The Hot Latin Diet

The Hot Latin Diet Author : Manny Alvarez M.D.
Release : 2008-04-29
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1440637288
File Size : 54.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Dr. Manny" of FOX News and The Rachael Ray Show fame shows how seven Latin powerfoods can reshape the body for life. Includes recipes. More than just a diet plan, The Hot Latin Diet offers a new outlook on what it means to live well, feel great, and look fabulous. Dr. Manny Alvarez, one of America's leading OB/GYNs and FOX News' voice of health, introduces the seven Latin Powerfoods and the three tracks that can lead to better health. He then reveals how incorporating them into a diet can help readers slim down-while keeping those sexy, natural curves. Dr. Manny helps restock the home with an exciting variety of savory, healthy, metabolism-boosting foods, and breaks the diet down into manageable phases for readers. With everything from delicious new Latin-inspired recipes to effective tips on balancing exercise and nutrition, this fun and practical weight-loss plan reveals the simple secret to a bombshell body.

The Hot Latin Diet

The Hot Latin Diet Author : Manny Alvarez
Release : 2008
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781436203593
File Size : 74.77 MB
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The Hot Latin Diet

The Hot Latin Diet Author : Manny Alvarez
Release : 2009-05
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9780451227041
File Size : 22.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The senior health correspondent for FOX News offers women a new outlook on what it means to live well, feel great, and look fabulous.

Food and Nutrition Controversies Today: A Reference Guide

Food and Nutrition Controversies Today: A Reference Guide Author : Myrna Chandler Goldstein
Release : 2009-04-30
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
ISBN : 0313354030
File Size : 22.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Is any food safe? Will mad cow disease kill us all? How many calories are really in your restaurant Caesar salad? Modern consumers are besieged with conflicting messages about food and nutrition, making it difficult for the lay person to know what to believe. This no-nonsense resource explores the latest controversies in the field of food and nutrition, presenting readers with the varying opinions and underlying facts that fuel these debates. Fifteen chapters focus on hot topics like organic food, bottled water, and deadly bacterial outbreaks as well as lesser known issues such as food irradiation, vitamin supplementation, animal growth hormones, and more. One of the few resources of its kind, this informative reference is perfect for high school and college students and the conscientious consumer. Since most books on food and diet approach the issues with a clear agenda, this work's unbiased tone and evenhanded treatment of information make it a particularly valuable tool. Features include a detailed index, 20 black and white illustrations, and a rich and deep bibliography of print and electronic materials useful for further research.

Hippocrates' Latin American Legacy

Hippocrates' Latin American Legacy Author : George McClelland Foster
Release : 1994
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
ISBN : 9782881246104
File Size : 70.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Cutting the Crap - How to Focus On What You Really Need to Know to Lose Weight and Retake Control of Your Life

Cutting the Crap - How to Focus On What You Really Need to Know to Lose Weight and Retake Control of Your Life Author : Graham Hurrell
Release : 2013-12-05
Publisher :
ISBN : 1291625852
File Size : 85.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are you being deliberately kept fat? Use the simple techniques in this book to learn how to cut through the Confusing Research, Advertising & Promotions put in your way and focus on the few things you really need to know in order to regain control of your weight. And your life. It really works and what's more, you already know most of it!

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Author : Paul Fieldhouse
Release : 2013-12-14
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 1489932569
File Size : 82.66 MB
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As someone who was trained in the clinical sdentific tradition it took me several years to start to appreciate that food was more than a collection of nutrients, and that most people did not make their choices of what to eat on the biologically rational basis of nutritional composition. This realiza tion helped tobring me to an understanding of why people didn't always eat what (I believed) was good for them, and why the patients I had seen in hospital as often as not had failed to follow the dietary advice I had so confidently given. When I entered the field of health education I quickly discovered the farnaus World Health Organization definition of health as being a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. Health was a triangle -and I had been guilty of virtu ally ignoring two sides of that triangle. As I became involved in practical nutrition education initiatives the deficiencies of an approach based on giving information about nutrition and physical health became more and more apparent. The children whom I saw in schools knew exactly what to say when asked to describe a nutritious diet: they could recite the food guide and list rich sources of vitamins and minerals; but none of this intellectual knowledge was reflected in their own actual eating habits.

Nutrition and Diagnosis-related Care

Nutrition and Diagnosis-related Care Author : Sylvia Escott-Stump
Release : 2008
Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN : 9780781798457
File Size : 49.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides timely, pertinent medical nutrition therapy information for the care of patients with over 360 diseases, disorders, and conditions.

Textbook of Basic Nursing

Textbook of Basic Nursing Author : Caroline Bunker Rosdahl
Release : 2008
Publisher : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN : 9780781765213
File Size : 27.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Now in its Ninth Edition, this comprehensive all-in-one textbook covers the basic LPN/LVN curriculum and all content areas of the NCLEX-PN®. Coverage includes anatomy and physiology, nursing process, growth and development, nursing skills, and pharmacology, as well as medical-surgical, maternal-neonatal, pediatric, and psychiatric-mental health nursing. The book is written in a student-friendly style and has an attractive full-color design, with numerous illustrations, tables, and boxes. Bound-in multimedia CD-ROMs include audio pronunciations, clinical simulations, videos, animations, and a simulated NCLEX-PN® exam. This edition's comprehensive ancillary package includes curriculum materials, PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, and a test generator of NCLEX-PN®-style questions.

Teen Life in Latin America and the Caribbean

Teen Life in Latin America and the Caribbean Author : Cynthia Tompkins
Release : 2004-04-30
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
ISBN : 0313062870
File Size : 62.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Teens in Latin America and the Caribbean generally face a difficult path to adulthood. Poverty and unemployment, violence, political instability, and emigration are frequently the norm in their native countries. Those from poorer families must often work as well as attend school, and opportunities for higher education and good jobs are limited. Wealthier teens, on the other hand, are sheltered from harshness and enjoy private schools, vacations abroad, and access to American consumer products. Yet family is important no matter what the class, and most of these teens share a love of parties, music, and current fashions. Latin America and the Caribbean are important regions to the United States, since large numbers of Americans can trace their roots there. Teen Life in Latin America and the Caribbean allows U.S. teens to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of teens in 15 Latin American or Caribbean countries. Photos complement the text.

Plants in Indigenous Medicine & Diet

Plants in Indigenous Medicine & Diet Author : Nina Lilian Etkin
Release : 1986
Publisher : Psychology Press
ISBN : 9780913178027
File Size : 86.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. Humans have long been acute observers of their biological surroundings and have been involved in dynamic relationships with ambient flora and fauna since the development of the earliest medical systems and food-getting technologies. Human-plant interactions can, then, be viewed as one expression of a population's encounter with their environment and have been the subject of considerable interest in various disciplines which seek to understand how the use of plants affects patterns of health and disease. The aim of this volume is to promote a bio-behavioral focus for indigenous plant research.

Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy/Clásicos Latinos a lo Saludable

Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy/Clásicos Latinos a lo Saludable Author : Ingrid Hoffmann
Release : 2018-10-02
Publisher : American Diabetes Association
ISBN : 1580407226
File Size : 53.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Celebrate the joys of Latin cooking and healthy eating with Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy! Following in the footsteps of her highly successful books Simply Delicioso, Delicioso, and Latin D'Lite, cooking personality and Telemundo star Chef Ingrid Hoffmann is excited to announce Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy, a collection of more than 100 diabetes-friendly Latin dishes. Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy celebrates the joys of cooking and eating through healthy ingredients and recipes that are bursting with flavor. These classic Latin dishes are satisfying and demonstrate Ingrid's philosophy of easy, simple recipes with a healthy twist. Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy presents a smart and easy approach to healthy eating, an approach perfected and practiced by Chef Ingrid for many years. The Latino diet tends to be carbohydrate heavy, which is a concern for people with diabetes. But, with a focus on pure and clean ingredients, Chef Ingrid turns traditional Latin cuisine into nutritious, diabetes-friendly meals that put protein, whole grains, and fresh vegetables as the stars. Enjoy a variety of Latin dishes, including energizing breakfasts, exciting appetizers, hearty entrées, and sweet treats. This book is not a "diet" book—it is a tool to teach you to "eat yourself healthy." Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy offers exactly what the title suggests: comfort foods—the kinds of food Latinos were raised with and crave. But with a few tricks and tips from Chef Ingrid, you can make these foods in less time with healthier ingredients. The tastes and aromas of these recipes are Simply Delicioso!

Fit Happens! Simple Steps for a Healthier, More Productive Life!

Fit Happens! Simple Steps for a Healthier, More Productive Life! Author : Todd Whitthorne
Release : 2018-06-14
Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN : 1457561328
File Size : 43.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Good habits are just as easy to form as bad habits. With relatable and personal anecdotes, intuitive advice, and a focus on fundamentals, Todd reminds each of us that fitness is not only achievable, but natural and contagious. It’s time for each of us to recognize that we have the power to make fit happen. David L. Katz, MD, MPH ~ Founder/President, True Health Initiative Having known Todd as a colleague and friend for close to 20 years I can honestly say his ability to both motivate and educate is unparalleled. Making the complicated simple is his gift and FIT HAPPENS! is a perfect example of that. Tim Church, M.D., P h.D., M.P.H. ~ Chief Medical Officer, ACAP Health I’ve long known that Todd Whitthorne was a gifted speaker. With FIT HAPPENS! I now realize he’s also a terrific writer. You will find outstanding “nuggets” in every chapter that are not only thought-provoking but also extremely actionable. Crayton Webb ~ Owner/CEO, Sunwest Communications Todd is the most engaging and effective speaker I have ever seen on the topics of good health and fitness. In FIT HAPPENS!, Todd expands upon the insights he shares through his in-person presentations and provides the reader a why-to and how-to guide for transforming her or his life through purposeful, healthy habits and a passion for a life lived fully. Baker Harrell, PhD ~ CEO, It’s Time Texas

Fermented Foods of Latin America

Fermented Foods of Latin America Author : Ana Lucia Barretto Penna
Release : 2017-02-03
Publisher : CRC Press
ISBN : 1315352435
File Size : 69.98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Due to the indigenous knowledge of pre-Colombian indigenous tribes and the new methods introduced by the immigrants arriving from Europe and other continents, a wide variety of fermented foods are produced in Latin America. In this book, we have collected information about the Latin American experience in the production of dairy, meat and wine. Special focus has been given to fermented fruits and vegetables as it is part of the genetic heritage of the South American continent. Pre-Columbian knowledge on preparation of various fermented food products is covered in the book.

Sugar and Modernity in Latin America

Sugar and Modernity in Latin America Author : Vinicius De Carvalho
Release : 2014-12-31
Publisher : ISD LLC
ISBN : 8771243623
File Size : 86.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other diseases related to modern lifestyles have spread with frightening speed all over the globe, a development that is often correlated with an increase in the consumption of sugar. Latin America - the cradle of the worlds sugar production - is no exception; it has witnessed an explosion of cases of diabetes, especially in Brazil and Mexico. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the problem, this book asks two questions. First, what are the relationships between diabetes, sugar intake, and dangerous modern lifestyles? And second, how can research into the material, symbolic, and historical functions of sugar redefine the concept of modernity? Experts in medical science, agriculture, sociology, food science and anthropology, as well as in Latin American, Brazilian, and literary studies use sugar as a prism for understanding the complicated relations between disease and cultural and social habits, between past and present, and between symbolic meanings and material effect. Through this truly interdisciplinary perspective, both traditional approaches to lifestyle diseases and current understandings of modernity are questioned. Sugar and Modernity in Latin America serves as an example of and a call for interdisciplinary dialogue in response to the grand challenges of modern society.

Adverse Effects of Foods

Adverse Effects of Foods Author : E. F. Jelliffe
Release : 2012-12-06
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 1461333598
File Size : 22.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Diet for a Hot Planet

Diet for a Hot Planet Author : Anna Lappe
Release : 2010-03-30
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN : 1596916591
File Size : 70.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discusses the effects of transporting food on the climate, how the food industry is becoming aware of its part in global warming, the emerging solutions from farmers, and the seven principles for a climate-friendly diet.