The F*ck-it List

The F*ck-it List Author : John Niven
Release : 2020-03-26
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1473507057
File Size : 63.36 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 990
Read : 568

'Hilarious' Adam Kay 'Mind-blowingly brilliant' Daily Mail 'Loved it' Robert Webb 'Highly entertaining' Evening Standard _____________________________ Frank Brill, a retired small-town newspaper editor, has just been given a terminal diagnosis. Rather than compile a bucket list of all the things he's ever wanted to do in his life, he instead has at the ready his 'fuck-it list'. Because Frank has had to endure more than his fair share of personal misfortune, not to mention having to live through two terms of a Trump Presidency. Armed with the names of all those who are to blame for the tragedies that have befallen him, it's time for revenge.

The Fuck It List

The Fuck It List Author : Kevin Pryslak
Release : 2016-11-08
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1632280558
File Size : 79.7 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 258
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Face it, life is short and who has time to see 1000 places, read 1000 more "classics" or see 1000 movies somebody else deems essential, and all that nonsense? Here is a list of 101 things you should never bother with from the fiendishly clever mind of Kevin Pryslak. The F*ck It List is a hilarious middle-finger salute to all those absurd life goals that will ensure an anxiety-filled middle age will be followed by shame-filled golden years. It pokes a sorely needed pin into a bloated rite of passage that's ripe for deflation. Do you really need to firewalk or didn't Oprah and Tony Robbins take care of that for us? Swimming with sharks is a really dumb idea, so let's leave that with the gullible reality tv desperadoes, shall we? Kevin Pryslak has come up with a "to don't list" that will have you laughing out loud and leave you with lots more time to do the all the things YOU really want to do!

The F- It List

The F- It List Author : Julie Halpern
Release : 2013-11-12
Publisher : Feiwel & Friends
ISBN : 1466848499
File Size : 58.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 281
Read : 271

Alex and Becca have always been best friends. But when Becca does something nearly unforgivable at Alex's dad's funeral, Alex cuts ties with her and focuses on her grieving family. Time passes, and Alex finally decides to forgive Becca. Then she's hit with another shocker: Becca has cancer. It also turns out Becca has a bucket list, one she doesn't know she'll be able to finish now. That's where Alex comes in, along with a mysterious and guarded boy who just may help Alex check a few items off her own bucket list. Julie Halpern writes about illness, loss, love, and friendship with candor and compassion. Here is an unforgettable book about living fully, living authentically, and just . . . living.

The Bucket, F*ck It, Done It List

The Bucket, F*ck It, Done It List Author : Sara Kinninmont
Release : 2019-07-04
Publisher : Ebury Press
ISBN : 9781529104745
File Size : 81.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 314
Read : 1059

You don't have to do everything on the list to live your best life. Swap FOMO for JOMO and tick off 'Bucket', ' F*ck it' or 'Done it' for each of the 3,669 things to do, depending on whether you intend to do it, couldn't care less/would rather die than do it or have already accomplished it. Bucket, F*ck it or Done it. Which box would you tick when it comes to ... ? * Drinking banana wine in the Canary Islands * Eating every shape of pasta at least once * Settling a dispute with a dance-off * Naming your boat after the person you lost your virginity to Checking stuff off just feels good!

The F*It List

The F*It List Author : Eric Byrnes
Release : 2018-03-14
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781986507172
File Size : 28.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 716
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This is more than just a book. It's an attitude. It's a mentality. It's a lifestyle.The F*IT List is my journey, my life, my lessons, my successes, and my many failures... in my own words.This is a lifestyle as much as it is an actual list of shit to get done. It is an attitude that bleeds into every aspect of your life. It constantly challenges you to question the norms of society and push the limits of the status quo. Specifically, your status quo. Most importantly, The F*It List forces action. It promotes energy and gives life. It allows you to stand up for what you believe, but also helps give perspective on external situations and opinions outside of your control. It's not always comfortable and in many instances, it is downright scary. Yet, instead of searching for the meaning of life, you will be authentically living it.Too often we put limits on ourselves, creating boundaries around what we believe we are capable of. We immerse ourselves in a fixed mindset and make every excuse along the way. I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm too tired, I'm too shy, I'm too weak, I'm not smart enough, I'm not pretty enough, I'm not rich enough, I'm not a good enough athlete..." Bullshit! If there is one TRUTH that I have learned in life, it's that you get out what you put in. The question then becomes, are you willing to put in the work to challenge yourself to live your authentic life? Are you willing to say f*ck the result while completely embracing everything the process has to offer? It's not always that easy to say f*ck it...The F*It List is a collection of real-life stories compiled over the last 40 years, all about the PROCESS. Every story is complimented with a 'Human Crash Test Dummy Life Lesson' drawn from each invaluable experience.

The F*ck It Diet

The F*ck It Diet Author : Caroline Dooner
Release : 2019-03-26
Publisher : HarperCollins
ISBN : 006288364X
File Size : 68.75 MB
Format : PDF
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“The F*ck It Diet is not only hilarious, it is scientifically and medically sound. A must read for any chronic dieter.” –Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” From comedian and ex-diet junkie Caroline Dooner, an inspirational guide that will help you stop dieting, reboot your relationship with food, and regain your personal power DIETING DOESN’T WORK Not long term. In fact, our bodies are hardwired against it. But each time our diets fail, instead of considering that maybe our ridiculously low-carb diet is the problem, we wonder what’s wrong with us. Why can’t we stick to our simple plan of grapefruit and tuna fish??? Why are we so hungry? What is wrong with us??? We berate ourselves for being lazy and weak, double down on our belief that losing weight is the key to our everlasting happiness, and resolve to do better tomorrow. But it’s time we called a spade a spade: Constantly trying to eat the smallest amount possible is a miserable way to live, and it isn’t even working. So fuck eating like that. In The F*ck It Diet, Caroline Dooner tackles the inherent flaws of dieting and diet culture, and offers readers a counterintuitively simple path to healing their physical, emotional, and mental relationship with food. What’s the secret anti-diet? Eat. Whatever you want. Honor your appetite and listen to your hunger. Trust that your body knows what it is doing. Oh, and don’t forget to rest, breathe, and be kind to yourself while you’re at it. Once you get yourself out of survival mode, it will become easier and easier to eat what your body really needs—a healthier relationship with food ultimately leads to a healthier you. An ex-yo-yo dieter herself, Dooner knows how terrifying it can be to break free of the vicious cycle, but with her signature sharp humor and compassion, she shows readers that a sustainable, easy relationship with food is possible. Irreverent and empowering, The F*ck It Diet is call to arms for anyone who feels guilt or pain over food, weight, or their body. It’s time to give up the shame and start thriving. Welcome to the F*ck It Diet. Let’s Eat.

The Fuck It List

The Fuck It List Author : A L Lang
Release : 2016-11-03
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1471147711
File Size : 85.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 293
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Sod swimming with sexually deviant dolphins in the Pacific. Or visiting a bunch of shit rocks in Peru. The more off-than-on Northern Lights can take a hike as well. As any natural-born nihilist knows, it’s what you choose not to do before you’re dead that counts in the end. Avoiding trips to the loo at Glastonbury or the loo at the home of Oscar Pistorius would be a pretty good start. Bringing a biting, satirical response to the bucket-list phenomenon currently blighting the globe, and covering themes like sex, love, work, travel, wealth and health, The F*ck-it List is the ultimate guide for the many misanthropes in your life.

The Bosnia List

The Bosnia List Author : Kenan Trebinčević
Release : 2014
Publisher : Penguin Group USA
File Size : 62.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 834
Read : 374

A young survivor of the Bosnian War returns to his homeland to confront the people who betrayed his family At age eleven, Kenan Trebincevic was a happy, karate-loving kid living with his family in the quiet Eastern European town of Brcko. Then, in the spring of 1992, war broke out and his friends, neighbors and teammates all turned on him. Pero - Kenan's beloved karate coach - showed up at his door with an AK-47 - screaming: "You have one hour to leave or be killed!" Kenan's only crime: he was Muslim. This poignant, searing memoir chronicles Kenan's miraculous escape from the brutal ethnic cleansing campaign that swept the former Yugoslavia. After two decades in the United States, Kenan honors his father's wish to visit their homeland, making a list of what he wants to do there. Kenan decides to confront the former next door neighbor who stole from his mother, see the concentration camp where his Dad and brother were imprisoned and stand on the grave of his first betrayer to make sure he's really dead. Back in the land of his birth, Kenan finds something more powerful--and shocking--than revenge.

Monkey Man

Monkey Man Author : Stephen Price
Release : 2005
Publisher : New Island Books
File Size : 27.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 126
Read : 195

A satire on the Dublin media scene, 'Monkey Man' features superstar Kevin Carter, Ireland's most volatile celebrity broadcaster. His looks, money, job and status have opened doors for him - then things start to go wrong.

Black Book List

Black Book List Author : Evan L. Schindler
Release : 2003-11
Publisher : Black Book Publishing Corporation
ISBN : 9780972687836
File Size : 41.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 548
Read : 390

For those seeking the hip and haute in Los Angeles, this clandestine urban nightlife pocket manual is a comprehensive avant garde guide to restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels in the City of Angels.

The Fuck It List: Blank Lined 6x9 Journal / Notebook / Diary for Funny Gift Or Personal Writing

The Fuck It List: Blank Lined 6x9 Journal / Notebook / Diary for Funny Gift Or Personal Writing Author : Chet Scott
Release : 2019-03-07
Publisher : Independently Published
ISBN : 9781798987599
File Size : 74.17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 750
Read : 1200

The Fuck It List is the perfect place to detail all the amazing crap you were intending on doing, but stopped caring about. It's not written in advance, but instead added to as you no longer give a fuck about something. Sit down, relax and vent your heart out. This 6x9 journal makes the perfect gag gift for friends or family, and it is a convenient size to carry with you anywhere for writing, journaling, and taking notes. If you are looking for lined / unlined journals, notebooks or sketchpads, please check out our variety of other products available. These make wonderful gifts!

Shattered Heart

Shattered Heart Author : Dorothy F. Shaw
Release : 2017-08-21
Publisher : Entangled: Scorched
ISBN : 1640632921
File Size : 75.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 312
Read : 960

When Cynthia Donnelly lays eyes on her high school crush at her brother’s wedding rehearsal, she regrets her self-imposed, one-year moratorium on dating. If possible, he’s even hotter now than when they were teens. But sex isn’t the same as dating, right? Back in school, Shane Conlon made a point to ignore his best friend’s cute, sassy little sister. Now that she’s grown into an incredibly sexy woman full of Irish spunk, resisting her is out of the question. Besides, in his book, all “hands-off” rules have expired. One night should have been enough to sate their desires, but now they’re both rethinking everything. And when Cyn’s ex shows up, it’s up to Shane to pick up the pieces. Contains the following possible trigger: physical assault (not for titillation). Each book in The Donnellys series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order. Series order: Book #1: Unworthy Heart Book #2: Defensive Heart Book #3: Shattered Heart

Goering's List

Goering's List Author : J. C. Pollock
Release : 1993
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780385299602
File Size : 62.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 276
Read : 1165

CIA agent Mike Semko teams up with Mossad agent and art historian Rachel Sidrane to search for Dieter, the terrorist in possession of a list of people compiled by the Nazis during World War II. 30,000 first printing. $30,000 ad/promo.

Four-letter Films

Four-letter Films Author : Gabriele Azzaro
Release : 2005
Publisher :
File Size : 42.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 104
Read : 1251

The Belles Lettres Papers

The Belles Lettres Papers Author : Charles Simmons
Release : 1987
Publisher : William Morrow
File Size : 24.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 897
Read : 1300

Cheat the Grave

Cheat the Grave Author : Vicki Pettersson
Release : 2010-05-25
Publisher : Harper Collins
ISBN : 0061997951
File Size : 89.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 618
Read : 613

“[A] very exciting series…it’ll keep you up past your bedtime.” —Charlaine Harris, New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels Return now to the battle between Shadow and Light being fought in the dark, unseen corners of “Sin City” Las Vegas. The fifth book in Vickie Petterson’s New York Times bestselling Signs of the Zodiac series, Cheat the Grave follows newly mortal Joanna Archer on her most chilling adventure of all. Are you a True Blood aficionado? Do you like the sexy, supernatural visions of Kim Harrison, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, and Jeaniene Frost? Then give Vickie Petterson a try!

The Fuck It List!

The Fuck It List! Author :
Release : 2019-11-03
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781705303887
File Size : 29.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 266
Read : 158

This funny sarcastic blank lined journal is better than a card and makes the perfect gift for a coworker, boss, friend, family member and even fun for yourself! The perfect Secret Santa, gag gift, Christmas, Holiday, or project employee appreciation gift for any office environment. Nice cover and high quality paper is great for ink, marker, or gel pens or pencils of any type. 6" by 9" lined journal 125 lined pages will be the perfect office gift that will give everyone a big laugh.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Author : Harold Wallace Ross
Release : 2003-12
Publisher :
File Size : 53.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 570
Read : 911

Heeding Heads

Heeding Heads Author : David Hustler
Release : 1995
Publisher : David Fulton Pub
File Size : 47.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 208
Read : 1248

Inner City

Inner City Author : Iain McGinness
Release : 1987
Publisher : Learning Links
File Size : 46.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 577
Read : 221