Psycome, Vol. 2 (light novel)

Psycome, Vol. 2 (light novel) Author : Mizuki Mizushiro
Release : 2016-10-25
Publisher : Yen Press LLC
ISBN : 0316398292
File Size : 62.47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Kyousuke Kamiya has only just started to get used to his life in the blood-spattered hellscape that is Purgatorium Remedial Academy and its twisted version of school life. The architect of this series of gruesomely parodic extracurricular activities is the beautiful, charming Saki Shamaya--also known as the "Princess of Murder," a serial killer responsible for twenty-one deaths!

Psycome, Vol. 4 (light novel)

Psycome, Vol. 4 (light novel) Author : Mizuki Mizushiro
Release : 2017-06-20
Publisher : Yen On
ISBN : 9780316398305
File Size : 56.18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 177
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Just before the start of summer break, Kyousuke is summoned to Eiri's home. Academy administration readily approves the trip, and he heads home with Eiri! They thought it would just be the two of them, but Renko and Ayaka, after winning parole with their exam scores, decide to tag along. Since the Akabane are a family of assassins, Kyousuke is, to be honest, more than a little uneasy. But they are met with an unbelievably warm reception at House Akabane. Even as the others appreciate the pleasant atmosphere, Eiri is sullen the whole time... The sweet, summery fourth installment of the hardcore love comedy where the more he loves, the more dangerous it becomes. LOVE=KILL!

Psycome, Vol. 4 (light novel)

Psycome, Vol. 4 (light novel) Author : Mizuki Mizushiro
Release : 2017-06-20
Publisher : Yen Press LLC
ISBN : 0316398314
File Size : 49.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 907
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BRUTAL SUMMER LOVIN'...Summer break has arrived for the students with the highest exam scores, but it looks like Kyousuke will be stuck in school... However,when Eiri is suddenly summoned home, Kyousuke discovers her family has asked for him, too! He worries his stay with House Akabane, a family of assassins, will be a dangerous one, and Eiri isn't enthusiastic to return home. Surprisingly, they're met with a warm reception! ...So then why does Eiri look so sullen? The sweet, summery fourth volume heats up in the romantic comedy where the more Kyousuke loves, the more dangerous his life becomes!

Psycome, Vol. 5 (light novel)

Psycome, Vol. 5 (light novel) Author : Mizuki Mizushiro
Release : 2017-10-31
Publisher : Yen Press LLC
ISBN : 0316398349
File Size : 82.17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Even cutthroat murderers have school athletics festivals! Aiming for the top place in the school's first murderathon, Kyousuke and his classmates suffer through backbreaking conditioning. His life gets even more complicated when Renko's mother, Reiko Hikawa, pays a visit. She gives the pair an ultimatum: if their class doesn't win the athletics festival, Kyousuke and Renko can't get married! Can he sort out his ambiguous feelings for Renko while surviving the upperclassmen's bloodlust?

Psycome, Vol. 6 (light novel)

Psycome, Vol. 6 (light novel) Author : Mizuki Mizushiro
Release : 2018-02-27
Publisher : Yen Press LLC
ISBN : 0316398365
File Size : 48.72 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 740
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IT'S A PRISON BREAK! Purgatory Remedial Academy is holding its annual school festival, where Kyousuke Kamiya couldn't be having a worse time. After recovering from the athletics festival, Renko Hikawa has been hounding Kyousuke endlessly, which only makes Eiri Akabane even more aggressive in her own attempts to seduce him. Right when life seems like it couldn't get any more complicated, the Akabane family decides to pop in for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya, who demand that their children drop out! With the school's deadly exams coming up and Renko breathing down his neck, will Kyousuke finally sort out his feelings for the Murder Maid before time runs out in Psycome's killer finale?!

Paperbound Books in Print

Paperbound Books in Print Author :
Release : 1992
Publisher :
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