Stones of Contention

Stones of Contention Author : Timothy H. Ives
Release : 2021-10-04
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781943003532
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Stones of Contention

Stones of Contention Author : Todd Cleveland
Release : 2014-05-26
Publisher : Ohio University Press
ISBN : 0821444824
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Africa supplies the majority of the world’s diamonds, yet consumers generally know little about the origins and history of these precious stones beyond sensationalized media accounts of so-called blood diamonds. Stones of Contention explores the major developments in the remarkable history of Africa’s diamonds, from the earliest stirrings of international interest in the continent’s mineral wealth in the first millennium A.D. to the present day. In the European colonial period, the discovery of diamonds in South Africa ushered in an era of unprecedented greed during which monopolistic enterprises exploited both the mineral resources and the indigenous workforce. In the aftermath of World War II, the governments of newly independent African states, both democratic and despotic, joined industry giant De Beers and other corporations to oversee and profit from mining activity on the continent. The book also considers the experiences of a wide array of Africans — from informal artisanal miners, company mineworkers, and indigenous authorities to armed rebels, mining executives, and premiers of mineral-rich states — and their relationships to the stones that have the power to bring both wealth and misery. With photos and maps, Stones of Contention illustrates the scope and complexity of the African diamond trade as well as its impact on individuals and societies.

Light Stone

Light Stone Author : K. Cernius
Release : 2016-12-11
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781540303554
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There are those who are capable of great evil and those who can defeat the darkest ambitions of man. Thirteen-year-old, Micah Laven, is one such boy; though, he does not yet know it. While he is sitting in a library, he is interrupted by a strange old man, and soon after, finds himself in jail and caught in the path of a cynical man, Dr. Evans-who wants him dead. But Micah has a powerful weapon on his side, the Light Stone. With the power of the Light Stone, Micah can turn his enemies to ash, travel at the speed of light, and transport to parallel universes. His strength, courage, and wit are put to the test when he faces Dr. Evans and an infamous enemy known as Sonneillon. It is up to Micah and his friends, along with the power of the Light Stone, to defeat a growing evil and the unmeasured power of the Dark Stone. The Contention of the Stones is about to begin.

The British Lower Palaeolithic

The British Lower Palaeolithic Author : John McNabb
Release : 2011-03-17
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1134090544
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Taking as its central theme the issue of whether early Hominins organized themselves into societies as we understand them, John McNabb looks at how modern researchers recognize such archaeological cultures. He examines the existence of a stone tool culture called the Clactonian to introduce the multidisciplinary nature of the subject. In analyzing the various kinds of data archaeologists would use to investigate the existence of a Palaeolithic culture, this book represents the latest research in archaeology, population dispersals, geology, climatology, human palaeontoloty, evolutionary psychology, environmental and biological disciplines and dating techniques, along with many other research methods.

Treasury Decisions

Treasury Decisions Author : United States. Dept. of the Treasury
Release : 1915
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Beginning with 1915 the Abstracts of decisions of the United States Customs court are included

What Art and Science Want

What Art and Science Want Author : A. Stones
Release : 2011
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Stones of Hope

Stones of Hope Author : Lucie White
Release : 2011
Publisher : Stanford University Press
ISBN : 0804769206
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Stones of Hope shows how African human rights activists have opened new possibilities for justice in the everyday lives of the world's most impoverished peoples.

Precious Stones and Bedrock Truth

Precious Stones and Bedrock Truth Author : Mark L. Day
Release : 2010-05-26
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 1609571371
File Size : 44.25 MB
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Will your home stand firm when the torrents of life come bursting at the foundation? Certainly, if it's built on the foundation of Christ alone. Is your marriage troubled? Has your spouse or child been lifted on eagle's wings to heaven unexpectedly? Has your doctor explained a dreaded prognosis? Does the ground quake with financial uncertainties? These are the times when you need solid rock! Hopeless secular humanism builds on sinking sand and changing ideas. Yet, believers from every generation have found strength by entrusting their future into God's hands. When you study God's Word, with determination to obey, you are building on Christ-faith's cornerstone. We will build upon this foundation by studying the Spirit's use of stone typology in scripture, to reveal foundations of Christian faith and how to live for Christ as He intended. Rock solid truth equips you to stand firm in faith and to give an account of the hope within you, for God's glory. Mark Day is a student of God's Word and diligently examines Biblical truth. He appreciates practical applications from personal study that impact how to live the Christian life. For over 40 years, Mark has enjoyed sound Biblical teaching from excellent Pastors, has grown through leading men's fellowship groups, teaching Bible classes and encouraging believers through hospital visitation ministries. He has discovered that believers need to stand firm on solid truth, especially during testing and trials. He has written several articles on Christian doctrines to encourage others. Precious Stones, which is the culmination of a ten year research project, was written as a heritage for his children, and prays that you too will find increased strength through this Bible study. Mark is a Software Engineer, living in Southern California. He and his wife Cherie have three children and five grandchildren.


Nephrology Author : Michinobu Hatano
Release : 2013-12-01
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 3662351587
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Sports in Africa, Past and Present

Sports in Africa, Past and Present Author : Todd Cleveland
Release : 2020-10-20
Publisher : Ohio University Press
ISBN : 0821446967
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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These groundbreaking essays demonstrate how Africans past and present have utilized sports to forge complex identities and shape Africa’s dynamic place in the world. Since the late nineteenth century, modern sports in Africa have both reflected and shaped cultural, social, political, economic, generational, and gender relations on the continent. Although colonial powers originally introduced European sports as a means of “civilizing” indigenous populations and upholding then current notions of racial hierarchies and “muscular Christianity,” Africans quickly appropriated these sporting practices to fulfill their own varied interests. This collection encompasses a wide range of topics, including women footballers in Nigeria, Kenya’s world-class long-distance runners, pitches and stadiums in communities large and small, fandom and pay-to-watch kiosks, the sporting diaspora, sports pedagogy, sports as resistance and as a means to forge identity, sports heritage, the impact of politics on sports, and sporting biography.


Hearings Author : United States. Congress. Senate
Release : 1943
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Building the Great Stone Circles of the North

Building the Great Stone Circles of the North Author : Colin Richards
Release : 2013-11-30
Publisher : Windgather Press
ISBN : 1909686158
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Of all prehistoric monuments, few are more emotive than the great stone circles that were built throughout Britain and Ireland. From the tall, elegant, pointed monoliths of the Stones of Stenness to the grandeur of Stonehenge and the sarsen blocks at Avebury, circles of stone exert a magnetic fascination to those who venture into their sphere. In Britain today, more people visit these structures than any other form of prehistoric monument and visitors stand in awe at their scale and question how and why they were erected. Building the Great Stone Circles of the North looks at the enigmatic stone structures of Scotland and investigates the background of their construction and their cultural significance.

A History of Tourism in Africa

A History of Tourism in Africa Author : Todd Cleveland
Release : 2021-01-19
Publisher : Africa in World History
ISBN : 9780821424339
File Size : 26.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book--ideal for African and world history classes, as well as for potential travelers to the continent--takes readers on a journey through the dynamics of Africa's tourist history from the nineteenth century to the present to illuminate and challenge deeply ingrained (mis)perceptions about the continent and its peoples.