The Compassion Fatigue Workbook

The Compassion Fatigue Workbook Author : Françoise Mathieu
Release : 2012-05-04
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1136633111
File Size : 36.39 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 188
Read : 431

The Compassion Fatigue Workbook is a lifeline for any helping professional facing the physical and emotional exhaustion that can shadow work in the helping professions. Since 2001 the activities in this Workbook have helped thousands of helpers in the fields of healthcare, community mental health, correctional services, education, and the military. In addition to a comprehensive description of compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization, The Compassion Fatigue Workbook leads the reader through experiential activities designed to target specific areas in their personal and professional lives. It provides concrete strategies to help the reader develop a personalized plan for identifying and transforming compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization. Topics covered include: understanding compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma symptom checklist targeting areas for strategic planning understanding warning signs assessing contributing factors evaluating self-care identifying triggers solutions: personal, professional and organizational strategies.

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue Author : Martha Teater, MA, LMFT, LPC, LCAS
Release : 2014-10-01
Publisher : PESI Publishing & Media
ISBN : 193766144X
File Size : 44.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 958
Read : 1003

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue is a fresh workbook approach to effectively handle the inherent exhaustion, burnout and stress professionals naturally face when working with those in pain and distress. Written by two practicing clinicians experienced in compassion fatigue and CBT, this manual will equip you with practical tools to manage your work and minimize your risk of personal harm. Expertly weaved with personal experiences, assessment tools, proven interventions, and prevention strategies. You’ll take away: · Self-assessment measures to determine your level of risk · CBT skills to overcome distress · Worksheets and exercises to equip you to make powerful changes · Strategies to change your workplace · Practical, personalized self-care planning tools Reviews: "Martha and John have put together a practical, practitioner-friendly workbook that addresses compassion fatigue with understanding and caring. They offer evidence based clinical tools reflecting behavioral, cognitive as well as mindfulness exercises in addition to assessment strategies that can be used to facilitate resilience. I highly recommend this resource to ensure professional competency." -- Robert J. Berchick, PhD, ABPP, Board Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, Perelman School of Medicine, Academy of Cognitive Therapy Certified CBT Consultant "This is an excellent book that addresses an important and timely topic for anyone working in the helping profession. It is well written and engaging and provides assessment measures and helpful exercises that are invaluable to the reader. I highly recommend to anyone who is a care provider." -- Frank M. Dattilio, Ph.D., ABPP, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School "Overcoming Compassion Fatigue offers invaluable resources that will benefit all practitioners - rookies and veterans alike. This well-researched workbook is filled with practical self-assessment tools and concrete strategies for detection, intervention and prevention. Integrating CBT techniques provides a unique and very hands-on approach to managing compassion fatigue and related of caregiver." -- Fraçoise Mathieu, author of The Compassion Fatigue Workbook: Creative Tools for Transforming Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization

Reducing Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Burnout

Reducing Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Burnout Author : William Steele
Release : 2019-10-16
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 0429615140
File Size : 66.56 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 450
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This workbook addresses the vital questions helpers, responders, and organizations have about self-care and its relationship to resilience and sustained effectiveness in the midst of daily exposure to trauma victims and or situations. Packed with activities, worksheets, and interactive learning tools, the text provides neuro-based and trauma-sensitive recommendations for improving the ways clinicians care for themselves. Each ‘session’ helps clinicians identify their personal self-care needs and arrive at an effective self-care plan that promotes resilience in the face of daily exposure to trauma-inducing situations and reduces the effects of compassion fatigue and burnout. Reducing Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Burnout is an essential workbook for any helper or organization looking to enhance compassionate care.

To Save a Starfish

To Save a Starfish Author : Jennifer Blough,
Release : 2016-09-07
Publisher : Jennifer Blough
ISBN : 9780692755426
File Size : 72.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 544
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Compassion fatigue is the emotional drain experienced by caregivers of both people and animals. In this invaluable workbook, counselor and animal-welfare expert Jennifer A. Blough focuses on people who work with animals-and who often don't get the help they need. Through personal stories and exercises, Jennifer assists readers in overcoming care-related issues and regaining a positive psyche. In this workbook, you will learn the symptoms of compassion fatigue and the risk factors for developing it, and you will understand the human-animal relationship. You will discover how to practice mindfulness, meditate, and use progressive muscle relaxation techniques and massage therapy to calm the mind and body. The book will also help you to tweak your thought processes and communicate in a healthy way, while creating limits. You'll even receive tips on using nutrition, physical activity, and rest to help combat compassion fatigue. If you need counseling or group support, the book will guide you in the right direction. After completing the exercises and following Jennifer's expert advice, you will feel recharged and ready to return to helping animals in need.

Overcoming Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Schools

Overcoming Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Schools Author : Alison L. Dubois
Release : 2019-10-02
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1351030000
File Size : 56.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 389
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This book examines the cumulative effects of working with high trauma populations as they pertain to education settings. This text incorporates current research, anecdotal stories, and workbook pages so that practitioners are properly informed on how to identify and employ protective practices when it comes to burnout and compassion fatigue. Educators rarely receive training that prepares them for working with children and youth who are the victims of neglect, abuse, poverty, and loss. Education professionals who are already overburdened with an overwhelming number of job-related tasks can find themselves depleted due to their care and concern for their most vulnerable students. As a result, educators experience the physical and emotional symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue. Appropriate for both young and experienced educators, this important text provides a clear and concise approach to the topic of burnout and compassion fatigue that engages the reader in a journey of self-reflection, highlighting potential signs and symptoms of burnout, as well as examining how the school environment and individual characteristics might collide to put educators at risk. Most importantly, this book provides guidance and resources to assist educators in implementing both individual and organizational practices that promote long-term resilience and self-care. To be at their most effective, educators must be able to care for themselves while also caring for their students.

Encyclopedia of Trauma

Encyclopedia of Trauma Author : Charles R. Figley
Release : 2012-09-17
Publisher : SAGE
ISBN : 1412978793
File Size : 36.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 117
Read : 543

This timely and authoritative two-volume set includes hundreds of signed entries by experts in the field of traumatology, exploring traditional subjects as well as emerging ideas, as well as providing further resources for study and exploration.

Creative Tools For Transforming Compassion Fatigue In Organisations

Creative Tools For Transforming Compassion Fatigue In Organisations Author : Milford Hippo
Release : 2021-06-26
Publisher :
File Size : 29.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 161
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Those in the helping professions are constantly at risk of compassion fatigue, yet many have little guidance on how to deal with it effectively. A fresh workbook approach for compassion fatigue, burnout and stress, providing all the tools you need to leave work at work - and let it go. In this book, you will discover: - Part I: Why Is It So Dark in Here? Understanding Compassion Fatigue Chapter Call for Action - Chapter 2: The Brain - Chapter 3: Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue - Part II Getting the Lights Back On: Self-Awareness and Regulation - Chapter 4: Body Response - Chapter 5: Emotional Response - Chapter 6: Cognitive Responses - Chapter 7: Relationship Senses - Chapter 8: Self-Regulation - Chapter 9. Organizational Awareness - And so much more! Get your copy today!

Say it Forward

Say it Forward Author : Mayotte Cliff
Release : 2018-12-04
Publisher : Haymarket Books
ISBN : 160846959X
File Size : 74.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 969
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Oral history is a universal form of storytelling. For many years Voice of Witness, cofounded by Dave Eggers, has shared powerful stories of people impacted by in- justice with a broad audience of readers. Say it Forward is an extension of this work: a guide for social justice storytelling that outlines Voice of Witness’ critical methodolog y at the core of their evocative oral history collections. Expert editors and authors candidly outline how to harness the power of the personal narrative to expose larger issues of inequality. An essential resource for empathetic oral historians, this guide addresses a lot of the ideas that many people aren’t sure how to talk about, such as: How do I interview people who belong to a very different community than the one I’m from? How can power dynamics impact a narrator’s comfort? How do I deal with secondary trauma when listening to difficult stories? Say It Forward will support readers with everything from the initial planning phases to the deeper, more essential questions that examine the ethics of the practice. Cliff Mayotte is the Education Program Director with Voice of Witness. He previously edited The Power of the Story: The Voice of Witness Teachers Guide to Oral History published in 2013 by Voice of Witness and McSweeney’s. Claire Kiefer is the author of Bear Witness, forthcoming from Big Pencil Press in Fall 2018. She is a Voice of Witness Curriculum Specialist.

Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience

Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience Author : Richard B. Gartner
Release : 2016-11-18
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
ISBN : 1317506324
File Size : 82.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 398
Read : 947

Treating traumatized patients takes its toll on the treating clinician, giving rise over time to what Richard B. Gartner terms countertrauma in the psychoanalyst or therapist. Paradoxically, a clinician may also be imbued with a sense of optimism, or counterresilience, after learning how often the human spirit can triumph over heartbreakingly tragic experiences. Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience brings together a distinguished group of seasoned clinicians, both trauma specialists and psychoanalysts. Their personal reflections show what clinicians all too rarely dare to reveal: their personal traumatic material. They then discuss how they develop models for acknowledging, articulating, and synthesizing the countertrauma that arises from long-term exposure to patients’ often-harrowing trauma. Writing openly, using viscerally affecting language, the contributors to this exceptional collection share subjective and sometimes intimate material, shedding light on the inner lives of people who work to heal the wounds of psychic trauma. By the same token, many of these clinicians describe how working intimately with traumatized individuals can affect the listener positively, recounting how patients’ resilience evokes counterresilience in the therapist, allowing the clinician to benefit from ongoing contact with patients who deal bravely with horrific adversity. Paradoxically, a clinician may be imbued with a sense of optimism after learning how often the human spirit can triumph over heartbreakingly tragic experiences. Trauma and Countertrauma, Resilience and Counterresilience will appeal to psychoanalysts, psychoanalytic psychotherapists, and trauma experts, offering a valuable resource to those beginning their careers in mental health work, to teachers and supervisors of trauma therapists, to experienced clinicians struggling with burnout, and to anyone who wants to understand the psychotherapeutic process or indeed the human condition.

20 Quick Strategies to Help Patients and Clients Manage Stress

20 Quick Strategies to Help Patients and Clients Manage Stress Author : Charlene Richard
Release : 2015-11-16
Publisher : Brush Education
ISBN : 1550596489
File Size : 45.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 784
Read : 379

Fast, effective strategies — each teachable in 10 minutes or less! Includes printable patient handouts and audio downloads for guided relaxation practices Empower your patients quickly with tools that range from relaxation strategies to life skills. Teach patients to recognize their stress response and use proven techniques to reduce their exposure to stress. Each of the 20 strategies described in this practical guide includes a script to teach patients how to use the strategy and a printable patient handout. Patients can use the audio downloads at home or right in your office. Whether you are a health care professional, social worker, or student in a health care program, this book will provide you with strategies you can use to help patients immediately. These methods work. All have been used in a variety of settings, including primary care and community health clinics, mental health centers, addiction treatment facilities, community counseling agencies, domestic violence shelters, and secondary and post-secondary health centers.

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook Author : Kristin Neff
Release : 2018-06-26
Publisher : Guilford Publications
ISBN : 1462535771
File Size : 55.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 499
Read : 479

Are you kinder to others than you are to yourself? More than a thousand research studies show the benefits of being a supportive friend to yourself, especially in times of need. This science-based workbook offers a step-by-step approach to breaking free of harsh self-judgments and impossible standards in order to cultivate emotional well-being. In a convenient large-size format, the book is based on the authors' groundbreaking eight-week Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program, which has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide. It is packed with guided meditations (with audio downloads); informal practices to do anytime, anywhere; exercises; and vivid stories of people using the techniques to address relationship stress, weight and body image issues, health concerns, anxiety, and other common problems. The seeds of self-compassion already lie within you--learn how you can uncover this powerful inner resource and transform your life. See also Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program, by Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff, a thorough overview of conducting MSC (for professionals), and The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion, by Christopher Germer, which delves into mindful self-compassion and shares moving stories of how it can change lives.

Treating Compassion Fatigue

Treating Compassion Fatigue Author : Charles R. Figley
Release : 2013-05-13
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1135454590
File Size : 84.88 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 860
Read : 185

In recent years, much has occurred in the field of traumatology, including the widening of the audience and the awareness of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This book from celebrated traumatology pioneer Charles Figley, further clarifies the concept of compassion fatigue through theory, research, and treatment. The basic thesis of this book is the identification, assessment, and treatment of compassion fatigue and this is done over eleven chapters, each from distinguished researchers in the field.

Disaster Mental Health Interventions

Disaster Mental Health Interventions Author : James Halpern
Release : 2017-06-26
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
ISBN : 1317227174
File Size : 40.21 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 443
Read : 1143

Disaster Mental Health Interventions uses DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and the latest research to help build disaster mental health intervention skills that will last a lifetime. Students and emerging professionals across the fields of mental health counseling, social work, school counseling, spiritual care, and emergency management will appreciate the accessible tone, level of detail, and emphasis on practice. Case studies and anecdotes from experienced professionals add an additional level of depth and interest for readers.

Looking at Trauma

Looking at Trauma Author : Abby Hershler
Release : 2021-09-02
Publisher : Penn State Press
ISBN : 0271092289
File Size : 73.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 900
Read : 702

Looking at Trauma: A Tool Kit for Clinicians is an easy-to-use, engaging resource designed to address the challenges health care professionals face in providing much-needed trauma psychoeducation to clients with histories of childhood trauma. Developed by trauma therapists Abby Hershler and Lesley Hughes in collaboration with artist Patricia Nguyen and biomedical communications specialist Shelley Wall, this book presents twelve trauma treatment models accompanied by innovative and engaging comics. The models help clinicians provide practical information about the impacts of trauma to their clients—and support those clients in understanding and managing their distressing symptoms. Topics covered include complex posttraumatic stress disorder, emotion regulation, memory, relationship patterns, and self-care. Each chapter features step-by-step instructions on how to use the treatment models with clients; practical educational tips from experienced clinicians in the field of childhood trauma; interactive trauma education comics; a foundational framework focused on care for the provider; and references for further study. Intended for use in therapeutic, clinical, and classroom settings, this book is a valuable resource for all healthcare workers. In particular, social workers, psychotherapists, spiritual care providers, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists will find this tool kit indispensable.

Clinician's Guide to Treating Companion Animal Issues

Clinician's Guide to Treating Companion Animal Issues Author : Lori R. Kogan
Release : 2018-09-14
Publisher : Academic Press
ISBN : 0128129638
File Size : 79.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 293
Read : 852

Clinician’s Guide to Treating Animal Companion Issues: Addressing Human-Animal Interaction is the first of its kind—a groundbreaking resource for mental health professionals who want the knowledge, skills and awareness to successfully work with pet-owning clients. The book trains clinicians across multiple disciplines to feel more comfortable and confident addressing companion-related issues—both when those issues are the primary reason for seeking therapy or a critical component in better understanding client needs. The book uses current human-animal interactions theories as a foundation to explore pet-related issues utilizing behavioral, cognitive behavioral, family systems, humanistic and contemporary psychodynamic therapeutic orientations. Users will find sections on the many issues that arise during the lifespan of pet owners (e.g., children, young adults, elderly), as well as issues pertinent to specific populations (e.g., men, homeless, ethnically diverse). Additional topics include the violence link, pet death and bereavement, and behavioral issues. As the first book to approach human-animal interactions (HAI) from a multi-theoretical perspective, it helps clinicians appropriately acknowledge and incorporate relevant HAI issues within therapy to achieve goals. Provides practical information for immediate use in practice Focuses on common issues relating to companion animals Addresses bereavement, attachment, behavior, and more Includes interactive readings, case studies and therapeutic exercises Contains multiple theoretical orientations (behavioral, cognitive behavioral, family systems, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches)

Creating Sustainable Careers in Student Affairs

Creating Sustainable Careers in Student Affairs Author : Margaret W. Sallee
Release : 2020-12-28
Publisher : Stylus Publishing, LLC
ISBN : 1620369532
File Size : 70.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 182
Read : 526

This book argues that the current structure of student affairs work is not sustainable, as it depends on the notion that employees are available to work non-stop without any outside responsibilities, that is, the Ideal Worker Norm. The field places inordinate burdens on staff to respond to the needs of students, often at the expense of their own families and well-being. Student affairs professionals can meet the needs of their students without being overworked. The problem, however, is that ideal worker norms pervade higher education and student affairs work, thus providing little incentive for institutions to change. The authors in this book use ideal worker norms in conjunction with other theories to interrogate the impact on student affairs staff across functional areas, institutional types, career stage, and identity groups. The book is divided into three sections; chapters in the first section of the book examine various facets of the structure of work in student affairs, including the impact of institutional type and different functional areas on employees’ work-lives. Chapters in the second section examine the personal toll that working in student affairs can take, including emotional labor’s impact on well-being. The final section of the book narrows the focus to explore how different identity groups, including mothers, fathers, and people of color, navigate work/life issues. Challenging ideal worker norms, all chapters offer implications for practice for both individuals and institutions.


Burnout Author : Emily Nagoski
Release : 2019-03-14
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1473561264
File Size : 70.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 811
Read : 1045

'This book is a gift! I've been practicing their strategies, and it's a total game-changer.' Brené Brown, PhD, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller DARE TO LEAD This groundbreaking book explains why women experience burnout differently than men - and provides a simple, science-based plan to help women minimize stress, manage emotions and live a more joyful life. The gap between what it's really like to be a woman and what people expect women to be is a primary cause of burnout, because we exhaust ourselves trying to close the space between the two. How can you 'love your body' when everything around you tells you you're inadequate? How do you 'lean in' at work when you're already giving 110% and aren't recognized for it? How can you live happily and healthily in a world that is constantly telling you you're too fat, too needy, too noisy and too selfish? Sisters Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., the bestselling author of Come as You Are, and Amelia Nagoski, DMA, are here to help end the cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion, and confront the obstacles that stand between women and well-being. With insights from the latest science, prescriptive advice, and helpful worksheets and exercises, Burnout reveals: * what you can do to complete the biological stress cycle - and return your body to a state of relaxation. * how to manage the 'monitor' in your brain that regulates the emotion of frustration. * how the Bikini Industrial Complex makes it difficult for women to love their bodies - and how to fight back. * why rest, human connection, and befriending your inner critic are key to recovering from and preventing burnout. Eye-opening, compassionate and optimistic, Burnout will completely transform the way we think about and manage stress, empowering women to thrive under pressure and enjoy meaningful yet balanced lives. All women will find something transformative in these pages - and be empowered to create positive and lasting change.

Criminal Justice and Mental Health

Criminal Justice and Mental Health Author : Jada Hector
Release : 2018-04-18
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 331976442X
File Size : 89.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 214
Read : 1176

This textbook provides an overview for students in Criminology and Criminal Justice about the overlap between the criminal justice system and mental health. It provides an accessible overview of basic signs and symptoms of major mental illnesses and size of scope of justice-involved individuals with mental illness. In the United States, the criminal justice system is often the first public service to be in contact with individuals suffering from mental illness or in mental distress. Those with untreated mental illnesses are often at higher risk for committing criminal acts, yet research on this population continues to shed light on common myths – such a prevailing assumption that those with mental illness tend to commit more violent crimes. Law enforcement agents may be called in as first responders for cases of mental distress; and due to a lack of mental health facilities, resources, and pervasive misconceptions about this population, those with mental illness often end up in the corrections system. In this environment, students in Criminology and Criminal Justice are likely to encounter those with mental illness in their future career paths, and need to be prepared for this reality. This timely work covers the roles of each part of the criminal justice system interacting with mentally ill individuals, from law enforcement and first responders, social services, public health services, sentencing and corrections, to release and re-entry. It also covers the crucial topic of mental health for criminal justice professionals, who suffer from high rates of job stress, PTSD, and other mental health issues. The final section of the book includes suggestions for future research. This work will be of interest to students of criminology and criminal justice with an interest in working in the professional sector, as well as those in related fields of sociology, psychology, and public health. It will also be of interest to policy-makers and practitioners already working in the field. The overall goal of this work is to inform, educate, and inspire change.