Then It Fell Apart

Then It Fell Apart Author : Moby
Release : 2019-04-30
Publisher : Faber & Faber
ISBN : 0571339425
File Size : 41.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What do you do when you realise you have everything you think you've ever wanted but still feel completely empty? What do you do when it all starts to fall apart? The second volume of Moby's extraordinary life story is a journey into the dark heart of fame and the demons that lurk just beneath the bling and bluster of the celebrity lifestyle. In summer 1999, Moby released the album that defined the millennium, PLAY. Like generation-defining albums before it, PLAY was ubiquitous, and catapulted Moby to superstardom. Suddenly he was hanging out with David Bowie and Lou Reed, Christina Ricci and Madonna, taking esctasy for breakfast (most days), drinking litres of vodka (every day), and sleeping with super models (infrequently). It was a diet that couldn't last. And then it fell apart. The second volume of Moby's memoir is a classic about the banality of fame. It is shocking, riotously entertaining, extreme, and unforgiving. It is unedifying, but you can never tear your eyes away from the page.

Once Libby Lu Shut Down My World Fell Apart and It's All Been Downhill from There

Once Libby Lu Shut Down My World Fell Apart and It's All Been Downhill from There Author : Lillian Santacrose
Release : 2017-05-15
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN : 1365965171
File Size : 78.75 MB
Format : PDF
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this is a book where i try to convince people my life is funny but apparently it is “just sad” and something i should “not be so nonchalant about”. this is a book of finsta posts that were too long to fit into instagram’s word limit and this a book of love letters to people who don’t think i exist. this book is a learning tool that you can maybe gift to your tweenage granddaughter so she can figure out how not to end up like me before it’s too late. this is a book about being forced to let go and leave home but never forgetting what made it a home in the first place. this is a book of things no mother ever wants to read. this is a book of secrets from possibly the most guarded person on this planet. this is a book about everything and nothing at the same time.

A Savage Presence

A Savage Presence Author : WL Knightly
Release : 2020-10-23
Publisher : BrixBaxter Publishing
File Size : 64.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Now that Connor Cohen is dead, Silas Cohen is free to live the life he wants. But there are still two men in the way. When Enzo Juarez tries to make a new deal with Fiona, her good intentions get the best of her and she unexpectedly puts Silas in danger. Can Alex’s connections save them this time? All bets are off when it’s every man for themselves in this series’ finale.

The Year We Fell Apart

The Year We Fell Apart Author : Emily Martin
Release : 2017-01-24
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1481438425
File Size : 49.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 888
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A year ago Harper made the biggest mistake of her life by destroying her relationship with her best friend and first love Declan, so now that he is home from boarding school for the summer, Harper has three months to fix the year of miscommunications, secrets, and lies or finally let go altogether.

After Things Fell Apart

After Things Fell Apart Author : Max E. Keele
Release : 2012-04-23
Publisher : Max Keele
ISBN : 1476455775
File Size : 25.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Face of the Waters

The Face of the Waters Author : Robert Silverberg
Release : 2011-09-29
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 0575106395
File Size : 76.9 MB
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It is the year 2450. Humanity is scattered among the stars, which teem with intelligent life, while the home world has been destroyed by an inadvertent catastrophe two hundred years before. Thus all Earthmen are exiles, and Earth itself is only a memory. Hydros is a world of great complexity. It has almost no landmass, only a great globe-encompassing ocean with occasional tiny islands. Its seas swarm with apparently intelligent life-forms of a hundred kinds, and one - a bipedal humanoid form - has created a kind of land for itself: floating islands, woven from sea-borne materials, buffered by elaborate barricades against the ceaseless tidal surges that circle the planet. To Hydros have come an assortment of Earthmen. For them it's a world of no return: having no form of outbound space transportation. This brilliantly inventive novel tells their story, as they travel across the planet's endless ocean in search of the mysterious area from which no human has ever returned - the Face of the Waters. (First published 1991)

When the Sky Fell Apart

When the Sky Fell Apart Author : Caroline Lea
Release : 2016-02-24
Publisher : Text Publishing
ISBN : 1922253391
File Size : 34.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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She turned to look at the sea. Flat stretch of water, blank and blue as the sky above. Pretty as a picture, except with black and grey craters where the bombs had fallen: as though some thuggish child had scrawled all over the picture out of spite alone... Jersey, June 1940. It starts with the burning man on the beach just after the bombs land, obliterating the last shred of hope that Hitler will avert his attention from the Channel Islands. Within weeks, 12,000 German troops land on the Jersey beaches, heralding a new era of occupation. For ten-year-old Claudine, it means a re-education under German rule, and as she befriends one of the soldiers, she inadvertently opens the gateway to a more sinister influence in her home with devastating consequences. For Maurice, a local fisherman, it means protecting his sick wife at all costs—even if it endangers his own life. Edith, the island’s unofficial homeopath, is a Jerriais through to her bones. But even she can’t save everyone, no matter how hard she tries. And as for English doctor Tim Carter—on the arrival of the brutal German Commandant, he becomes the subject of a terrifying regime that causes the locals to brand him a traitor, unaware of the torment he suffers in an effort to save them. When the Sky Fell Apart is a heartbreaking chorus of the resilience of the human spirit. It introduces an exciting new voice in literary fiction. Caroline Lea was born and raised in Jersey. She gained a First in English Literature and Creative Writing from Warwick University and has had poetry published in The Phoenix Anthology and An Aston Anthology, which she also co-edited. When the Sky Fell Apart is her first novel. ‘An ambitious portrayal of the German occupation of Jersey during the Second World War...Lea’s fondness for Jersey brings the landscape to life with vivid descriptions, which are one of the novel’s highlights. An intriguing depiction of life under nazi occupation, the book explores a time and place rarely covered in fiction. It is an engaging narrative, and Lea should be applauded for a successful portrait of resilience and the strength of friendships during the challenges of wartime.’ Lady ‘[A] strong debut...A moving and chilling portrait of life under Nazi heel.’ Sunday Times ‘Haunting...Through her characters’ struggles, Lea explores the unlikely affinities that arise between humans during violent times and questions how far we might go to protect those we love.’ Australian Women’s Weekly ‘This is a strong and lyrical first novel, that moves adroitly from the obscenity of war to the complexities of marriages, children, loss and loneliness.’ Otago Daily Times ‘Debut author Lea evokes the land with the lyrical fondness of a native... A finely detailed exploration of life during wartime.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Prepare for your heart to break...Deserves to be read, not only for the blast of reality from the past, but also as a warning for the future.’ Lovereading ‘When the Sky Fell Apart is of those books that is difficult but nevertheless important.’ Wormhole

Twilight of the Wolves

Twilight of the Wolves Author : Edward J. Rathke
Release : 2014-03-28
Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
ISBN : 1782793402
File Size : 77.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Twilight of the Wolves is an epic fantasy following a man cursed by a dying god's blessing, a mute eunuch carrying the dead to the Goddess of Death, and a young girl saved from a burning metropolis only to be raised by the cursed man and two wolf gods. These three lives intersect and become bound together as they walk with gods, watch them die, and hide from the terror that is humanity's lust for violence and destruction. Wandering across countries and cultures, the characters discover the cacophony and contradiction of visions and values that define humanity. They see the collision of cultures highlighting the definitions of civilization and try to find their place within and without them. The past, present, and future haunt the people of this world as they wander on, hoping to find an answer to the questions buried deepest.

The Melting Season

The Melting Season Author : Celeste Conway
Release : 2009-04-22
Publisher : Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN : 0307488128
File Size : 67.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Giselle is a cultured ballet student, the daughter of the famous ballerina Marina Parke-Vanova and the late dance historian Grigori Vanov. On her first-ever trip to "Westchest-ah", as her mother's deranged boyfriend Blitz calls it, she meets the most beautiful boy she's ever seen. Will introduces Giselle to the world beyond Manhattan, and for the first time, makes her feel comfortable outside her perfectly protected apartment on Central Park West. But Giselle has some issues to overcome--and some memories about her father that keep rising to the surface. With Will's help, Giselle must come to terms with her family's glorious--and not so glorious--past and focus on the future.

Caught in the Devil's Hand

Caught in the Devil's Hand Author : Ruby Duvall
Release : 2019-01-11
Publisher : Ruby Duvall
File Size : 71.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Magic has bound her to a demon. But love could set them free. In Shumei's world, her black hair marks her as being vulnerable to magic and its corruption. Shunned by her village, she and her family scrape by selling herbal cures, but an epidemic depletes her stores, and she is forced to leave the protection of town. Demons roam the woods at night, and Shumei falls into the hands of an alluring man...who isn't really human. Little does she know that the deal she makes with him to escape his clutches will unlock her potential, her destiny, and her heart. Caught in the Devil’s Hand is book one of an epic fantasy romance series about the extraordinary magic-users of the Dark Court in their fight against evil, with love guiding them to triumph. The series features magic, monsters, and steamy sex scenes, set in an imaginary empire that evokes late medieval Japanese life. Perfect for fans of Nalini Singh and Grace Draven!

Making Peace with the Universe

Making Peace with the Universe Author : Michael Scott Alexander
Release : 2020-11-03
Publisher : Columbia University Press
ISBN : 023155270X
File Size : 68.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The world’s great religious and philosophical traditions often include poignant testimonies of spiritual turmoil and healing. Following episodes of harrowing personal crisis, including addictions, periods of anxiety and panic, and reminders of mortality, these accounts then also describe pathways to consolation and resolution. In Making Peace with the Universe, Michael Scott Alexander reads diverse classic religious accounts as masterpieces of therapeutic insight. In the company of William James, Socrates, Muslim legal scholar turned mystic Hamid al-Ghazali, Chinggis Khan as described by the Daoist monk Qui Chuji, and jazz musician and Catholic convert Mary Lou Williams, Alexander traces the steps from existential crisis to psychological health. He recasts spiritual confessions as case histories of therapy, showing how they remain radical and deeply meaningful even in an age of scientific psychology. They record the therapeutic affect of spiritual experience, testifying to the achievement of psychological well-being through the cultivation of an edifying spiritual mood. Mixing scholarly learning with episodes from his own skeptical quest, Alexander demonstrates how these accounts of private terror and personal triumph offer a model of therapy through spiritual adventure. An interdisciplinary consideration of the shared terrain of religion and psychology, Making Peace with the Universe offers an innovative view of what spiritual traditions can teach us about finding meaning in the modern world.


Escort Author : Ii William Ed Johnson
Release : 2010
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
ISBN : 1426925735
File Size : 21.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 647
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Three teen girls decide how to make money for college. A decision that will affect and change all three lives.

Me and the Devil

Me and the Devil Author : Nick Tosches
Release : 2012-12-04
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 031621566X
File Size : 41.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 795
Read : 904

An aging New Yorker, a writer named Nick, feels life ebbing out of him. The world has gone to hell and Nick is so sick of it all that he can't even have a glass of champagne. Then one night he meets a tantalizing young woman who agrees to come back to his apartment. Their encounter is the most strangely extraordinary of his life. Propelled by uncontrollable, primordial desires, he enters a new and unimagined dimension of the forbidden and is filled with a sexual and spiritual ecstasy that is as intense as it is unholy. Suddenly Nick's senses are alive. He feels strong, unconquerable, beyond all inhibition and earthly morality. He indulges in life's pleasures, pure and perverse, sublime and dangerous, from the delicate flavors of the perfect tomato to the fleshy beauty of a woman's thigh. But Nick's desire to sustain his rapture leads him to a madness and a darkness far greater and dreadful than have ever ridden the demon mares of night. Writing in a lineage that includes Dante, William S. Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, Hubert Selby, Jr., and Hunter S. Thompson, Nick Tosches may be America's last real literary outlaw -- a fearless, uncensorable seeker of our deepest secret truths and desires, from the basest to the most beautiful. Me and the Devil is outrageous, disturbing, and brilliant, a raw and blazing novel truly unlike any other. Like the man said: Read him at your peril. "A raw and blazing novel by "the single, most brain-searingly dangerous man of letters. Read him at your peril." -- Anthony Bourdain

Gay Dads

Gay Dads Author : Abbie E. Goldberg
Release : 2012-07-23
Publisher : NYU Press
ISBN : 0814708153
File Size : 59.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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When gay couples become parents, they face a host of questions and issues that their straight counterparts may never have to consider. How important is it for each partner to have a biological tie to their child? How will they become parents: will they pursue surrogacy, or will they adopt? Will both partners legally be able to adopt their child? Will they have to hide their relationship to speed up the adoption process? Will one partner be the primary breadwinner? And how will their lives change, now that the presence of a child has made their relationship visible to the rest of the world? In Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood, Abbie E. Goldberg examines the ways in which gay fathers approach and negotiate parenthood when they adopt. Drawing on empirical data from her in-depth interviews with 70 gay men, Goldberg analyzes how gay dads interact with competing ideals of fatherhood and masculinity, alternately pioneering and accommodating heteronormative “parenthood culture.” The first study of gay men's transitions to fatherhood, this work will appeal to a wide range of readers, from those in the social sciences to social work to legal studies, as well as to gay-adoptive parent families themselves.

Where Were You When the World Fell Apart

Where Were You When the World Fell Apart Author : Cindy Brinig
Release : 2019-05-08
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
ISBN : 1644260832
File Size : 87.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 167
Read : 305

Where Were You When the World Fell Apart By: Cindy Brinig Where Were You When the World Fell Apart? is a quest for knowledge. Cindy Brinig began researching news events, obtaining knowledge and understanding. She felt a powerful need to share what she had learned. Brinig recounts various events and the people involved, basing everything on the truth and the evidence she has gathered. Brinig addresses the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Brinig’s work will stimulate readers to examine the evidence behind the theories of how and why these events occurred. Her hope is readers will be awakened to the truth that is often kept from the public.


Spree Author : Michael Morley
Release : 2014-07-29
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1455557862
File Size : 90.43 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 274
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All five parts of the chilling serial killer thriller, now in one volume, for fans of James Patterson, David Baldacci, Jeffrey Deaver, and Harlan Coban. A madman is on the rampage in the Los Angeles streets. The City of Angels has become The City of Fear. And everyone from the Oval Office down wants a quick result. The heat is on Jake Mottram, head of the FBI's new Spree Killer Unit, and psychological profiler Angie Holmes to find the madman responsible. Until now, they've been great together. Both at work and in bed. But a killer is about to come between them, in ways that could cost them far more than their careers. Will they survive the spree about to come? Spree Life and death in LA - like you've never seen it before.