The Twelve Knits of Christmas

The Twelve Knits of Christmas Author : Fiona Goble
Release : 2012-10-30
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Pub
ISBN : 9781449411312
File Size : 61.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 939
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Provides knitting patterns for knitters of all skill levels to create each of the characters featured in the holiday song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

The Twelve Knits of Christmas

The Twelve Knits of Christmas Author : Fiona Goble
Release : 2012-10-30
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449421598
File Size : 59.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 522
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From a partridge in a pear tree to twelve drummers drumming, Fiona Goble's The Twelve Knits of Christmas brings the popular verse to life as knitters of all skill levels create each of the twelve characters featured in the charming holiday song "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Each pattern begins with a list of materials needed and includes step-by-step instructions, along with full-color photographs of the completed dolls. An illustrated overview explains all the stitches and techniques. More than just a knitting book, the pages are gorgeously decorated with storybook illustrations and the verses of the song. The charming characters make perfect gifts, stocking stuffers, ornaments, or toys for children as you teach them the words to this classic song. The book even comes with an easy-to-assemble paperboard pear tree tucked into the back, perfect for displaying your partridge. Channel the Christmas spirit year-round with pipers piping, drummers drumming, and knitters knitting with The Twelve Knits of Christmas.

The Twelve Years of Christmas

The Twelve Years of Christmas Author : Rochelle Doan Craig
Release : 2011-11-01
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 9781450274579
File Size : 32.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Twelve Years of Christmas is not just a Christmas story. Its a journal of the first twelve years of one familys past events, happily recounted to all in those dreaded, ghastly annual Christmas form letters. Newlyweds Rochelle and Tom Craig moved to a farm in a friendly rural community to raise a crop of children. The family traveled and camped as often as Tom could be dragged away for it. After seventeen years of child-rearing, Rochelle returned to part-time elementary school teaching. She soon switched to full-time teaching with numerous grades and totally new subjects. Shortly thereafter, she began the dreaded Christmas card form letters, a practice that she mocks in The Twelve Years of Christmas. The letters cover the years between 1984 and 1995, explaining the changes in the lives of the Craig family and their pets. Rochelle also discusses the familys love of travel and the ever present threat of marital collapse, mostly due to the annual family practice of putting up the winter window-insulating film, the Christmas tree, and the snow fence together. This version of rural family life describes the fortunes (few), misfortunes (many), ups, downs, and in-betweens of each yearall tied up with lots of love and good humor.

A Homemade Christmas

A Homemade Christmas Author : Frugal Housewife
Release :
Publisher :
ISBN : 1471010864
File Size : 63.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Twelve Dates of Christmas

The Twelve Dates of Christmas Author : Jenny Bayliss
Release : 2020-09-28
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
ISBN : 152902708X
File Size : 62.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This festive season, fall in love with The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss - the most romantic, feel-good read of 2020, perfect for fans of Beth O'Leary and Josie Silver. 'If you need help getting into the festive spirit, this is the book for you' - Good Housekeeping 'Sparkly and romantic' - My Weekly On the first day of Christmas, a dating app offered me Twelve tailored chances for perfect harmony . . . Kate Turner is happily single – a bit too happily, in fact. Since returning to her hometown, the sleepy village of Blexford, love hasn’t really had a look in. But Kate does love Christmas. So when her best friend insists she signs up to the Twelve Dates of Christmas, a brand new dating app service, she doesn’t need too much persuading. Twelve perfect festive dates with the area’s most eligible men – who could say no? Amongst the twinkling lights and falling snow, over hot chocolates and glasses of red wine, romance is easy to find. But with each date, Kate learns more about the men, and even more about herself. As the big day approaches, Kate’s left wondering – is it really the season for true love, or will this Christmas be the coldest yet? * * * * Readers are loving The Twelve Dates of Christmas! ‘What a fabulous book to snuggle up and get cosy with. I'm all set for Christmas now!’ ‘This is a perfect festive read, I adored this book!’ ‘A really funny read that you can imagine being a slice of real life’ ‘This made me feel so Christmassy that I want to put my lights up now’ ‘The perfect book to cosy up with in the lead up to the festive period’

Knit a Vintage Christmas

Knit a Vintage Christmas Author : Candi Derr
Release : 2015-09-15
Publisher : Stackpole Books
ISBN : 0811762874
File Size : 81.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 497
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Nothing sparks nostalgia like Christmastime. We watch the holiday classics like It's a Wonderful Life and pull out our same decorations each year because we love the memories they bring. The patterns in Knit a Vintage Christmas will both evoke memories of bygone eras and become heirloom decorations you will use year after year. Some of the patterns in this book are classics--vintage patterns updated for the modern knitter--and some are new patterns with a vintage feel. All will inspire your Christmas spirit--now and for years to come!

Contemplative Knitting

Contemplative Knitting Author : Julie Cicora
Release : 2021-03-17
Publisher : Morehouse Publishing
ISBN : 1640652620
File Size : 49.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How the meditative and practical art of knitting can be a path to God as well as a beloved pastime.

The Twelve Unicorns of Christmas

The Twelve Unicorns of Christmas Author : Timothy Knapman
Release : 2020-09-15
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 153448020X
File Size : 89.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 552
Read : 1262

Christmas, counting, and unicorns are combined in one magical picture book that’s a must-have gift for a fantastic holiday! One little girl is counting down to Christmas with her unicorn friend. There’s so much to prepare and fun to be had before the big day! They hang stockings, make snow unicorns, and bake tasty treats. But her mischievous unicorn keeps making a mess, munching all the pies, and scribbling on the Christmas cards. And when the carolers arrive, cover your ears, because unicorns really can’t sing! As Christmas draws closer and closer, will the two friends get their Christmas wish? Join in the song and count each gift on the page as you go along, ending with a grand festive finale full of unicorn celebrations!

The Twelve Clues of Christmas

The Twelve Clues of Christmas Author : Rhys Bowen
Release : 2012-11-06
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1101612193
File Size : 88.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the sixth mystery in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series, Lady Georgiana Rannoch cannot wait to ring in the New Year—before a Christmas killer wrings another neck… Scotland, 1933. While her true love, Darcy O’Mara, is spending his feliz navidad tramping around South America and her mother is holed up in a tiny village called Tiddleton-under-Lovey with droll playwright Noel Coward, Georgie is quite literally stuck at Castle Rannoch thanks to a snowstorm. It seems like a Christmas miracle when she manages to land a position as hostess to a posh holiday party in Tiddleton. The village should be like something out of A Christmas Carol, but as soon as she arrives things take a deadly turn when a neighborhood nuisance falls out of a tree. On her second day, another so-called accident results in a death—and there’s yet another on her third, making Georgie wonder if there's something wicked happening in this winter wonderland... Includes an English Christmas companion, full of holiday recipes, games, and more!

Twelve Days of Christmas Murder and Mayhem

Twelve Days of Christmas Murder and Mayhem Author : Aaron T Knight
Release : 2014-08-01
Publisher : Roger Loff pen name Aaron T Knight
ISBN : 1494233355
File Size : 72.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 823
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Miss Marple the amateur sleuth has amazed everyone for years with her insight into murder cases. Why a murderer has never thought of knocking her off when she is on the case is a mystery. This is the story of Miss Marble quite different than the Agatha Christie character. A group is formed to kill her for revenge at Christmas time in an old castle in northern England. There are plenty of red herrings and hilarious mishaps to entertain you. A satire

The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas Author : Linda Coates
Release : 2009-07
Publisher : Tate Publishing
ISBN : 1606962604
File Size : 22.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 151
Read : 1026

Whose birthday is it anyway? Have you ever wanted more from the Christmas Season? The Twelve Days of Christmas is more than just another Christmas book. It is a way to recapture what has been lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas so that this year it can be different. This inspiring book will help you discover that Christmas Day is the jumping point for the real celebration, not the final affair. The twelve-day adventure begins on December 26. Authors Linda Coates and Leslie S. Kelly shed new light on the hidden meanings in the old classic Christmas song and take us on a journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas. Learn more about the tenants of our faith through wonderful stories, meaningful activities, and create new traditions to last a lifetime. The Twelve Days of Christmas is a beautiful way to finish one year and begin the next and to celebrate Christ's birth by giving our gifts to the One who has given us the greatest gift of all.

Knit Christmas Stockings, 2nd Edition

Knit Christmas Stockings, 2nd Edition Author : Gwen W. Steege
Release : 2013-08-27
Publisher : Storey Publishing
ISBN : 1612122531
File Size : 34.17 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 893
Read : 1226

Make this holiday one your family will remember forever! With these 19 simple and fun patterns, even first-time knitters can create beautiful Christmas stockings for everyone on Santa’s list. Gwen W. Steege offers innovative ideas for crafting unique stockings full of personality, regardless of whether you’re looking for wacky or whimsical, classically beautiful or daintily darling. Transform smaller skeins and project leftovers into ministockings for pets or tree ornaments. Clear some room on the mantle and knit yourself a merry little Christmas. PLEASE NOTE: The patterns and instructions in this ebook rely on color illustrations and color sequences, and they will not fully render on black-and-white reading devices.

The Twelve Dice of Christmas

The Twelve Dice of Christmas Author : Gail Oust
Release : 2018-11-13
Publisher : Beyond The Page
ISBN : 1946069906
File Size : 40.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 582
Read : 539

Welcome to Serenity Cove, a peaceful Southern communitywhere the residents like to play dice, play golf and, when foul play moves in, play detective. With Christmas fast approaching, Kate McCall and her dice-playing friends get into the holiday spirit by agreeing to help the elderly Eula Mae Snow decorate her home, even when it means sorting through a veritable blizzard of the older woman’s knickknacks. Intent on doing a good deed and digging up a bright collection of seasonal decorations, Kate is stopped dead in her tracks when instead she discovers the skeleton of a man showing clear signs of foul play. Many in Serenity Cove thought that Waylon Snow had run off and left town—and Eula Mae—more than two decades earlier. But with the appearance of his skeleton and a whole host of clues pointing to Eula Mae as the murderer, Kate will have to put her sleuthing skills to work to figure out who could have committed the evil deed. Determined to clear Eula Mae’s name, Kate knows she’ll have to solve the coldest of cold cases to track down the culprit before the holidays really go south . . . Includes tasty holiday recipes!

The Twelve Dates of Christmas

The Twelve Dates of Christmas Author : Susan Meier
Release : 2014-11-01
Publisher : Harlequin
ISBN : 1460341937
File Size : 39.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 822
Read : 872

The perfect business arrangement? When entrepreneur Ricky Langley offers Eloise Vaughn the help she needs, in exchange for her attending twelve Christmas parties as his date, she can't refuse. Yes, Ricky's handsome, and devastatingly charming, but this is about business. If only her racing heart would get the message! Ricky has his own reasons for hating Christmas. But with each date that passes Eloise opens his eyes to the spirit of the season…and opens his heart to a totally different future….

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas Author : Rita Clay Estrada
Release : 2012-07-16
Publisher : Harlequin
ISBN : 1459286146
File Size : 82.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 622
Read : 433

Was He Naughty or Nice? On the first day of Christmas, Carly Michaels's true love gave to her…a headache! Pete Cade might be the hunk every woman dreams of finding under her tree. But he was also a real Scrooge. At the top of Carly's Christmas list was the C word—commitment. And Pete wasn't ready to give that kind of gift. Carly could have easily settled for his kisses, as heady as cider. His touch, as gentle as snowflakes. His lovemaking, as exciting as Christmas morning. But she had more than her own needs to think of. She wanted Pete to give her the greatest Yuletide gift of all—a father for her daughter.

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas Author : Lizzie Shane
Release : 2020-09-29
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1472278666
File Size : 79.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 944
Read : 580

For fans of Holly Martin, Phillipa Ashley and Sarah Morgan, Lizzie Shane's The Twelve Dogs of Christmas is the perfect read to curl up with this holiday season! Pine Hollow has everything Ally Gilmore could wish for in a holiday break: gently falling snow in a charming small town and time with her family. Then she learns some Grinch has pulled the funding for her family's rescue shelter, and now she has only four weeks to find new homes for a dozen dogs! But when she confronts her Scroogey councilman nemesis, Ally finds he's far more reasonable - and handsome - than she ever expected. As the guardian of his dog-obsessed ten-year-old niece, Ben West doesn't have time to build a cuddly reputation. But he does feel guilty about the shelter closing. So he proposes a truce with Ally, agreeing to help her adopt out the pups. As the two spend more time together, the town's gossip is spreading faster than Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. And soon Ben is hoping he can convince Ally that Pine Hollow is her home for the holidays...and the whole year through. Look out for the next heartwarming Pine Hollow romance, coming summer 2021!

The Twelve Burps of Christmas

The Twelve Burps of Christmas Author : Nancy Krulik
Release : 2012-11-08
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1101620668
File Size : 78.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 827
Read : 190

George burps his way through the holidays! In the first Super Special of Nancy Krulik's popular series, George stars in two stories! Between the class play and his old best friend's surprise visit, the Christmas celebrations are shaping up to be a season of fun! But of course the magic burps--an even dozen of them--put a crazy spin on all his plans. If only Santa could leave George a cure for burps under the tree!

The Twelve Murders of Christmas

The Twelve Murders of Christmas Author : Jane Bennett Munro
Release : 2020-09-22
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1663202729
File Size : 50.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 381
Read : 519

Pathologist Toni Day and her husband, Hal, are mystified when she starts receiving grisly Christmas cards depicting murders, each accompanied by a twisted verse from The Twelve Days of Christmas, and she and her partners are suddenly inundated with autopsies on the corresponding bodies. The victims are members of a jury that convicted Toni’s old boyfriend Robbie of kidnapping and sent him to prison. Robbie is now out on parole and is presumably systematically killing off the jury that put him there, but the true identity of the Jury Killer becomes unclear when another parolee, a pretty female police detective, and a newspaper reporter with an icepick get involved. To complicate matters further, Toni’s parents are visiting for Christmas. Toni teams up with her stepfather Nigel, a retired Scotland Yard chief inspector, to interpret clues and assist the police in a race against time to catch the killer or killers before they wipe out the entire jury and then come after Toni and Hal.

Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas

Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas Author : Stephanie Barron
Release : 2014-10-28
Publisher : Soho Press
ISBN : 1616954248
File Size : 30.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 179
Read : 1189

Jane Austen turns sleuth in this delightful murder mystery set over the twelve days of a Regency-Era Christmas party. Christmas Eve, 1814: Jane Austen has been invited to spend the holiday with family and friends at The Vyne, the gorgeous ancestral home of the wealthy and politically prominent Chute family. As the year fades and friends begin to gather beneath the mistletoe for the twelve days of Christmas festivities, Jane and her circle are in a celebratory mood: Mansfield Park is selling nicely; Napoleon has been banished to Elba; British forces have seized Washington, DC; and on Christmas Eve, John Quincy Adams signs the Treaty of Ghent, which will end a war nobody in England really wanted. Jane, however, discovers holiday cheer is fleeting. One of the Yuletide revelers dies in a tragic accident, which Jane immediately views with suspicion. If the accident was in fact murder, the killer is one of Jane’s fellow snow-bound guests. With clues scattered amidst cleverly crafted charades, dark secrets coming to light during parlor games, and old friendships returning to haunt the Christmas parties, whom can Jane trust to help her discover the truth and stop the killer from striking again?