateur sleuth, Doreen Sizemore, vows to never leave her home in South Shore, Kentucky ever again. She’s afraid of discovering another dead body since murders only seem to happen when she travels. Her vow to stay home is broken when a newly rich relative offers her the dream of a lifetime—a trip up her beloved Ohio River on the Mississippi Queen. Doreen is thoroughly enjoying her trip until another murder lands her in jail!

Love's Journey in Sugarcreek: Bertha's Resolve (Book 4)

Love's Journey in Sugarcreek: Bertha's Resolve (Book 4) Author : Serena B. Miller
Release : 2020-09-06
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283531
File Size : 57.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 297
Read : 211

From the USA Today Bestselling Author of the acclaimed Love’s Journey series comes the story of Bertha Troyer. In 1959, after reading a heartbreaking plea for medical personnel, Bertha Troyer, a young, beautiful Amish woman from Sugarcreek, rebels against church rules and enters nursing school determined to pour out her life on behalf of the desperate children of Haiti. This fourth installment of the Sugarcreek Series, follows Rachel’s beloved aunt, Bertha, back in time to a nightmare of poverty, political unrest, and the fury of nature, as Bertha is forced to make the most agonizing decision of her life in order to protect her people—and the man—she loves. “Miller is a talented author who writes from her heart and brings the reader on a wonderful journey. Her characters are always strong both in mind and in spirit.” -Patsy Glans, Romantic Times

Mystery At Little Faith Community Church

Mystery At Little Faith Community Church Author : Serena B. Miller
Release :
Publisher : L. J. Emory Publishing
ISBN : 1940283566
File Size : 80.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 104
Read : 633

What's a church supposed to do on a Sunday morning when the preacher disappears? The Little Faith Church of South Shore, Kentucky, is shocked when their minister, the Reverend Jimmy Bell, doesn't show up to preach his sermon. The whole town is mystified until their reluctant amateur sleuth, Doreen Sizemore, discovers a clue.

Under the Cajun Moon

Under the Cajun Moon Author : Mindy Starns Clark
Release : 2009-09-01
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
ISBN : 0736934677
File Size : 73.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 153
Read : 1051

What Secrets Can Be Found by the Light of the Cajun Moon? New Orleans may be the “Big Easy,” but nothing about it was ever easy for international business etiquette expert Chloe Ledet. She moved away years ago, leaving her parents and their famous French Quarter restaurant behind. But when she hears that her father has been shot, she races home to be by his side and to handle his affairs—only to learn a long-hidden secret that changes everything she knew to be true about herself and her family. Framed for murder, Chloe and a handsome Cajun stranger must search for a priceless treasure, one whose roots weave through the very history of Louisiana itself. But can Chloe depend on the mysterious man leading her on this cat-and-mouse chase into the heart of Cajun country? Or by trusting him, has she gone from the frying pan into the fire? Following up on her bestselling Gothic thriller, Whispers of the Bayou, and Amish romantic suspense, Shadows of Lancaster County, Mindy Starns Clark offers another exciting standalone novel, one full of Cajun mystery, hidden dangers, and the glow of God’s unending grace.

The Moon Under Water

The Moon Under Water Author : Lynne Barrett-Lee
Release : 2014-04-16
Publisher : Lynne Barrett-Lee
ISBN : 1910100196
File Size : 82.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 488
Read : 401

The Moon Under Water By Lynne Barrett-Lee What would you do if you suddenly discovered that your husband had been lying to you for years? Happily married, with two teenage sons, Alex Taylor considers herself lucky. And when she hears her childhood friend Cathy has died, she finds herself counting her blessings. She’s also surprised that she’s been left a bequest. They lost touch with one another almost twenty years ago. Why would Cathy remember her now? She really can’t imagine but she’s about to find out, because she’s been left something else – something that changes everything. It’s a letter confessing to the two year affair Cathy had with Alex’s husband, Sam. ‘But it’s history,’ he entreats. ‘It’s long over. It meant nothing.’ Surely Alex can forgive and forget? Should she? And can she? She’s not at all sure. But it looks like she won’t be allowed to. Because it seems Cathy’s left them a third thing as well. A teenage daughter. Who wants to come and find her father. The Moon Under Water is a novel about secrets, and the ripples that spread when they are suddenly exposed. It’s also about how betrayal not only re-writes the past - it has the power to also re-write the future...

In Hora Mortis

In Hora Mortis Author : Thomas Bernhard
Release : 2006-05-22
Publisher : Princeton University Press
ISBN : 9780691126425
File Size : 78.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 664
Read : 272

'In Hora Mortis', and 'Under the Iron of the Moon' are Thomas Bernhard's second and third collections of published verse.

Under the Wolf Moon

Under the Wolf Moon Author : Barbara Townsend
Release : 2010-03-29
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1450213375
File Size : 50.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 318
Read : 382

Turbulent times pit North against South, new immigrant against old in the 1850s Potomac Highlands. Under the Wolf Moon has passion, life, death, and redemption. The haunting sound of a mountain dulcimer channels its way through the hollow, softly echoing off the rocks and trees. Because of that, lives are drawn together like the confluence of two great rivers. An embittered drayman, seduced by bigotry, acts out his revenge. Zebediah, an injured child, is a wounded healer who becomes the pivot between rage and redemption. Woven into the tapestry are an ancient Indian and a black midwife who guide people as shamanic wisdom holders. Under the Wolf Moon is the story of a man and a woman whose lives are held in tension between cultural and personal prejudice and the nobility of the human spirit. Under the wolf moon, the January moon, life and death come full circle. An historical fiction worthy of its place in the genre. Norma Blacke Bourdeau, writer, poet, professor of Creative Writing, Frostburg University Quick and precise character development and a fast moving story linea real page turner. Col. Frank Roleff, US Army, Ret., past President of Mineral County Historical Society

Murder Under a Mystic Moon

Murder Under a Mystic Moon Author : Yasmine Galenorn
Release : 2005-01-04
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1101010479
File Size : 21.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 418
Read : 1006

From the USA Today bestselling author of the Otherworld novels. Medium Emerald O'Brien looks into the disappearance of a missing biker-only to stumble upon his dead body in the woods. The police believe a wild animal killed him, but Emerald is convinced the killer is one of human nature.