The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place Author : Darren Brealey
Release : 2014-05-08
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ISBN : 140920751X
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David takes us on a journey through a weekend of tragedy, which not even he could alter through misfortunes of fate. As Craig and Sheryl apathetically deal with the death of their love, their three children, David, Michelle and Rick relentlessly struggle with denial, contempt and rebellion. The sibling rivalry abounds with our protagonist David, openly discussing his sexuality within the realms of his family home. David struggles to hold his own place in the world. His circle of friends comforts him; however his longing for acceptance from his family remains poignant. The wicked web we weave within the family unit; acceptance is as important as is non-acceptance within David's family, yet brotherly love can only show its boundaries once tested and it fails. The relationship between denial and rebellion build a night of thick tension, exposing itself in the face of sodomy and complacency. Not even David's bloodline can stop the outcome it first set up to accomplish.

The Meeting-Place of Geology and History

The Meeting-Place of Geology and History Author : Sir John William Dawson
Release : 1894
Publisher : Library of Alexandria
ISBN : 1465543554
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The science of the earth and the history of man, though cultivated by very different classes of specialists and in very different ways, must have their meeting-place. They must indeed not only meet, but overlap and run abreast of each other throughout nearly the whole time occupied by the existence of man on the earth. The geologist, from his point of view, studies all the stratified crust of the earth, down to the mud deposited by last year's river inundations. The historian, aided by the archæologist, has written and monumental evidence carrying him back to the time of the earliest known men, many thousands of years ago. Throughout all this interval the two records must have run more or less parallel to each other, and must be in contact along the whole line. The geologist, ascending from the oldest and lowest portions of the earth's crust, and dealing for millions of years with physical forces and the instinctive powers of animals alone, at length as he approaches the surface finds himself in contact with an entirely new agency, the free-will and conscious action of man. It is true that at first the effects of these are small, and the time in which they have been active is insignificant in comparison with that occupied by previous geological ages; but they introduce new questions which constantly grow in importance, down to those later times in which human agency has so profoundly affected the surface of the earth and its living inhabitants. Finally, the geologist is obliged to have recourse to human observation and testimony for his information respecting those modern causes to which he has to appeal for the explanation of former changes, and has to adduce effects produced by human agency in illustration of, or in contrast with, mutations in the pre-human periods. The historian, on the other hand, finds, as he passes backward into earlier ages, documentary evidence failing him, and much of what he can obtain becoming mythical, vague or uncertain, or difficult of explanation by modern analogies, until at length he is fain to have recourse to the pick-axe and spade, and to endeavour to disinter from the earth the scanty relics of primeval man, much as the geologist searches in the bedded rocks for the fossils which they contain. He has even learned to use for these earliest ages the term prehistoric, and so practically to transfer them to the domain of the archæologist and geologist.

The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place Author : Mary Hocking
Release : 1996
Publisher : Random House (UK)
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Part ghost story, part novel about a woman coming to terms with the impossible choices of her past. This is the tale of three independent-minded women in three very different ages whose stories of lust and violence, passion and prejudice, intercept one another.

Law Institute Journal

Law Institute Journal Author :
Release : 1998
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Wisconsin Statutes

Wisconsin Statutes Author : Wisconsin
Release : 1979
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The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place Author : Bradley Basker
Release : 2014-10-25
Publisher : Bradley Basker
ISBN : 1499166281
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At a cafe, in a city, people come and go. The owner, the sage, the baristas, the writer, the student, the jerk, and the terrace dwellers, come from different worlds, and pass night after night at The Meeting Place for very different reasons. But once they enter through the creaky front door, their stories intertwine. Whether they like, know, or care for it, they are equal players in a social game much bigger and complex than lattes and lighters. They are organically thrust into each others’ lives, colliding for better or worse; passion, love, work, dreams, romance, friendship, disaster, and adventure. Told from multiple perspectives, The Meeting Place is a story of a cafe’s life force and the comers and goers who inspire its enduring social legacy.

Florida Administrative Weekly

Florida Administrative Weekly Author :
Release : 1989
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