The First Political Order

The First Political Order Author : Valerie M. Hudson
Release : 2020-03-17
Publisher : Columbia University Press
ISBN : 0231550936
File Size : 78.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Global history records an astonishing variety of forms of social organization. Yet almost universally, males subordinate females. How does the relationship between men and women shape the wider political order? The First Political Order is a groundbreaking demonstration that the persistent and systematic subordination of women underlies all other institutions, with wide-ranging implications for global security and development. Incorporating research findings spanning a variety of social science disciplines and comprehensive empirical data detailing the status of women around the globe, the book shows that female subordination functions almost as a curse upon nations. A society’s choice to subjugate women has significant negative consequences: worse governance, worse conflict, worse stability, worse economic performance, worse food security, worse health, worse demographic problems, worse environmental protection, and worse social progress. Yet despite the pervasive power of social and political structures that subordinate women, history—and the data—reveal possibilities for progress. The First Political Order shows that when steps are taken to reduce the hold of inequitable laws, customs, and practices, outcomes for all improve. It offers a new paradigm for understanding insecurity, instability, autocracy, and violence, explaining what the international community can do now to promote more equitable relations between men and women and, thereby, security and peace. With comprehensive empirical evidence of the wide-ranging harm of subjugating women, it is an important book for security scholars, social scientists, policy makers, historians, and advocates for women worldwide.

Political Order in Changing Societies

Political Order in Changing Societies Author : Samuel P. Huntington
Release : 2006-01-01
Publisher : Yale University Press
ISBN : 9780300116205
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This now classic examination of the development of viable political institutions in emerging nations is an enduring contribution to modern political analysis. The foreword by Fukuyama assesses Huntingdon's achievement.

Political Order and Political Decay

Political Order and Political Decay Author : Francis Fukuyama
Release : 2015-09-17
Publisher : Faber & Faber
ISBN : 9781846684371
File Size : 58.80 MB
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In The Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama took us from the dawn of mankind to the French and American Revolutions. Here, he picks up the thread again in the second instalment of his definitive account of mankind's emergence as a political animal.This is the story of how state, law and democracy developed after these cataclysmic events, how the modern landscape - with its uneasy tension between dictatorships and liberal democracies - evolved and how in the United States and in other developed democracies, unmistakable signs of decay have emerged. If we want to understand the political systems that dominate and order our lives, we must first address their origins - in our own recent past as well as in the earliest systems of human government. Fukuyama argues that the key to successful government can be reduced to three key elements: a strong state, the rule of law and institutions of democratic accountability.This magisterial account is required reading for anyone wishing to know more about mankind's greatest achievements.

Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty

Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty Author : Nora Stel
Release : 2020-06-04
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 042978581X
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Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees per capita worldwide and is central to European policies of outsourcing migration management. Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty is the first book to critically and comprehensively explore the parallels between the country’s engagement with the recent Syrian refugee influx and the more protracted Palestinian presence. Drawing on fieldwork, qualitative case-studies, and critical policy analysis, it questions the dominant idea that the haphazardness, inconsistency, and fragmentation of refugee governance are only the result of forced displacement or host state fragility and the related capacity problems. It demonstrates that the endemic ambiguity that determines refugee governance also results from a lack of political will to create coherent and comprehensive rules of engagement to address refugee ‘crises.’ Building on emerging literatures in the fields of critical refugee studies, hybrid governance, and ignorance studies, it proposes an innovative conceptual framework to capture the spatial, temporal, and procedural dimensions of the uncertainty that refugees face and to tease out the strategic components of the reproduction and extension of such informality, liminality, and exceptionalism. In developing the notion of a ‘politics of uncertainty,’ ambiguity is explored as a component of a governmentality that enables the control, exploitation, and expulsion of refugees.

Thucydides and Political Order

Thucydides and Political Order Author : Christian R. Thauer
Release : 2015-12-02
Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN : 9781137527622
File Size : 23.71 MB
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Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War is considered in both history and political science as a text of fundamental disciplinary relevance. However, neither discipline takes the other discipline into account during debates about Thucydides. This collection addresses this inter-disciplinary gap, asking how can and should the two disciplines approach Thucydides in the 21st century. This collection gives the reader an overview of recent scholarly work, interests, and developments in both disciplines with regard to Thucydides. It also establishes the question of “political order” as a common theme in relation to Thucydides for historians and political scientists alike and identifies a common research agenda for future scholarly work on Thucydides across the disciplines.

The Origins of Political Order

The Origins of Political Order Author : Francis Fukuyama
Release : 2012-04-05
Publisher : Profile Books(GB)
ISBN : 9781846682575
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Nations are not trapped by their pasts, but events that happened hundreds or even thousands of years ago continue to exert huge influence on present-day politics. If we are to understand the politics that we now take for granted, we need to understand its origins. Francis Fukuyama examines the paths that different societies have taken to reach their current forms of political order. This book starts with the very beginning of mankind and comes right up to the eve of the French and American revolutions, spanning such diverse disciplines as economics, anthropology and geography. The Origins of Political Order is a magisterial study on the emergence of mankind as a political animal, by one of the most eminent political thinkers writing today.

Eric Voegelin and the Problem of Christian Political Order

Eric Voegelin and the Problem of Christian Political Order Author : Jeffrey C. Herndon
Release : 2007-06
Publisher : University of Missouri Press
ISBN : 0826265774
File Size : 49.61 MB
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"Analyzes the development of Voegelin's thought regarding the origins of Christianity in the person of Jesus, the development of the church in the works of Paul, and the relationship between an immanent institutional order symbolizing the divine presence and the struggle for social and political order"--Provided by publisher.

The Rise of Common Political Order

The Rise of Common Political Order Author : Jarle Trondal
Release : 2017-08-25
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN : 9781786434999
File Size : 77.3 MB
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The Rise of Common Political Order brings together leading research focusing on the conditions for the formation of common political order in Europe. The book aims to define common political order in conceptual terms, to study instances of order formation at different levels of governance and ultimately to comprehend how they profoundly challenge inherent political orders.The book's objectives are twofold: first, to explain institutional birth and growth, and second, and most importantly, to assess key effects of order formation. To what extent, and under which conditions, does common political order transform pre-existing political orders? In sum, the book discusses how we can assess theoretically and empirically the rise, stagnation and retrenchment of common political order in Europe. The authors expertly tackle these questions with empirical illustrations of emergent political orders at international, inter-regional and local levels.The Rise of Common Political Order will have great appeal to political scientists, public administration scholars and international relations scholars based in the EU, US and beyond.

Absolutism and Ruling Class

Absolutism and Ruling Class Author : John P. LeDonne
Release : 1991
Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN : 019506805X
File Size : 39.5 MB
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This is the first comprehensive examination of the Russian ruling elite and its political institutions during an important period of state building, from the emergence of Russia on the stage of world politics around 1700 to the consolidation of its position after the victory over Napoleon. Instead of focusing on the great rulers of the period--Peter, Catherine, and Alexander--the work examines the nobility which alone could make their power effective. LeDonne not only gives a full chronological account of the development of bureaucratic, military, economic, and political institutions in Russia during this period, but also skillfully analyzes the ways in which local agencies and the ruling class exercised control and shared power with the absolute monarchs.

The Political Science Reviewer

The Political Science Reviewer Author :
Release : 1976
Publisher :
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Theories of Conflict Management

Theories of Conflict Management Author : Terry Nardin
Release : 1971
Publisher : Oakville, Ont. : Canadian Peace Research Institute
File Size : 29.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Perspectives in Medical Sociology

Perspectives in Medical Sociology Author : Phil Brown
Release : 1996
Publisher : Waveland PressInc
File Size : 29.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Phil Brown has designed this book to make discussion of the issues of medical sociology interesting, accessible, & challenging.

The New Order

The New Order Author : Charles Benjamin Purdom
Release : 1941
Publisher :
File Size : 82.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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