It Happens in the Hamptons

It Happens in the Hamptons Author : Holly Peterson
Release : 2017-05-09
Publisher : William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN : 9780062391506
File Size : 59.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Manny comes this deliciously entertaining upstairs/downstairs story about the millionaires who summer in the Hamptons—and the everyday people hired to fulfill their every desire. When a spur of the moment decision catapults Katie Doyle from her lakeside Oregon town to spend the summer in the Hamptons, she is hoping for summer employment, new friends for her young son, and a chance to explore a new love affair with a dazzling colleague. What she finds is a strange cocktail of classes, where society’s one-percenters vacation alongside local people who’ve lived in the Hamptons for generations. Though she’s looking forward to their move, Katie can’t help but feel a little nervous and wonder if she will be accepted by her new boyfriend’s circles and granted entry into the East Coast elite. But as she soon discovers, Southampton isn’t all that it seems to be on the surface—and neither are the people who live there. As George takes Katie on a whirlwind tour of country clubs, haute couture, and lavish events, she is amazed to see how sudden whims become dire needs, extra-marital relations are de rigueur, and how people purchase friends and loyalties like a pair of shoes. Even the middle-class townspeople maintain a façade as they maneuver among the wealthy summer invaders trampling on their roots. The more Katie becomes immersed, the more she learns the stories and secrets of both the upstairs and downstairs, the upper crust and middle of the road. When she meets Luke, a local surfer and teacher who makes her question herself and what it is she really wants, she realizes the life she’s begun for herself is built on shifting Hamptons’ dunes.

It's Hot in the Hamptons

It's Hot in the Hamptons Author : Holly Peterson
Release : 2019-05-21
Publisher : HarperCollins
ISBN : 0062867385
File Size : 20.37 MB
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From the author of the summer hit It Happens in The Hamptons comes an unforgettable new novel about the women who live and love in the Hamptons. In the Hamptons, no rules apply, especially in matters of money—and the heart… Raised in East Hampton, Caroline never thought she’d be one of the “city people” who spent summers and weekends at the beach. But, once her husband’s business takes off, a job stint transplants the couple permanently into Manhattan life—where the phrase When you marry for money, you work for it every day, reflects her neighbors’ lives. And where entitled husbands, like hers, embark on affair after affair with little consequence. Time for the wives to get even. When Caroline’s friend Annabelle suggests they experiment as their wayward mates have, Caroline resists at first. That is, until a scroll through an iPad makes her reconsider…and a pact between two friends is made. The agreement quickly turns serious when Caroline begins to confront the man her husband has become, or perhaps always has been. Will a summer affair give Caroline clarity or make her lose hold on the reins of her life? And, when an old lover returns, is she ready to risk all for a chance at happiness…

Still in the Hamptons

Still in the Hamptons Author : Dan Rattiner
Release : 2012-07-25
Publisher : SUNY Press
ISBN : 1438444141
File Size : 65.42 MB
Format : PDF
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More encounters with the sometimes rich, sometimes famous, but always quirky residents of the Hamptons, by the editor and publisher of Dan’s Papers. “Dan’s memoirs are like Dan’s newspapers: charming, whimsical, fun, and filled with insightful knowledge of the East End conveyed with a twinkle in the eye. Come to think of it, that describes Dan in person as well! Buy this book!” — Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs Yes, Dan Rattiner is still in the Hamptons, and after fifty-plus years on the eastern end of Long Island, most of them as publisher of the region’s free weekly newspaper, Dan’s Papers, he still has a lot of stories to tell. Here, offered in his signature dry, observant, and self-deprecating wit, are Rattiner’s further encounters with the billionaires and celebrities, the farmers and fishermen, the eccentric artists and ordinary folks, who together make the Hamptons one of the most fashionable, exclusive, and entertaining communities in the United States. As Tom Wolfe once noted, “ If a guy says it happened in the Hamptons, and Dan Rattiner doesn’t know about it, it didn’t.” The people he writes about are presented in chronological order from 1959 to today, just as Rattiner lived it and has remembered it. Still in the Hamptons will help you understand what the Hamptons used to be and what it has become, and will provide an entertaining read along the way.

Holiday in the Hamptons

Holiday in the Hamptons Author : Sarah Morgan
Release : 2017-08-29
Publisher : HQN Books
ISBN : 1488022712
File Size : 67.90 MB
Format : PDF
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The perfect summer escape? Professional dog-walker Felicity Knight loves everything about New York…until her ex-husband starts working at her local vet clinic. She hasn’t seen Seth Carlyle in ten years, but one glimpse of him—too gorgeous, and still too good for her—and Fliss’s heart hurts like their whirlwind marriage ended yesterday. So when her grandmother in the Hamptons needs help for the summer, it seems the ideal way to escape her past. Their relationship might have lasted only a few scorching months, but vet Seth knows Fliss—if she’s run away to the Hamptons, it’s because she still feels their connection and it terrifies her. He let her go once before, when he didn’t know any better, but not this summer! With the help of his adorable dog, Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see that he’s never stopped loving her… Sarah Morgan delights with more love and laughter in her acclaimed series From Manhattan with Love, which Publishers Weekly calls “engaging…[a] classic sweep-you-off-your-feet romantic experience.” Don't miss Sarah Morgan's next book, The Summer Seekers!

In the Hamptons

In the Hamptons Author : Dan Rattiner
Release : 2008-05-06
Publisher : Crown
ISBN : 0307409546
File Size : 27.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Long before the Hamptons became famous for its posh parties, paparazzi, and glitterati, it was a sleepy backwater of fishing villages and potato farms, literary luminaries and local eccentrics. As the editor and publisher of the area’s popular free newspaper, Dan’s Papers, Dan Rattiner, has been covering the daily triumphs, community intrigues, and larger-than-life personalities for nearly fifty years. A colorful insider’s account of life, love, scandal, and celebrity, In the Hamptons is an intimate portrait of a place and the people who formed and transformed it, from former residents like Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning, colorful locals like bar owner Bobby Van and shark fisherman Frank Mundus (who the character Quinn from Jaws was based on), and literary figures like John Steinbeck and Truman Capote, to present-day stars like Bianca Jagger and Billy Joel. An insider who lived there—as well as a Jewish outsider amid the WASP contingent—Rattiner both revels in and is rattled by all he witnesses and records in one of the world’s most famous places. With dry wit and genuine affection, he shares a story of the Hamptons that few know, one defined by the artists, painters, fishermen, farmers, dreamers, hangers-on, celebrities, and billionaires who live and play there.

The Hamptons Kitchen: Seasonal Recipes Pairing Land and Sea

The Hamptons Kitchen: Seasonal Recipes Pairing Land and Sea Author : Hillary Davis
Release : 2020-04-01
Publisher : The Countryman Press
ISBN : 1682683613
File Size : 41.96 MB
Format : PDF
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Seasonal, healthy dishes that embody the simple elegance of the Hamptons The Hamptons is an exceptional enclave, with an influence that goes far beyond New York. The unique mix of luxury and old-world charm that surrounds the villages, dunes, and beaches has become synonymous with a coveted American lifestyle. It’s also a foodie paradise. Simple recipes, deliciously paired with local wines and beers, make the most of the fabulous local produce, seafood, meats, and cheeses of the East End of Long Island. Divided into seasonal chapters, these recipes cover small plates, salads, large plates, and desserts. This is a celebration, through recipes and stories, of a beautiful place and a rustic-chic way of life. 100 seasonal recipes include: • Hamptons Fish Burger • Flounder Swimming in Merlot • Baked Stuffed Squash Blossoms • Strawberry Layer Cake with Rhubarb Jam Filling

It Happens at Comic-Con

It Happens at Comic-Con Author : Ben Bolling
Release : 2014-02-18
Publisher : McFarland
ISBN : 1476614474
File Size : 42.49 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of 13 new essays employs ethnographic methods to investigate San Diego’s Comic-Con International, the largest annual celebration of the popular arts in North America. Working from a common grounding in fan studies, these individual explorations examine a range of cultural practices at an event drawing crowds of nearly 125,000 each summer. Investigations range from the practices of fans costuming themselves to the talk of corporate marketers. The collection seeks to expand fan studies, exploring Comic-Con International more deeply than any publication before it.

The Hamptons Diet Cookbook

The Hamptons Diet Cookbook Author : Jeff Harter
Release : 2007-08-08
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN : 0544186753
File Size : 68.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 842
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Cooking and Entertaining Secrets of the Rich, Famous--and Thin! How do the rich and famous who congregate each summer in the Hamptons stay so thin, healthy, and gorgeous? In The Hamptons Diet Cookbook, you'll discover that enjoying exquisitely satisfying taste sensations doesn't have to result in your becoming overweight. You'll learn how to get thin, stay svelte, and be healthier than ever before while indulging yourself in such seemingly sinful pleasures as: * Ham Roll-Ups with Poached Egg and Mornay Sauce * Tropical Key Lime Chicken Salad * Simmered Shrimp with Shiitake Mushroom and Scallions * Cheese and Jalape?o Quesadillas * Creamy Chickpea and Farro Soup * Sausage, Bacon, and Bean Casserole * Stuffed Pork Chops with Spinach, Cheese, and Pine Nuts * And hundreds more temptingly delicious recipes Praise for The Hamptons Diet "Dr. Pescatore's diet is delicious and sound and represents one of the best options." --Ann Louise Gittleman, author of The New York Times bestselling The Fat Flush Plan "Dr. Pescatore's The Hamptons Diet takes the Diet Revolution to the next level--a healthy, sensible diet and lifestyle plan that will make us all thinner, happier, and healthier." --Fran Gare, N.D. Southampton, author of Anti-Aging Diet Evolution

Hampton on Hampton

Hampton on Hampton Author : Christopher Hampton
Release : 2017-10-19
Publisher : Faber & Faber
ISBN : 0571341462
File Size : 45.78 MB
Format : PDF
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'A lot of my plays begin as comedies and mutate in the course of the evening, because my instinct is that you have to welcome the audience in and make sure they're sitting comfortably before you can give them an adequate punch on the jaw.' Since the acclaimed London première of his first play in 1966, Christopher Hampton has established himself as one of Britain's most prominent, and least predictable, dramatists. From his best-known play, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and its Oscar-winning film version, Dangerous Liaisons, to personal and critical favourites like Total Eclipse and Tales from Hollywood; from his films as writer-director (Carrington, Imagining Argentina) to his work as screenwriter-for-hire (Mary Reilly, The Quiet American); from translations (Art) to musicals (Sunset Boulevard), Hampton eloquently - and entertainingly - explores his varied career with interviewer Alistair Owen, and discusses its recurring theme: the clash of liberal and radical thought, exemplified by his most recent play, The Talking Cure, about the fathers of psychoanalysis, Jung and Freud.

In the Hamptons Too

In the Hamptons Too Author : Dan Rattiner
Release : 2010-05-14
Publisher : SUNY Press
ISBN : 143843264X
File Size : 50.83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tales of the sometimes rich, sometimes famous, but always quirky residents of one of America’s best-known summer colonies, as told by the editor and publisher of Dan’s Papers, the area’s free weekly newspaper. As the editor and publisher of Dan’s Papers, the area’s popular free newspaper, Dan Rattiner has been living in and covering the Hamptons for over fifty years, and has watched it change from a sleepy backwater of fishing villages and potato farms to a playground for the rich and famous. In this follow-up to his popular book In the Hamptons, Rattiner continues to regale us with tales of the people who live, work, and play in one of America’s best-known summer colonies, ranging from colorful locals like former East Hampton Town Supervisor Richard T. Gilmartin and marine patrol policeman Ralph George, to more well-known figures like Kurt Vonnegut, Betty Friedan, Alger Hiss, and Martha Stewart. Sometimes amused, sometimes appalled, but always observant, Rattiner tells these stories of the Hamptons as only he can tell them: with dry wit, unassuming language, and as keen an awareness of his own quirks and foibles as he is of those of his fellow human beings. “If you pick up the East Hampton Star, you’ll learn the who, what, and where. The why and how are more likely found in the pages of Dan’s Papers … If you want to understand the crazy quilt of art, sand, money, farmland, literature, golf clubs, divorces, sea spray, and the area’s remarkable blend of ego, generosity, and dedication to historic preservation, read Dan’s book, In the Hamptons, and its sequel, In the Hamptons Too, which you hold in your hands.” — from the Foreword by Alec Baldwin “Nothing and no one escapes the roving eye of Dan. Here they all are: the old guard with their stately homes; the Bonackers, locals whose farms, shops, and small country roads are disappearing with each passing season; and the successive wave of newcomers, the artists, writers, and weary city folk yearning for the sea. And of course here are the seekers of the Scene, the newly rich and restless, demented with the mania of owning things. Not a particle of this passing parade is less than fascinating to Dan, who serves it up in prose that is simple and direct, yet subtly inflected with his signature combination of whimsy, wryness, and delight. A wonderful read.” — Mercedes Ruehl, award-winning actress and area resident “…Entertaining beach read In the Hamptons Too collects Dan Rattiner’s folksy anecdotes about encounters with the celebrities, farmers, and fishermen of Long Island’s gilded South Fork.” — National Geographic Traveler “…an insightful look at the 20th century luminaries with whom he crossed paths on the East End, all in their twilight years. In the Hamptons Too offers a lively recounting of the Hamptons’ growth over time, as well.” — “For the fortunate and fancy, Memorial Day weekend means the Hamptons. Those of us without beach houses can read about such folks in Dan Rattiner’s In the Hamptons Too … here Rattiner intersperses bits of memoir with tales of regular locals as well as gossipy recollections.” — Tablet Magazine “…tells colorful stories from the exclusive summer retreat.” — “Rattiner authored In the Hamptons and In the Hamptons Too to shed light on the town’s natives and its history.” — Sacramento Book Review “If there was an honorary mayor of the Hamptons it would have to be Dan Rattiner … a raconteur with a wicked sense of humor and an eye for detail.” — Long Island History Journal Praise for In the Hamptons “Mr. Rattiner pays tribute to the local figures, famous and otherwise, who have weaved themselves into his personal mythology over the last fifty years. Each portrait is written in unassuming language, with emotional punch, telling detail, and impressive recall … To find as many memorable characters gathered between two covers, you’d have to look back to Joseph Mitchell’s Up in the Old Hotel.” — New York Times “Rattiner, longtime publisher of the locally beloved weekly newspaper Dan’s Papers, provides a beach-chair view of New York’s storied swath of spot-lit sand in his new memoir … as refreshing as a dip in the ocean at Main Beach … His charming vignettes about the area’s residents and guests mostly reach deep into the archives.” — USA Today “A great read! Rattiner has done a terrific job with Dan’s Papers, and his book, In the Hamptons, is as colorful and engrossing as you would expect. He describes the coming-of-age of the Hamptons with insight and affection.” — Donald J. Trump “A long love poem to the area and the extraordinary people who have occupied and, more often than not, helped to preserve its character … If I write here that I cannot imagine a chronicle more inclusive and revealing, fascinating and objective, yet for the greater part affectionate, I am not piling it on too thick. This book is damn good work.” — Edward Albee “An intrepid guide to native life in the fabled Long Island utopia offers a memoir of a half century spent tracking its inhabitants as proprietor of the Hamptons’ newspaper of record … redolent of saltwater and printers’ ink—perfectly suited for comfortable days at the beach.” — Kirkus Reviews “Rattiner knows his territory and shares a collection of charming early memories of the people among whom he lived and worked … such as the lovely daughter of Harrison Tweed III, Babette; the drinkers at Jungle Pete’s, tightlipped about their dead crony Jackson Pollock; artist Balcomb Greene; the sun-bathing lady proprietors of the Memory Motel; reclusive John Steinbeck.” — Publishers Weekly “A folksy and often irreverent take on all points east of Riverhead. Some of Rattiner’s East End exploits—from an ill-fated midnight rendezvous with an heiress to his temporary banishment by legendary barman Bobby Van—are chronicled in this book. “Rattiner [finds] his way to the beach most every day, past the area cordoned off for the ‘saber-tooth plovers,’ to face the surf and type on his Dell laptop. The pristine sand, the sting of salt, the feeling that you are on the cusp of the world—that never changes.” — Newsday “Rattiner’s tales have the flavor of oral history, the passing along of stories from friend to friend—the time Rattiner shrugged off a chance to interview a young Richard Nixon, the day de Kooning toppled from his stool, that softball game where Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton umpired with a silly grin. In these narratives, the evidence of a life well lived on a well-carved shore, Rattiner bottles the spirit of a rural enclave turned glamorous destination.” — The Hampton Sheet “Now, bookshelves and beach bags alike must make room for Dan Rattiner’s In the Hamptons, which is rich in both local anthropology and easy reading. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The author is, after all, the Dan of Dan’s Papers, that ubiquitous, fine art covered, puckishly written, free, weekly, Truthiness and Advertising-filled newspaper-slash magazine you see blooming like flats of pansies wherever trades are plied on either Fork.” — East Hampton Star “Whether Rattiner is writing about well-known people or local notables, he presents his material in entertaining fashion, holding the readers’ interest. His unusual vantage point enables him to trace a half-century of changes ‘In the Hamptons.’” — Jewish Journal “Dan Rattiner has been chronicling the people and events of the Hamptons for as long as I’ve been going there (since the sixties). If anyone wanted some insight into what made this area such an interesting place, all they’d need was a copy of In the Hamptons. It’s as close to rubbing elbows as you can get. Enjoy!” — Billy Joel “If a guy says it happened in the Hamptons, and Dan Rattiner doesn’t know about it, it didn’t. Welcome to the high stool at the bar in the Memory Motel.” — Tom Wolfe “Dan Rattiner, a first-rate observer of life, has been observing the life of the Hamptons for nearly fifty years. In the Hamptons, the result of all that clear-eyed observation, gives us every facet of the place—the strange and ridiculous, the artistic, the funny, the lovable and beautiful. Fifty years from now when people ask, ‘What were the Hamptons?’ they will need only to pick up this rich, sparkling book.” — Roger Rosenblatt, author of Lapham Rising

Christopher Hampton Plays 1

Christopher Hampton Plays 1 Author : Christopher Hampton
Release : 2014-07-31
Publisher : Faber & Faber
ISBN : 0571318304
File Size : 48.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 832
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This first collection of Hampton's work includes The Philanthropist, which premired at the Royal Court Theatre in 1970 and went on to become one of the Court's longest-running West End transfers. The volume also contains Treats, Savages and Hampton's deeply affecting drama about the relationship of the French poets Rimbaud and Verlaine, Total Eclipse.

The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show

The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show Author : Anonymous Times Two
Release : 2011-11
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1462064213
File Size : 46.38 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 567
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It's summer in The Hamptons and people are behaving badly. Renters and buyers-the rich, the famous, the bad, and the ugly-are out in full force with one mission: to nd the perfect house. Do they care that they are mistreating everyone, including the valiant real estate agents working for them? Absolutely not. They have abandoned civility (if they ever had any). In these stories, so revealing that the two authors-who together have logged some 50 years in real estate-must remain anonymous, the seamy underbelly of Hamptons Real Estate is exposed to the bright, often hilarious, light of day. An email screeches, "You and your cougar girlfriend should read the f'n lease!" A landlord accuses, "Your dog dug up my lawn!" (Reply from dog owner: "I don't have a dog!") A woman demands, "I MUST have a house South of the Highway-by the way, what is 'South of the Highway'?" Towels aren't u y enough; birds are "too noisy" and should be "eliminated"; "No Viking Range? Forget it!" "You get me a beach sticker or I'll badmouth your name all over town!" These true tales give a broker's-eye view of what really happens in the Hamptons Real Estate scene. You couldn't make this stu up-and these two authors didn't."

A Hamptons Christmas

A Hamptons Christmas Author : James Brady
Release : 2011-04-01
Publisher : Macmillan
ISBN : 1429992476
File Size : 63.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Beecher Stowe couldn't be more pleased than to find himself spending that delicious season between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Hamptons. On his first weekend back, East Hampton stages its annual ragtag, irresistibly corny, small-townish Santa Claus parade, complete with a high school band and Santa on a flatbed truck. It's an old-fashioned American village Christmas (even if the elves include Spielberg's kids!). Stowe has even convinced his lady friend Alix Dunraven to join him and see the Hamptons without the summer people. But Beecher and Her Ladyship's plans for an "out of season" frolic are complicated by the puzzling arrival of a small girl who may be named "Susannah" (she uses pseudonyms, she admits), skinny, precocious, and armed with a platinum card. The kid, who turns out to be the child of Dick and Nicole, a wealthy power couple whose bitter divorce has become the stuff of Page Six gossip and legal wrangling before the World Court at The Hague, has been farmed out by her parents to a Swiss convent. Now, as Christmas nears, Susannah descends on East Hampton intent on spending the holidays with her role model, Martha Stewart, from whom she expects a warm welcome when she presents herself at her front door. The problem? Martha does Christmas at her other home in Westport, Connecticut. As the snow begins to fall, Beecher encounters a forlorn young Susannah sipping Shirley Temples at The Blue Parrot bar. Can Alix and Beecher possibly salvage Christmas for this little girl lost?

Hurricane of Hampton Falls

Hurricane of Hampton Falls Author : Justin Tully
Release : 2009-11-23
Publisher :
ISBN : 1445236109
File Size : 81.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Hurricane of Hampton Falls is the story of a destructive Hurricane that hit the small coastal town some eighty-eight years ago in July 1921. Bernard Saunders was a weather presenter who had recently fallen out with a couple of his colleagues. Unfortunately for Bernard they work together to rig a popular newspaper poll, which once it makes its way into the hands of his boss Sydney Hunter sees him sent to Storm Warnings.Storm Warnings is a weather related training facility for misbehaving or incompetent weather presenters. While there Bernard receives a call from his producer Howie Gordon who believes that after a lot of research another massive Hurricane is on its way to Hampton Falls! Will anyone listen to him before it's too late...?

Gracie Hall-Hampton

Gracie Hall-Hampton Author : Codis Hampton II
Release : 2013-11
Publisher : Author House
ISBN : 1491831138
File Size : 81.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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I have learned over the years that there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than to give something of oneself in hopes that others will benefit from that gift. the idea was planted in my being by my father's way of raising his children. It grew in leaps and bounds and, in fact, was magnified when actually I began to listen to stories about my family history.I took those stories passed on to me by my father, mother, grandmother, and other family members to form a story about my Grandmother Gracie Hampton. It was her lifestyle, environment, conditions and timeline in which she lived, that is the story's anchor, and my inspiration. and make no mistake, even though I have used the real names of the Hampton's family central characters, and most relatives, all words written as dialog in this book are mine and mine alone. I've adding my words as dialog, along with a few fictional characters to facilitate a story line of how it could have happened during the events noted.At times, it was a struggle to keep an eye on my purpose in life. God knows I have been distracted many times. Often, by my own misguided actions. Yet, I've always returned to my roots, the foundation of my upbringing, the unapologetic belief that I can not only survive but thrive and compete in any environment. I learned that from my ancestors. My youngest son, once remarked, "I'm not sure who I am." At the time, he was going through an identity crisis trying to find out where he belonged in life. My advice was simple, "Go look in the mirror. That's who you are and who will get you where you want to go."I hope this book helps others remember who and where they came from.Codis Hampton II

Mayhem at the Hampton Classic

Mayhem at the Hampton Classic Author : Glen Berkowitz
Release : 2010-06-17
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1450237150
File Size : 33.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 157
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Gabe Fortuna, a retired city cop living in The Hamptons, just can't seem to avoid trouble, or is it that trouble cannot avoid him. After healing from gunshot wounds received in the solving of the Al Shareef Murder, he agrees to get back into the game and meet with an old friend at a trendy new place owned by some newcomers to The Hamptons, a new place called Tatiana's. It is there he encounters an unwelcome face from the past he would like to forget and a woman he would like to know better. One thing leads to another, and Gabe finds himself in it up to his neck with the Russian mob, an international terror organization named TRASH, incredibly beautiful women, Homeland Security and his own self-doubts, the one thing he has never had to battle before. Can Gabe rise to the occasion and save The Hamptons and his country? Even he's not sure, and that's a first.