Theft of Life

Theft of Life Author : Imogen Robertson
Release : 2014-05-22
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 0755390180
File Size : 49.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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London, 1785. When the body of a former West Indies planter is found outside St Paul's Cathedral, suspicion abounds. But talk is not only of the man's death. His past brings a tide of fear directly to Harriet Westerman's door where William Geddings, senior footman, knows more than he is prepared to confess. In search of answers, Harriet and her friend, anatomist Gabriel Crowther, reluctantly explore the dark and destructive world of Britain's slave trade. And as Harriet must confront an ugly truth close to home, London's hidden network of slave traders are forced to face the light. Francis Glass, a former slave, holds the key to their anonymity and no one can be sure what he plans to do with it. When some people will risk everything for their reputation, some acts can never be forgiven.

Stealing Your Life

Stealing Your Life Author : Frank W. Abagnale
Release : 2007-04-24
Publisher : Crown
ISBN : 0767927346
File Size : 38.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The charismatic forger immortalized in Catch Me If You Can exposes the astonishing tactics of today’s identity theft criminals and offers powerful strategies to thwart them based on his second career as an acclaimed fraud-fighting consultant. When Frank Abagnale trains law enforcement officers around the country about identity theft, he asks officers for their names and addresses and nothing more. In a matter of hours he can obtain everything he would need to steal their lives: Social Security numbers, dates of birth, current salaries, checking account numbers, the names of everyone in their families, and more. This illustrates how easy it is for anyone from anywhere in the world to assume our identities and in a matter of hours devastate our lives in ways that can take years to recover from. Considering that a fresh victim is hit every four seconds, Stealing Your Life is the reference everyone needs by an unsurpassed authority on the latest identity theft schemes. Consider these sobering facts: • Six out of ten American companies and government agencies have already been hacked. • An estimated 80 percent of birth certificate requests are fulfilled through the mail for people using only a name and a return address. • Americans write 39 billion checks a year, and half of them never reconcile their bank statements. • A Social Security number costs $49 on the black market. A driver’s license goes for $90. A birth certificate will set you back $79. Abagnale offers dozens of concrete steps to transform anyone from an easy mark into a hard case that criminals are likely to bypass: • Don’t allow your kids to use the computer on which you do online banking and store financial records (children are apt to download games and attachments that host damaging viruses or attract spyware). • Beware of offers that appeal to greed or fear in exchange for personal data. • Monitor your credit report regularly and know if anyone’s been “knocking on your door.” • Read privacy statements carefully and choose to opt out of sharing information whenever possible. Brimming with anecdotes of creative criminality that are as entertaining as they are enlightening, Stealing Your Life is the practical way to shield yourself from one of today’s most nefarious and common crimes.

Stealing Your Life

Stealing Your Life Author : Frank W. Abagnale
Release : 2007
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780786298709
File Size : 43.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examines the growing problem of identity theft, explaining how easy it is for anyone to assume someone else's identity, the devastating impact of such a crime, ways identity thieves work, and concrete ways to protect oneself against the crime.

Annual Report

Annual Report Author : Manitoba. Insurance Branch
Release : 1921
Publisher :
File Size : 77.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Life After Theft

Life After Theft Author : Aprilynne Pike
Release : 2013-04-30
Publisher : Harper Collins
ISBN : 0062099345
File Size : 54.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Aprilynne Pike, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Wings series, shines in this stand-alone novel that offers a humorous twist on ghosts and is perfect for fans of Ally Carter, Rachel Hawkins, and Kiersten White. Kimberlee Schaffer may be drop-dead gorgeous . . . but she also dropped dead last year. Now she needs Jeff's help with her unfinished business, and she's not taking no for an answer. When she was alive, Kimberlee wasn't just a mean girl; she was also a complete kleptomaniac. So if Jeff wants to avoid being haunted until graduation, he'll have to help her return all of the stolen items. But Jeff soon discovers that it's much easier to steal something than it is to bring it back. Paying for your mistakes takes on a whole new meaning in this hauntingly clever twist on The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Country Life

Country Life Author :
Release : 2006
Publisher :
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Format : PDF
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Reducing Employee Theft

Reducing Employee Theft Author : Neil Harding Snyder
Release : 1991
Publisher : Praeger
File Size : 87.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume presents the first full-length guide to the alternatives available to companies seeking to reduce employee theft. The authors offer an in-depth discussion of the safeguards employers can implement and develop a comprehensive theft reduction strategy aimed at creating a working environment that discourages theft. They also address the legal and ethical problems arising from theft control issues as well as the question of equity in the workplace.

The Psychotherapist

The Psychotherapist Author : Gordon Warme
Release : 1996
Publisher : Jason Aronson
File Size : 71.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This work addresses the questions of who becomes a therapist and who seeks his/her counsel. The author also analyses a variety of therapeutic approaches, many of which he sees as misguided efforts based on unproven developmental theories.

The Experts' Guide to Life at Home

The Experts' Guide to Life at Home Author : Samantha Ettus
Release : 2005
Publisher : Clarkson Potter Publishers
ISBN : 9780307237569
File Size : 37.81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 840
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A collection of how-to chapters, written by one hundred leading experts in the fields of self-help, home improvement, and interior design, includes tips on sharpening knives, scrapbooking, buying art, and starting a wine cellar.

Best's Insurance Reports

Best's Insurance Reports Author :
Release : 1935
Publisher :
File Size : 86.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Guiding Children Through Life's Losses

Guiding Children Through Life's Losses Author : Phyllis Vos Wezeman
Release : 1998
Publisher : Twenty Third Publications
File Size : 27.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The authors have prepared a series of prayer lessons--18 in all--that offer adults a way to help children cope with loss. In each lesson the children are encouraged and assisted to acknowledge their loss, to express their feelings, and to attempt to recognize within the experience an opportunity for healing and growth.

Life Line Freedom Talk

Life Line Freedom Talk Author :
Release : 1973
Publisher :
File Size : 29.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Identity Theft, Inc

Identity Theft, Inc Author : Glenn Hastings
Release : 2006
Publisher : Disinformation Company
File Size : 42.26 MB
Format : PDF
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A wild, daring, and wealthy existence---as someone else.