Finding Your Power to Be Happy: Seven Practices to Bring Unconditional Happiness into Your Life

Finding Your Power to Be Happy: Seven Practices to Bring Unconditional Happiness into Your Life Author : D.E. Hardesty
Release : 2015-04-25
Publisher : D.E. Hardesty
ISBN : 1311878149
File Size : 78.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Learn to find the happiness that is natural to you, and enjoy better relationships, better health, more success and a longer life. The peculiar thing about us humans is, we spend a lot of time working to find people and things that will make us happy. In fact, we seem to spend the majority of our time doing this. However, there is no guarantee that any of this effort will work. There are lots of people who have hordes of people around them, and who have lots of things, but have been unable to make themselves happy. The truth is, happiness can be had with little effort. Have you ever been happy for no reason at all? Of course you have. Without anything changing in life, happiness just appears. We see it in young children all the time. In fact, we expect to see it in children. If you happen to ask a smiling child why he or she is so happy, at best the answer may be, “Because.” For an adult this may be an unsatisfying answer, but for the child it is the truth -- happiness exists “just because.” As we age we seem to lose touch with happiness-for-no-reason-at-all. We see a world where everyone is striving for stuff, striving for popularity, striving, striving, striving. The natural fount of happiness we once enjoyed disappears as we join them. However, that happiness is not gone. All that happened is we lost our connection to it. This book is about recovering that connection. We all grow up believing that if we work hard, and if we are good people, we will enjoy good relationships with others, good health, success and a long life. Obviously this is not true. There are a lot of rich old people who are not happy. What we have, what we do, and the other circumstances of our lives do not provide authentic happiness. Instead, happiness comes from inside of us, and all by itself enables us to have secure relationships, good health, more success and longer lives. So, what is the secret of being happy? Being happy is a little like flipping a switch. When it’s on you are happy and when it’s off you are not. It’s so easy. How else can you explain being happy for no reason. What you need to do is learn to turn it on, and keep it turned on. This book discusses seven practices that help you do that. There is a lot of wisdom available about how to be happy. Most of it is thousands of years old, but some is quite new. The seven practices we will look at incorporate this wisdom to help you learn how to turn on happiness in your life. This kind of happiness does not require changing anything in your life. All you have to do is learn to turn it on.

The English Cyclopedia

The English Cyclopedia Author :
Release : 1867
Publisher :
File Size : 58.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Social Theory

Social Theory Author : Peter Kivisto
Release : 2011
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
File Size : 47.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Featuring eighty-two seminal writings, Social Theory helps students draw connections across different schools of thought. Each reading is enhanced by a concise, thought-provoking introduction that highlights its key points and frames it in a larger context. These introductions serve as a useful 'road map' for students as they travel through the diverse views and continuing debates that make the study of social theory an exciting adventure. The introductions also explain core issues and relationships among the topics covered.

Educational Screen

Educational Screen Author :
Release : 1930
Publisher :
File Size : 62.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon Author :
Release : 1931
Publisher :
File Size : 45.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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All Things to All People: Confessions of a Rebellious Preacher's Son

All Things to All People: Confessions of a Rebellious Preacher's Son Author : Begees McFree
Release : 2019-08-16
Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN : 145757005X
File Size : 85.84 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 210
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All Things to All People is an introverted narrative penned by the son of a Gospel preacher and his alter ego, Begees McFree. This playfully written autobiography of a simple, quiet, and peaceable man guides the reader through depression-induced insomniac confessions. Looking deep into the often-hidden places of the heart and mind, these confessions freed the writer from lies and misunderstandings that had been buried deep within. All Things to All People shares the spiritual struggle of a man after a divorce broke apart his life and separated him from his children. Begees uses freewriting to disentangle his poor choices from his good intentions, gaining more selfcontrol and growing closer to God while strenuously pushing unbelief out of his mind.


Continuo Author :
Release : 1993
Publisher :
File Size : 58.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Methodist Review ...

The Methodist Review ... Author :
Release : 1880
Publisher :
File Size : 79.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Agri Finance

Agri Finance Author :
Release : 1981
Publisher :
File Size : 81.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Death in Abeyance

Death in Abeyance Author : Christopher O. Davis
Release : 2000
Publisher : International African Library
File Size : 53.17 MB
Format : PDF
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This is an ethnography of the Tabwa people & their categorie of illness, medicine, divination & healing. The text offers an understanding of an African approach to illnesses, symptons & personal features through to methods of diagnosis and cure.

Distinguish to Unite, Or, The Degrees of Knowledge

Distinguish to Unite, Or, The Degrees of Knowledge Author : Jacques Maritain
Release : 1995
Publisher :
File Size : 39.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Distinguer pour unir, ou Les degres du savoir was first published in 1932 by Jacques Maritain. In this new translation of The Degrees of Knowledge, Ralph McInerny attempts a more careful expression of Maritain's original masterpiece than previous translations. Maritain proposes a hierarchy of the forms of knowledge by discussing the degrees of rational and suprarational understanding. Nine appendices, some longer than the chapters of the book, advance Maritain's thought, often by taking on criticism of earlier editions of the work. Rightly called Maritain's cardinal work, The Degrees of Knowledge is a magnificent and sagacious achievement. Jacques Maritain's masterpiece proposes a hierarchy of forms of knowledge that culminate in mystical experience and wisdom, which is a gift of the Holy Ghost. Maritain argues that the intellectual life is meant to be complemented by the spiritual life and should culminate in sanctity.