Power Brain Kids

Power Brain Kids Author : Ilchi Lee
Release : 2009-11-01
Publisher : BEST Life Media
ISBN : 1935127357
File Size : 47.23 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 623
Read : 967

According to author Ilchi Lee, every child possesses a marvelously capable brain. Using its full capacity is simply a matter of accessing and supporting the rich potential that lies beneath the surface. In "Power Brain Kids," you will find a child-appropriate and parent-friendly guide to Lee's world-renowned Brain Education (BE) method. Each lesson focuses on a particular aspect of mental ability, including concentration, creativity, memory, and emotional control. Through the book, straight-A and struggling students alike will be challenged to apply full brain capacity toward the creation of a genuinely happy and successful life. "Power Brain Kids" features colorful design and full-color photography to help keep your child interested and involved with the lessons. Let our charming group of Power Brain youngsters demonstrate correct posture while your kids build flexibility and strength. In addition, the brain-building exercises and games will provide hours of constructive fun for you and your child. "Power Brain Kids" is perfect for any teacher or parent of children ages 6-12. In twelve simple lessons, help your child: * Develop better concentration. * Improve memory skills. * Gain tools for emotional self-control. * Activate creativity and imagination. * Establish connection between mind and body. * Cultivate confidence and self-discipline.

The Power Brain

The Power Brain Author : Ilchi Lee
Release : 2016-04-15
Publisher : BEST Life Media
ISBN : 1935127861
File Size : 44.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Our brains are a thousand times more incredible than anything else we will ever encounter. Every great accomplishment human beings have achieved was the work of the brain. In fact, our brains possess infinite potential that allows us to do and be anything. By using this potential well, we become a “Power Brain” that can not only create our personal fate, but that of the entire planet. To develop our brains’ potential, it’s useful to liken the brain to a computer with an operating system. We have a Brain Operating System (BOS) composed of our beliefs and preconceptions that we can change and upgrade until our brains run optimally. Recognizing the potential in our brain beyond what we’ve been able to use so far, Ilchi Lee began investigating brain development principles and methods. He compiled them into a comprehensive self-development system with five steps called Brain Education. Refined over the years by new scientific research and the experiences of those who use it, Brain Education has become an academic discipline that’s presented in a variety of ways, including school educational programs and corporate training. While The Power Brain is primarily about the brain, this book does not focus on the anatomical or neuro-physiological functions of the brain. Rather, it serves as a Brain Operating System user’s manual that describes how to use our brain to discover our value, recreate the story of our lives, and claim a new destiny. Improving our lives, and consequently, our world, through brain development is a skill that anyone can understand, practice, and apply to everyday life.

Boosting ALL Children's Social and Emotional Brain Power

Boosting ALL Children's Social and Emotional Brain Power Author : Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin
Release : 2013-10-24
Publisher : Corwin Press
ISBN : 1452258368
File Size : 82.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 796
Read : 603

Proven, brain-based techniques that build social and emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills! Because children’s brains are still developing during the K–12 years, educators can positively influence students’ development, including strengthening the essential skills of empathy, self-management and problem-solving. Written by a leading expert on children and brain development, this valuable resource offers: A research-based and realistic approach refined through ongoing work in public schools Lively, thought-provoking activities that relate to students’ lives and keep them engaged and interested Brain-based classroom exercises grouped by age, but adaptable for all K–12 grade-levels Strategies that positively shape individual students’ emotional development, classroom dynamics, and overall school culture

Brain Power

Brain Power Author : Sofia Melnychuck
Release : 2018-01-19
Publisher : PinkPowerful Books
ISBN : 9780985917180
File Size : 67.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A friendly neuron (later found in the author's brain) takes kids on a journey to meet his friends. A fun introduction to neurology with the goal of sharing ways to take care of your brain. It takes care of you!

Brain Power for Kids

Brain Power for Kids Author : Lana Israel
Release : 1991
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781862992238
File Size : 41.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 238
Read : 376

This resource will help primary/high school students with thinking and note-taking skills. Student's will learn to concept map, increase the ability to learn, realise creative potential, retain, comprehend and communicate more information. These study techniques have been extensively researched with students of all ability levels and have never failed to produce outstanding results! Brain power is available to everyone.

The Power of Showing Up

The Power of Showing Up Author : Daniel J. Siegel
Release : 2020-01-07
Publisher : Ballantine Books
ISBN : 1524797723
File Size : 26.92 MB
Format : PDF
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Parenting isn’t easy. Showing up is. Your greatest impact begins right where you are. Now the bestselling authors of The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline explain what this means over the course of childhood. “There is parenting magic in this book.”—Michael Thompson, Ph.D., co-author of the New York Times bestselling classic Raising Cain One of the very best scientific predictors for how any child turns out—in terms of happiness, academic success, leadership skills, and meaningful relationships—is whether at least one adult in their life has consistently shown up for them. In an age of scheduling demands and digital distractions, showing up for your child might sound like a tall order. But as bestselling authors Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson reassuringly explain, it doesn’t take a lot of time, energy, or money. Instead, showing up means offering a quality of presence. And it’s simple to provide once you understand the four building blocks of a child’s healthy development. Every child needs to feel what Siegel and Bryson call the Four S’s: • Safe: We can’t always insulate a child from injury or avoid doing something that leads to hurt feelings. But when we give a child a sense of safe harbor, she will be able to take the needed risks for growth and change. • Seen: Truly seeing a child means we pay attention to his emotions—both positive and negative—and strive to attune to what’s happening in his mind beneath his behavior. • Soothed: Soothing isn’t about providing a life of ease; it’s about teaching your child how to cope when life gets hard, and showing him that you’ll be there with him along the way. A soothed child knows that he’ll never have to suffer alone. • Secure: When a child knows she can count on you, time and again, to show up—when you reliably provide safety, focus on seeing her, and soothe her in times of need, she will trust in a feeling of secure attachment. And thrive! Based on the latest brain and attachment research, The Power of Showing Up shares stories, scripts, simple strategies, illustrations, and tips for honoring the Four S’s effectively in all kinds of situations—when our kids are struggling or when they are enjoying success; when we are consoling, disciplining, or arguing with them; and even when we are apologizing for the times we don’t show up for them. Demonstrating that mistakes and missteps are repairable and that it’s never too late to mend broken trust, this book is a powerful guide to cultivating your child’s healthy emotional landscape.

The Brain Fit Super Power Workbook/Journal

The Brain Fit Super Power Workbook/Journal Author : Natalie Hunniford-Sandve
Release : 2020-08-05
Publisher :
File Size : 88.16 MB
Format : PDF
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This workbook / journal is designed to enrich ten innate "super powers" that will enhance the development of self-control and a positive mindset, both which are indicators of long term health and life success. The fun and creative weekly activities will empower children and teens while strengthening family communication and attachments that will help foster a sense of belonging and happiness. A child's connection and their ability to communicate with the adults in their life is central to their development. The weekly "brain barometer" check-in, both a mental health reflection tool and a communication tool, was developed and designed to increase the awareness of how our brain (thoughts) and bodies (feelings and behaviors) are connected and influence each other. By understanding how we manage our own brain barometers, and our awareness of how we can influence each others brain barometers, we can work towards stronger and healthier children, teens, and families.

The "People Power" Education Superbook: Book 2. Mind Power/ Brain Power

The Author : Tony Kelbrat
Release : 2014-04-05
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN : 1312074817
File Size : 35.28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 449
Read : 1094

The five constituents to increase intelligence or mental acuity according to a TV show I saw are: Healthy diet. Exercise, physical activity. Do challenging things. Seek out new things to interest you. Have love in your life. The way to develop a strong mind is really very simple: concentrate, pay attention and focus on whatever it is you're doing. You must love what you do and try to understand it. Strive to understand the information then organize it in your mind. You must first reduce all the material down into a few meaningful concepts then organize it in as simple a way as possible. Simplicity is the key to everything. Focus on titles, subheadings and keywords such that when one key point comes to mind, it opens the floodgates. More is not necessarily better. Eliminate all the trivial distractions and focus on the main points only. Seek to deeply understand the concept of whatever it is you're doing right off so as to avoid having to go back later to learn it again.

Brain Maker Cookbook

Brain Maker Cookbook Author : Gordon Rock
Release : 2019-02
Publisher : Independently Published
ISBN : 9781795639880
File Size : 24.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 289
Read : 1234

All children have the right to eat healthy, yet a lot of times parents ignore how crucial food is to their growing child. Feeding your child with healthy a breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner is your responsibility as a parent and you have to make sure you provide them with the best. By taking care of your child's food intake from an early age, you give them a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their life. The brain booster cookbook is your ultimate guide to feed your child with both healthy and delicious meals every day without compromising on their brain development. With these recipes to boost brain power you will notice a significant and positive change in your child's growth and response towards activities. The brain maker cookbook has all the ingredients that aid healthy brain development and most of these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen pantry. So flip the pages and take the step forward.


BRAIN GAMES IQ POWER-UP FOR KIDS (5+ Years) Author : KLC Academy
Release :
Publisher : KLC Academy
File Size : 64.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 954
Read : 642

A perfect learning activity work for kids for their fun & exciting learning. The activities in the book will improve children's attention and intelligence. There are numerical and visual intelligence exercises in the book. The exercises in the book are as follows.1-Visual Perception Exercises: It aims to improve the visual perception levels of children in order to determine the details of the whole piece.2-Visual Integrity Perception Exercises: These activities aim to develop children's visual perception abilities in a way to reach the whole from the details of the parts.3-Visual Attention Exercises: These activities aim to increase children's perception of shape and attention levels.4-Geometric Perception Exercises: These activities aim at increasing children's perceptions of geometric shapes and attention levels in details of geometric shapes. 5-Numerical Perception Exercises: Children perceive numbers as independent objects and aim to increase their numerical attention levels.6-Numerical Attention Exercises: Children perceive numbers in the form of numbers and aims to increase their attention levels.7-Perception Selectivity Exercises (Letter Separation): Exercises developed to increase the ability of children to select the elements that make up the whole from the whole perception.8-Perception Selectivity Exercises (Letter Determination): Attention-raising exercises in which children identify the target letter from the whole.9-Perception Selectivity Exercises (Digit Separation): Attention-raising exercises in which children distinguish different sets of numbers from the target.10-Perception Selectivity Exercises (Determining Numbers): Attention-raising exercises in which children determine the targeted figures among the elements of the whole.

Children's Brain Power

Children's Brain Power Author : Bk Bouchama
Release : 2020-11-10
Publisher :
File Size : 59.16 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 112
Read : 589

Variety activity book for kids 8-12 with over 100 pages of games including Word Search, Sudoku, Trivia, Tic tac toe, Mazes and Coloring pages designed to improved memory, because overcoming the challenges involved in solving a puzzle really gives children a sense of accomplishment and pride within themselves. This book with over 100 puzzle is guaranteed to keep your kid entertained for hours! because is specially selected games to provide the perfect level of challenge and reward for his brain. What a great way to increase your child's vocabulary and activate his mind! Get your copy today!


Brainstorm Author : Daniel J. Siegel
Release : 2015
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 0399168834
File Size : 81.45 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 377
Read : 1023

Between the ages of 12 and 24, the brain changes in important, and oftentimes maddening and challenging ways. In this book, the author, a psychiatrist busts a number of commonly held myths about adolescence. He shows that, if parents and teens can work together to form a deeper understanding of the brain science behind all the tumult, they will be able to turn conflict into connection and form a deeper understanding of one another. According to the author, during adolescence we learn important skills, such as how to leave home and enter the larger world, how to connect deeply with others, and how to safely experiment and take risks, thereby creating strategies for dealing with the world's increasingly complex problems. Here he presents an inside-out approach to focusing on how brain development affects our behavior and relationships. Drawing on important new research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, he explores exciting ways in which understanding how the brain functions can improve the lives of adolescents, making their relationships more fulfilling and less lonely and distressing on both sides of the generational divide.

Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking Author : Gareth Moore
Release : 2021-04
Publisher : Buster Books
ISBN : 9781789293197
File Size : 55.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 328
Read : 1022

A multitude of visual puzzles that will surprise and delight, boosting your ability to solve problems in different ways and testing your mental agility.

Memory Improvement For Kids

Memory Improvement For Kids Author : Lisa Marshall
Release : 2020-05-04
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781690437154
File Size : 29.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 775
Read : 638


How to Produce Prodigy Children with Superfoods to Boost Brain Power

How to Produce Prodigy Children with Superfoods to Boost Brain Power Author : May Lee
Release : 2016-12-08
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781520110813
File Size : 55.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 147
Read : 517

How to Produce Prodigy Children with Superfoods to Boost Brain PowerBlessed with Genius Kids Begin from Pre-Conception to Birth, All the Way to Raising Stages, and Beyond Stimulating, Supercharging and Strengthening Children's Brain Power with Healthy Nutritious Superfoods for a Lifetime Pursuit of Continuous Nourishment and SUCCESS!

Sudoku Games for Clever Kids

Sudoku Games for Clever Kids Author : Gareth Moore
Release : 2020-10-01
Publisher : Buster Books
ISBN : 9781780556659
File Size : 68.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 539
Read : 1039

A new title in the hugely successful Clever Kids series, this book is filled with sudoku puzzles to put your brain to the test.

Smarter Stronger Children

Smarter Stronger Children Author : Ed Mayhew
Release : 2011-10-28
Publisher : Infinity Pub
ISBN : 9780741468833
File Size : 61.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 467
Read : 953

Smarter Stronger Children's science-based large muscle activities combine with ANY academic subject matter to greatly accelerate learning and optimize brain function, all while building your kids' health and fitness!

Scripture Brain Power 2

Scripture Brain Power 2 Author : Caleb Berkeley
Release : 2019-10-23
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781989612323
File Size : 31.22 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 350
Read : 1131

Scripture Brain Power #2! WOW! This latest book from the mind of Caleb will be sure to entertain your 7-year old and up. This book is designed to help kids use their brain. When you want to give your kids an alternative to screen time, choose this fun activity book!

Brain: 51 Powerful Ways to Improve Brain Power, Enhance Memory, Intelligence and Concentration NATURALLY!

Brain: 51 Powerful Ways to Improve Brain Power, Enhance Memory, Intelligence and Concentration NATURALLY! Author : Shining Universe Energy
Release : 2017-06-21
Publisher : Lulu.com
ISBN : 1365926400
File Size : 47.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 177
Read : 549

New and Improved - 2nd Edition. Now includes 21 NEW additional methods to improve BRAIN POWER in kids. Have you ever wondered why human beings are the most powerful creatures on this planet? It is not the size of the body or the strength of the muscles but the presence of an extremely sophisticated brain that has allowed us to master this planet. Human brain is the most wonderful computer that has ever been designed. Do you know that more than 95% of the people are not aware that the POWER OF THE BRAIN can be enhanced significantly? Even more surprising is the fact that it can be done very easily through some very simple techniques. This book will show you how. Learn about the various components of the brain, how it functions and how you can enhance your memory, intelligence and concentration through our well researched 51 methods NATURALLY! Live BIGGER and BETTER by becoming considerably SMARTER! FABULOUS BONUS INSIDE if you get this book now