Slave Girl

Slave Girl Author : Sarah Forsyth
Release : 2013
Publisher : John Blake
ISBN : 9781782192268
File Size : 57.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the sequel to Slave Girl, a survivor of the sex trade details her recovery process, which she realizes must include a return to the site of her trauma to aid others In Slave Girl, Sarah Forsyth told of her terrible ordeal as a young woman sex-trafficked from England to the red-light district of Amsterdam, and of her dramatic escape from forced prostitution. But as she relates in this memoir, Sarah's journey from the dark back into light was far from over. She discusses how, still addicted to drugs and drink, she struggled to cope with life, with love, and with the marriage she desperately hoped would bring her happiness. It would take three more long and painful years to be rid of the terrible after-effects of sex slavery. But as she fought her draining battle to survive, Sarah came to realize that there was something she needed to do. It was a decision that would take her back into the modern scandal of sex trafficking—and back into the hell of Amsterdam's red-light district. This is the incredible story of her very personal mental journey to find goodness within herself, and the shocking and painful physical journey to find the sex slaves she left behind. Both are journeys which will take all the strength, courage, and love that she has—but if she is to survive, they are journeys she must make.

The Sex Slave Girl

The Sex Slave Girl Author : Stacy M. Moore
Release : 2019-03-23
Publisher : Independently Published
ISBN : 9781091383517
File Size : 61.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An awesome book of male domination toward a girl who just loves to be a sex slave. Get this Erotic bdsm paperback now

Slave Girl

Slave Girl Author : Sarah Forsyth
Release : 2018-01-10
Publisher : John Blake
ISBN : 9781789460018
File Size : 57.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sarah Forsyth has spent most of her life in fear. After overcoming the hurt and heartbreak of a horrific childhood, Sarah managed to build a new life for herself as a nursery nurse. Then, one day, she spotted a newspaper advert for a job in a creche in Amsterdam. Excited by the prospect of a fresh start abroad, she eagerly signed up. But within minutes of stepping off the plane in Amsterdam her life began to fall apart... There was no creche and no job. That night, at just nineteen years of age, her life - her real life, her life as Sarah Forsyth - ended. Fed cocaine and cannabis, and forced at gunpoint to work as a prostitute in the Red Light District of Amsterdam: Sarah was a victim of sex-trafficking. Sarah Forsyth is a survivor. This is her heartbreaking story.

The Slave Across the Street

The Slave Across the Street Author : Theresa Flores
Release : 2013-09-12
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1448184193
File Size : 27.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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It could happen to you. It happened to the girl next door... When Theresa was 15 she moved to a new school and fell for an older pupil, Daniel. Theresa was thrilled when one afternoon he asked if he could drive her home. But this simple decision would hold her captive as a sex slave for two long years. Daniel was part of a criminal ring that bribed and trafficked Theresa out of her own house, unknown to her parents. Theresa would go to school alongside these boys in the day and be called into service at night. Heart-rending, shocking and totally gripping The Slave Across the Street is the incredible true story of how an ordinary girl was lured into the sinister world of human trafficking – and how she eventually escaped and rebuilt her life.

Slave Girl

Slave Girl Author : Sarah Forsyth
Release : 2009
Publisher : John Blake
ISBN : 9781844546855
File Size : 38.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sex abuse.

Anal Space Slaves from the Void

Anal Space Slaves from the Void Author : Virginia de Sade
Release : 2015-03-15
Publisher : CreateSpace
ISBN : 9781508933212
File Size : 51.59 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the tale of Anal Space Slaves from the Void, where one finds space sex slave-girls, intergalactic buggery, and humanoid incest set in a futuristic galaxy of pleasure sabers, scrambikes, and zero-gravity sexual pursuits. Meet the imperial King Zemanshãh of the Paresii Empire and eternal raping of young slave-girls. Meet the sex slave-girl slut Grenade and read about her taking it in the bunghole by her brother and space pageboys. Meet Emperor Zaphine of the Triangulum Galaxy and hear the tale of his ribald wanderings. Meet the libertine Hâles from the Void and learn about its endless pursuit of blowing semen on his next of kin. Lust knows no dimensional bounds in this wildly hypnotic tale of erotic science fiction. [8,400 plus words]

Sex Slaves

Sex Slaves Author : Louise Brown
Release : 2000
Publisher : Virago Press
File Size : 77.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Trafficking in human beings for the sex industry has been practised for centuries. It occurs today all around the world and the incidence in Asia is nothing new. What is different in contemporary Asia is the SCALE of the trade, the AGES of those involved, and the sophisticated ORGANISATION applied to the marketing of girls. This book demolishes the myths about the wholesomeness of 'Asian values' and takes a controversial and unique approach to the sex industry in Asia by viewing it as a product of Asian cultural values. There are interviews with sex workers, their families, clients and the staff of the charities that work with the women. Above all else, the book tells the story -- often in their own words -- of the girls and women who are forced into this despicable trade. With sensitivity and compassion, SEX SLAVES publicises the tragedy of the voiceless women of Asia.

Slave Girl

Slave Girl Author : Lisa Cach
Release : 2014-07-28
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1476775753
File Size : 61.96 MB
Format : PDF
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A sex slave who’s never been touched… National bestselling author Lisa Cach spins an erotic, passionate novel about a young Roman Empire slave who’s intended to become her king’s concubine—until a rugged barbarian prince takes her heart…and more. Lovely Nimia is a slave to King Sygarius, who’s grooming her to be his consort as soon as she reaches full womanhood. And that time is very close. Nimia is forced to attend shocking lessons in the erotic arts; lessons that leave her body aroused and her mind conflicted. Because while she’s attracted to Sygarius’s power and eroticism, her spirit rebels at being his slave. Then one of Sygarius’s allies comes to visit. Smart and ambitious, Clovis burns to take over Sygarius’s kingdom—and the beautiful Nimia. And though her virginity is meant for Sygarius, Clovis takes it with her enthusiastic consent. When Sygarius learns that she is no longer a virgin, Nimia flees for her life. But can she find Clovis before the wrath of Sygarius—and imminent death—finds her first?

The Roman Slave Girl : Erotic Sex Story

The Roman Slave Girl : Erotic Sex Story Author : Kellie Granier
Release : 2012-08-28
Publisher : Xplicit Press
ISBN : 1623271495
File Size : 21.89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When Quintus returns from a long trip to Rome, he finds his wife in the pool with a beautiful new slave girl. The newest member to their household is exquisite and just the sort of welcome-home present he expects from his darling wife. His wife deserves a treat, and she tells him that while she has made use of the girl, she hasn't worn her out. She makes it clear the girl belongs to him, but Quintus is all too happy to share the delights of her body. He doesn't need much enticement, but Quintus encourages his wife to have the slave girl please her for his enjoyment. This is almost too much for Quintus to stand until his wife reminds him that they have all night, and while they have the slave for their pleasure, she knows how to please him best. It is something he knows all too well.


Grenzüberschreitungen Author : Gabriella Schubert
Release : 2008
Publisher : Otto Harrassowitz Verlag
ISBN : 9783447057929
File Size : 57.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Grenzuberschreitungen" - das Uberwinden von Grenzen in ethnischer, kultureller und fachlicher Perspektive pragen das Werk von Gabriella Schubert, die qua Beruf und Berufung zum Dialog der Volker und Kulturen einladt. Mit der Festschrift Grenzuberschreitungen wird eine Wissenschaftlerin geehrt, die sich in ihrer langjahrigen Lehr- und Forschungstatigkeit zur Kultursemiotik, zu Selbst- und Fremdbild, Sprache und Identitat sowie zu den Volksliteraturen in Sudosteuropa grosse Anerkennung im In- und Ausland (u.a. Mitglied der Serbischen und der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften sowie des Prasidiums der Sudosteuropa- Gesellschaft) erworben hat. Zahlreiche Symposien und Buchveroffentlichungen zeugen davon, dass ihr besonders die deutsch-sudslawischen Beziehungen am Herzen liegen - eben die Uberwindung von Grenzen. "Grenzuberschreitungen" spiegeln sich ebenfalls in den Beitragen der Festschrift fur Gabriella Schubert wider, die 57 Kollegen, Weggefahrten, Schuler und Freunde der Jubilarin zum Geburtstag widmen. In dem Band vereinen sich Beitrage aus Balkanologie, Sudslawistik, Sudosteuropastudien, Rumanischer Philologie, Byzantinistik, Religionswissenschaft, Soziologie und sudosteuropaischer Geschichte, die sich alle thematisch mit den Traditionen und Identitaten in Sudosteuropa auseinandersetzen.

Reconstructing the Household

Reconstructing the Household Author : Peter W. Bardaglio
Release : 2000-11-09
Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN : 0807860212
File Size : 38.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 578
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In Reconstructing the Household, Peter Bardaglio examines the connections between race, gender, sexuality, and the law in the nineteenth-century South. He focuses on miscegenation, rape, incest, child custody, and adoption laws to show how southerners struggled with the conflicts and stresses that surfaced within their own households and in the larger society during the Civil War era. Based on literary as well as legal sources, Bardaglio's analysis reveals how legal contests involving African Americans, women, children, and the poor led to a rethinking of families, sexuality, and the social order. Before the Civil War, a distinctive variation of republicanism, based primarily on hierarchy and dependence, characterized southern domestic relations. This organic ideal of the household and its power structure differed significantly from domestic law in the North, which tended to emphasize individual rights and contractual obligations. The defeat of the Confederacy, emancipation, and economic change transformed family law and the governance of sexuality in the South and allowed an unprecedented intrusion of the state into private life. But Bardaglio argues that despite these profound social changes, a preoccupation with traditional notions of gender and race continued to shape southern legal attitudes.

The Billionaires and their Sex Slaves (BDSM Erotica)

The Billionaires and their Sex Slaves (BDSM Erotica) Author : Veronica Bates
Release :
Publisher : Veronica Bates
File Size : 79.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 489
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After a tremendous depresssion hits the economy, the povery-strickened society is forced to survive by any means necessary. The few left with money use their wealth to take advantage of desperate girls who audition for a job of becoming sex slaves to the wealthy. Follow four billionaires as they use a group of poor girls for their own pleasures. Find out just how far these girls go to please their decadent masters.

The Arrogance of Faith

The Arrogance of Faith Author : Forrest G. Wood
Release : 1990
Publisher : Alfred a Knopf Incorporated
File Size : 46.67 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 896
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Explores the relationship between Christianity and racism in America, arguing that the majority of Christian thought and conduct has promoted and sustained racial injustice

The Sex Slave Murders

The Sex Slave Murders Author : R. Barri Flowers
Release : 2011-07-08
Publisher : R. Barri Flowers
ISBN : 1465767088
File Size : 25.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 141
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THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS chronicles the kidnapping-murders of serial killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego. A marriage made in hell... Barely five feet tall, sweet and innocent looking, Charlene Gallego used all of her charms to beguile pretty teenage girls and young women into the back of a van, where her lethal husband, Gerald, lay waiting. A killer couple bound together by secrets, lies, and sex slave fantasies... Married multiple times and still in his early thirties, Gerald Gallego found the perfect companion in Charlene. Over a grisly period of twenty-six months, their bloody and brutal rampage of kidnapping, rape, and murder spanned three states and claimed eleven lives. In this much more frightening than fiction tale of domination, depraved lust, substance abuse, violence, and murder, bestselling criminologist R. Barri Flowers tells the whole story of a couple's twisted relationship, their ghastly crimes and ability to elude the law, how they were finally captured, and the two riveting trials that ultimately pitted wife against husband with the stakes higher than either once imagined in their murderous bond.. REVIEWS of THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS: "THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS is a gripping account of the murders committed by husband-and-wife serial killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego. Top true crime author and criminologist R. Barri Flowers provides his keen insight and expertise into what made these killing partners tick. Flowers knows his stuff. Compelling reading." --Gary C. King, author of BLOOD LUST: Portrait of a Serial Sex Killer and DRIVEN TO KILL. "R. Barri Flowers always relates an engrossing story in a hard-hitting and fast-paced manner." --Robert Scott - Author of SHATTERED INNOCENCE and DRIVEN TO MURDER. "R. Barri Flowers has done a tremendous job, and if you are looking for a true crime read this book should not be missed."

Slave Girls

Slave Girls Author : Wensley Clarkson
Release : 2014-06-10
Publisher : St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN : 1466873450
File Size : 65.39 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 804
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Secret prisoners behind closed doors, they were real-life Cinderellas-- with no hope of rescue. Nowhere to run...nowhere to hide...nowhere to turn... Enter today's sordid world of slaves and masters, where innocent young girls are sold to the rich, and subjected to horrifying degradation. Beautiful Laxmi was the servant of two Arab princesses who regularly beat her and even yanked out her gold teeth. Bleeding and hysterical, she escaped-- only to be returned to the evil sisters. Helen was allowed two to four hours of sleep a night by the married couple who kept her. Rarely did a day pass that she wasn't slapped, kicked, punched, and beaten by this cruel doctor and his wife. Marita was sold by her husband to his best friend as a sex slave. He forced her to endure horrific beatings-- often locked in wooden stocks. Virtual captives in the mansions of the rich and famous, they risked their lives to tell their stories for the first time, in Wensley Clarkson's Slave Girls. With 8 pages of revealing photos.

The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America

The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America Author : William F. Pinar
Release : 2001
Publisher : Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
File Size : 80.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 453
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Perhaps not since Gunnar Myrdal's 1944 classic An American Dilemma has a book appeared as synoptic and unsettling as The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America. Here William F. Pinar elucidates the great «American dilemma», that «peculiar» institution of racial subjugation, especially its gendered - and specifically «queer» - psychosexual dynamics. Explicating in detail two imprinting episodes in American racial history - lynching and prison rape - Pinar argues that the gender of racial politics and violence in America is in some fundamental sense «queer». This book will be of interest to students in education, cultural studies, African American studies, women's and gender studies, and history.

Journal of Islamic Law Review

Journal of Islamic Law Review Author :
Release : 2007
Publisher :
File Size : 57.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Hine Sight

Hine Sight Author : Board of Trustees Professor of African American Studies and Professor of History Darlene Clark Hine
Release : 1994
Publisher : Carlson Pub
File Size : 44.23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 762
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"The history of African American women has become an important topic in the intellectual life of this country in the last fifteen years; and Darlene Clark Hine has been one of those most responsible for bringing the subject to its current level of importance." -- from the Foreword by John Hope Franklin "In this absolutely needed collection of essays by one of the leading American historians of our generation, the richly intertwined community-making and self-making that shaped the historical experience of African American women shines out like a beacon." -- Susan M. Reverby, Luella LaMer Associate Professor for Women's Studies, Wellesley College