Three Stones Make a Wall

Three Stones Make a Wall Author : Eric H. Cline
Release : 2018-11-06
Publisher : Princeton University Press
ISBN : 0691184259
File Size : 78.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 1922, Howard Carter peered into Tutankhamun’s tomb for the first time, the only light coming from the candle in his outstretched hand. Urged to tell what he was seeing through the small opening he had cut in the door to the tomb, the Egyptologist famously replied, “I see wonderful things.” Carter’s fabulous discovery is just one of the many spellbinding stories told in Three Stones Make a Wall. Written by Eric Cline, an archaeologist with more than thirty seasons of excavation experience, this book traces the history of archaeology from an amateur pursuit to the cutting-edge science it is today by taking the reader on a tour of major archaeological sites and discoveries. Along the way, it addresses the questions archaeologists are asked most often: How do you know where to dig? How are excavations actually done? How do you know how old something is? Who gets to keep what is found? Taking readers from the pioneering digs of the eighteenth century to today’s exciting new discoveries, Three Stones Make a Wall is a lively and essential introduction to the story of archaeology.

Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper Author : Eric H. Cline
Release : 2020-11-03
Publisher : Princeton University Press
ISBN : 0691211396
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From the bestselling author of 1177 B.C., an accessible primer to the archaeologist's craft An archaeologist with more than thirty seasons of excavation experience, Eric H. Cline has conducted fieldwork around the world, from Greece and Crete to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. In Digging Deeper, Cline answers the questions archaeologists are most frequently asked, such as: How do you know where to dig? How are excavations actually done? How do you know how old something is? Who gets to keep what is found? How do you know what people from the past ate, wore, and looked like? Adapted from Cline's acclaimed book Three Stones Make a Wall, this lively little volume is brimming with insights and practical advice about how archaeology really works. Whether you are an armchair archaeologist or embarking on your first excavation, Digging Deeper is an essential primer on the art of the dig.

Digging Up Armageddon

Digging Up Armageddon Author : Eric H. Cline
Release : 2020-03-17
Publisher : Princeton University Press
ISBN : 0691200440
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A vivid portrait of the early years of biblical archaeology from the acclaimed author of 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed In 1925, James Henry Breasted, famed Egyptologist and director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, sent a team of archaeologists to the Holy Land to excavate the ancient site of Megiddo—Armageddon in the New Testament—which the Bible says was fortified by King Solomon. Their excavations made headlines around the world and shed light on one of the most legendary cities of biblical times, yet little has been written about what happened behind the scenes. Digging Up Armageddon brings to life one of the most important archaeological expeditions ever undertaken, describing the site and what was found there, including discoveries of gold and ivory, and providing an up-close look at the internal workings of a dig in the early years of biblical archaeology. The Chicago team left behind a trove of writings and correspondence spanning more than three decades, from letters and cablegrams to cards, notes, and diaries. Eric Cline draws on these materials to paint a compelling portrait of a bygone age of archaeology. He masterfully sets the expedition against the backdrop of the Great Depression in America and the growing troubles and tensions in British Mandate Palestine. He gives readers an insider's perspective on the debates over what was uncovered at Megiddo, the infighting that roiled the expedition, and the stunning discoveries that transformed our understanding of the ancient world. Digging Up Armageddon is the enthralling story of an archaeological site in the interwar years and its remarkable place at the crossroads of history.

From Drought to Drought

From Drought to Drought Author : Florence Hawley Ellis
Release : 1988
Publisher : Sunstone Press
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How did ancient Pueblo Indian farmers survive in the American Southwest when drought all but prevented agriculture? In 1971, archaeological research began on one of these commonly hypothesized but least actually known survival strategies. The area: Northern New Mexico; the people: one of the least studied, those of the Gallina culture; the time: the 1200s when extended drought drove people south out of Mesa Verde, Chaco and the Four Corners area (southwestern corner of Colorado, southeastern corner of Utah, northeastern corner of Arizona, and northwestern corner of New Mexico) in general toward areas of rivers or mountains in the hope of more rain. The Gallina people established some of the highest camps known in the American Southwest where they spent the summer hunting, gathering, and possibly growing some corn or beans, returning home in the fall hopefully heavily laden with dry "jerky" meat, dried berries and medicinal plants. In the spring they would come back bearing camping equipment including pottery for cooking, eating and carrying water. They carefully hid these items probably intending to reuse them next year. But finally they ceased to return. The pottery and camp sites waited quietly, unfound for centuries to be discovered and excavated by Dr. Ellis's first excavation crew. * * * * * Florence Hawley Ellis, PhD, was one of the pioneer anthropologists of the American Southwest where she taught and published on her extensive excavations and related research in ethnology and such associated fields as tree-ring dating and pottery analysis. Her excavations include areas in Chaco Canyon, along the Chama, Rio Grande and Jemez river valleys and elsewhere in the Southwest. She published over 200 articles and monographs. She was trained at the University of Arizona and University of Chicago, and is also the author of "San Gabriel del Yungue" from Sunstone Press.

Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Volume 1

Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Volume 1 Author : Robert Pasnau
Release : 2013-10-31
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 019163798X
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Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy showcases the best scholarly research in this flourishing field. The series covers all aspects of medieval philosophy, including the Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew traditions, and runs from the end of antiquity into the Renaissance. It publishes new work by leading scholars in the field, and combines historical scholarship with philosophical acuteness. The papers will address a wide range of topics, from political philosophy to ethics, and logic to metaphysics. OSMP is an essential resource for anyone working in the area.

Games & Puzzles

Games & Puzzles Author :
Release : 1972
Publisher :
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Preservation Author :
Release : 1996
Publisher :
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Persephone's Garden

Persephone's Garden Author : Glynnis Fawkes
Release : 2019-10
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780999193563
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A children's song inspires a love of Greek mythology in a young girl. A young woman finds a career in archeology and illustration. A young mother sees her daughter become a woman, as her own mother's memories are lost. Persephone's Garden is a deeply personal story and an inventive study of girlhood, womanhood and motherhood, through memory, history and mythology.

Scientific American

Scientific American Author :
Release : 1879
Publisher :
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The Forts on Hadrian's Wall

The Forts on Hadrian's Wall Author : David J. A. Taylor
Release : 2000
Publisher : British Archaeological Reports Limited
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A detailed examination of selected stone buildings from each of the forts associated with Hadrian's Wall, with discussions of their form and construction, architectural details, construction sequence and dimensions. Comparisons are also made with structures from other sites within the Province. Lengthy appendices contain data sheets for primary and secondary forts and catalogues of decorated stonework. Includes numerous plans, reconstruction drawings and photographs.

Art, Nature, and Mathematics

Art, Nature, and Mathematics Author :
Release : 2001
Publisher : Henry Moore Foundation
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Grecian Calendar

Grecian Calendar Author : Christopher Rand
Release : 1962
Publisher : New York : Oxford University Press
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Reminiscences of a year spent in Greece in 1960. Much of the material appeared originally in "New Yorker."