Of Rhetoric and Redemption in La Rioja

Of Rhetoric and Redemption in La Rioja Author : Jim Tallmon
Release : 2017-05-26
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 1498293964
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Paul obtains a thirty-day leave from house arrest in Rome to "attend to business in Spain," but must promise to return for sentencing. He plans a "mission blitz" of Hispania. But the plan changes when, in the provincial capital, Paul meets Quintilian, a young pleader who invites him to his family's estate up the Rio Iberus, in La Rioja, outside Calagurris (Calahorra). Paul accompanies Quintilian to Calagurris, along with Luke. Zenas, the other member of "Mission Team Beta," remains in Caesaraugusta to establish in the faith three new converts, one of whom is Quintilian's clerk. Their talk, rendered as Platonic dialogue, ranges across rhetorical theory, ethics, pedagogy, Christianity, and Paul's latest manuscript, which he hopes will be received as his magnum opus. The novel explores fictional competition between Paul and Apollos, Quintilian's personal crisis, a result of actual, devastating personal losses, resolved when, years after Paul has died by Nero's decree, a much older Quintilian finds comfort in the words of Paul's letter to his kinsmen, the Hebrews, words which Quintilian had discussed with Paul during that memorable occasion at the family's estate in La Rioja.

Europeanising Spaces in Paris

Europeanising Spaces in Paris Author : Hugh McDonnell
Release : 2016-12-01
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 1781384584
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In the wake of the Second World War, ideas of Europe abounded. What did Europe mean as a concept, and what did it mean to be European? Europeanising Spaces in Paris, c. 1947-1962 makes the case that Paris was both a leading and distinctive forum for the expression of these ideas in the post-war period. It examines spaces in the French capital in which ideas about Europe were formulated, articulated, exchanged, circulated, and contested during this post-war period, roughly between the escalation of the Cold War and the end of France's war of decolonisation in Algeria. Such processes of making sense of Europe are elucidated in urban, political and cultural spaces in the French capital. Specifically, the Parisian café, home and street are each examined in terms of how they were implicated in ideas about Europe. Then, the Paris-based Mouvement socialiste des états unis d'Europe (The Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe) and the far-right wing Fédération des étudiants nationalistes (The Federation of Nationalist Students) are examined as examples of political movements that mobilised around - very different - concepts of Europe. The final section on cultural Europeanising spaces draws attention to the specificities of the Europeanism of exiles from Franco's Spain in Paris; the work of the great scholar of the Arab world, Jacques Berque, in the context of his understanding of the Mediterranean world and his understanding of faith; and finally, the work of the legendary photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, by looking at the capacities and limitations of the photographic medium for the representation of Europe, and how these corresponded with Cartier-Bresson's political, social, and aesthetic commitments.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index

Arts & Humanities Citation Index Author :
Release : 1998
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Prädikat "Heritage"

Prädikat Author : Dorothee Hemme
Release : 2007
Publisher : LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN : 382589892X
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Die kulturellen Praktiken der Heritage-ifizierung - der Herausbildung und Nutzung von kulturellem Erbe - sind es, die in diesem Band in ethnographischer und historischer Perspektive einer Bestandsaufnahme unterzogen werden. Ein interdisziplinäres Autorenfeld untersucht Fallbeispiele vom Baltikum bis nach Südmexiko und durchleuchtet die spätmoderne Konjunktur des kulturellen Erbes auf ihre historische Genese und gegenwärtige Ausprägung. Die Beiträge erkunden die Rolle der Wissenschaften in der Produktion von kulturellem Erbe und fragen nach analytischen Zugangsweisen an das Thema heritage.

Die Apokalypse

Die Apokalypse Author : Albrecht Dürer
Release : 1999
Publisher :
ISBN : 9783791322155
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Facisimile of "Die Heimlich Offenbarung Johannis", printed on 8 folded sheets in an edition of 750 copies, and placed in a portfolio. Accompanied by a commentary volume by Ludwig Grote. Presented in a hinged slip-case (51 cm.).