How to Be a High School Superstar

How to Be a High School Superstar Author : Cal Newport
Release : 2010-07-27
Publisher : Crown
ISBN : 0307715817
File Size : 52.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 145
Read : 318

Do Less, Live More, Get Accepted What if getting into your reach schools didn’t require four years of excessive A.P. classes, overwhelming activity schedules, and constant stress? In How to Be a High School Superstar, Cal Newport explores the world of relaxed superstars—students who scored spots at the nation’s top colleges by leading uncluttered, low stress, and authentic lives. Drawing from extensive interviews and cutting-edge science, Newport explains the surprising truths behind these superstars’ mixture of happiness and admissions success, including: · Why doing less is the foundation for becoming more impressive. · Why demonstrating passion is meaningless, but being interesting is crucial. · Why accomplishments that are hard to explain are better than accomplishments that are hard to do. These insights are accompanied by step-by-step instructions to help any student adopt the relaxed superstar lifestyle—proving that getting into college doesn’t have to be a chore to survive, but instead can be the reward for living a genuinely interesting life.

Children's Maturing

Children's Maturing Author : Lupe Juncker
Release : 2021-05-05
Publisher :
File Size : 73.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 563
Read : 187

If you're looking for high school books for teens, then you'll love this guidebook. The author wrote this book to share the practical tips and strategies she wishes she knew before she started 9th grade. This book will make your next few years a little less stressful and a little more fun.

Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars: Author : Stephanie Watson
Release : 2014-01-01
Publisher : ABDO Publishing Company
ISBN : 1629680230
File Size : 62.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 152
Read : 831

This title examines the fascinating life of Bruno Mars. Readers will learn about MarsÍs childhood, family, education, and rise to fame. Colorful graphics, oversize photos, and informative sidebars accompany easy-to-read, compelling text that explores MarsÍs early interest and talent in music that led to the release of Doo-Wops & Hooligans and Unorthodox Jukebox. MarsÍs Grammy Awards, tours, and charitable work are also discussed. Features include a table of contents, glossary, selected bibliography, Web links, source notes, and an index, plus a timeline and fun facts. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

High School Edubabble

High School Edubabble Author : Clyde Woolman
Release : 2020-09-01
Publisher : FriesenPress
ISBN : 1525564749
File Size : 71.53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 671
Read : 305

Relentless jargon, a distinctive workplace, and teen foibles make for a goldmine of satire in over 350 entries. The unending tsunami of education sloganeering highlights this humor-filled, quick-read glossary. Why would edubabblers favor listless descriptors when silver-tongued gibberish and fluffy acronyms can add mystique to any everyday term? There is no career like education and no workplace like a high school. The antics of zany teens, quirky teachers, preening principals, and hovering parents provide buckets of satirical fodder. Entries such as Crisis Junkies, Grad Hug, Principal’s Message, and Teacher Behavior at Meetings are but a few of the dozens of entries emphasizing high school as a unique workplace. Unlike previous generations, today’s educators face tech-addled youth who are drowning in a churning sea of information, much of it of dubious quality. A range of tech-oriented subjects is lampooned, including, Drones, Monks of the Digital Age, and Screen Addicts. High schools do not operate in a vacuum. It is difficult for teachers to set standards of truth-telling and respectful discourse in their students when such behavior appears to be absent from many of today’s leaders. This challenge is noted in such entries, among others, as, Anti-Educators, Journalism, and Weapons of Mass Distortion.

Learning from the Learners

Learning from the Learners Author : Elizabeth Berry
Release : 2017-12-15
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN : 1442278625
File Size : 55.62 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 823
Read : 358

This book turns the traditional approach to student success on its head by examining the learning habits of successful students based on what they have told us about their learning strategies, on what they do to succeed in college, and on the teaching practices they think best foster their learning. This approach is in stark contrast to most recent studies of learning at the college level which focus on what students need to do to succeed, but are written from the point of view of "experts" who provide advice to struggling students. Learning from the Learners: Successful College Students Share Their Effective Learning Habits is based on what "expert" students tell us about what they - as learners - do to succeed. It is grounded in a 10-year study that rests on a rich qualitative data set that includes open-ended survey responses gathered on a term-by term basis and in depth interviews during the freshman and junior years with over 700 students of diverse backgrounds. Additionally, since many students interviewed were the first in their family to attend college and from backgrounds traditionally underserved by higher education, the book's insights will be of particular interest to educators elsewhere who are increasingly expected to help similar students succeed. Themes include student success, academic challenges, diversity, pedagogy, and technology in the classroom. No other book on the widely discussed subject of student success relies on such a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data about what works from the point of view of students themselves.

Superstar High: Star Friends

Superstar High: Star Friends Author : Isabella Cass
Release : 2010-04-29
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 1409098648
File Size : 42.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 848
Read : 1057

Holly, Cat and Belle are best friends - and superstars in the making! As they settle into their new school - the world-famous Garrick School of the Performing Arts - they soon find out that trying to be a star can be tough. But it's also fun when your best friends are around to help you make your dreams come true - and find a touch of romance!

American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade [4 volumes]

American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade [4 volumes] Author : Bob Batchelor
Release : 2008-12-30
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
ISBN : 0313364117
File Size : 53.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 314
Read : 530

Pop culture is the heart and soul of America, a unifying bridge across time bringing together generations of diverse backgrounds. Whether looking at the bright lights of the Jazz Age in the 1920s, the sexual and the rock-n-roll revolution of the 1960s, or the thriving social networking websites of today, each period in America's cultural history develops its own unique take on the qualities define our lives.American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade is the most comprehensive reference on American popular culture by decade ever assembled, beginning with the 1900s up through today. The four-volume set examines the fascinating trends across decades and eras by shedding light on the experiences of Americans young and old, rich and poor, along with the influences of arts, entertainment, sports, and other cultural forces. Whether a pop culture aficionado or a student new to the topic, American Pop provides readers with an engaging look at American culture broken down into discrete segments, as well as analysis that gives insight into societal movements, trends, fads, and events that propelled the era and the nation. In-depth chapters trace the evolution of pop culture in 11 key categories: Key Events in American Life, Advertising, Architecture, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Music, Sports and Leisure Activities, Travel, and Visual Arts. Coverage includes: How Others See Us, Controversies and scandals, Social and cultural movements, Trends and fads, Key icons, and Classroom resources. Designed to meet the high demand for resources that help students study American history and culture by the decade, this one-stop reference provides readers with a broad and interdisciplinary overview of the numerous aspects of popular culture in our country. Thoughtful examination of our rich and often tumultuous popular history, illustrated with hundreds of historical and contemporary photos, makes this the ideal source to turn to for ready reference or research.

The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game Author : Travis Waker
Release : 2013-09-23
Publisher : Booktango
ISBN : 1468938665
File Size : 27.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 295
Read : 927

Daniel Willis has always wanted to manage in the MLB but can't because of the physical disability that holds him back. However, when God comes down to Earth, He offers Willis the chance of a lifetime, to manage the New York Mets. However, living his dream comes at a cost, but doesn't everything? If Willis loses the World Series to his arch enemy Sam Hudson, he will lose his two best friends and girlfriend, who mean everything to him. Through his adventure, Willis learns the value of hard work and respect.

All In

All In Author : Porter Moser
Release : 2020-02-16
Publisher : Loyola Press
ISBN : 0829450025
File Size : 54.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 891
Read : 796

Porter Moser—the new head coach of Oklahoma men’s basketball team and one of the most inspiring and driven basketball coaches today—offers a practical and motivating guide to help build character, transform failure into success, find purpose, and live an authentic life through energy and positivity. Porter Moser knows what it’s like to live and work with determination, passion, and grit. He also knows what it’s like to keep front-and-center the core values of faith, family, honesty, and integrity. Whether it’s recruiting, hiring, running drills, or just living day-to-day Moser walks the walk and talks the talk. Not that it’s always easy, but in All In he shows us that with enough practice it sure can look that way. Drawn from Moser’s life as a son, husband, father, and winning coach, this collection of inspiring, poignant and rousing lessons drives home the importance of being “all in”—meaning, fully dedicated to a task at hand. Revealing his ups and downs as both a college player and later as a coach, All In shows how Moser built his all-positive, no-negativity work ethic; how a second chance from legendary coach Rick Majerus helped Moser achieve new levels of success; and how, in 2018, he guided the No. 11 seed Ramblers through one of the most inspiring Cinderella stories in college sports history. With a rousing foreword from Sr. Jean, the lively and wise 100-year old chaplain of the Loyola Ramblers—All In offers sage advice for athletes, coaches, recruiters, sports fans, and anyone looking to develop the skills to lead on the court or in life. 2021 PubWest Book Design Awards, Bronze Medal: Sports/Fitness/Recreation 2021 Illumination Book Awards, Silver Medal: Biography/Memoir-Inspirational

LeBron James vs. the NBA

LeBron James vs. the NBA Author : Brendan Bowers
Release : 2017-11-15
Publisher : Triumph Books
ISBN : 1633199207
File Size : 35.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 865
Read : 632

Showcasing one of professional basketball's best players, this book spotlights the life and career of hardcourt superstar LeBron James. More than just a biography, it relates James' story while also establishing his prominent place in NBA history. By examining his skills and statistics in a variety of categories and comparing him to other NBA legends—including Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, and more—the guide makes a strong case for James as basketball's greatest. Along the way, his best and most memorable moments are revisited, from his days as a high school stand-out in Akron, to his first stint with the Cavaliers, to "The Decision" to join the Miami Heat, and the show-stopping performance in the 2016 Finals to bring an NBA title back to Cleveland. LeBron James vs. The NBA is certain to stir up lively debate and is a must-have for Cavs fans and basketball buffs alike.

The Superstar Syndrome

The Superstar Syndrome Author : Myra S White
Release : 2013-08-22
Publisher : Random House India
ISBN : 8184004737
File Size : 61.14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 774
Read : 395

Hidden in each of us is a superstar waiting to come to life. Often we struggle to find this, not because we lack talent, desire, or ability, but because we don’t know the right steps to take. Frequently, we surrender to a sea of negative emotions and self-doubts right at the very beginning, or give up after a few setbacks. Dr Myra S. White and Sanjay Jha provide a comprehensive nine-step roadmap to help you succeed in the workplace and other areas of your lives. The Superstar Syndrome is the ultimate success bible based on the lives of over 80 well-known people, like N.R. Narayana Murthy, M.S. Dhoni, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, and Ratan Tata who transformed themselves from ordinary people into exceptional achievers. It covers all aspects of what you need to know and do to successfully make the journey to superstardom—how to identify and manage your special talents, build power, influence, and deliver A-level performances—and illustrates each step with examples from the lives of the well-known superstars that were studied. It makes you believe that the finish line is not just within your reach, but opens up dreams and possibilities beyond.

Carmelo Anthony: Superstar Scorer

Carmelo Anthony: Superstar Scorer Author : Paul Hoblin
Release : 2012-01-01
Publisher : ABDO
ISBN : 1614785678
File Size : 81.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 824
Read : 911

Playmakers introduces young readers to their current heroes on and off the field. Carmelo Anthony: Superstar Scorer summarizes Carmelo Anthony's life and career to date and draws attention to accomplishments beyond his athletic skill as well as career highlights thus far. Short, informative sidebars add to the engaging, easy-to-read text, making Playmakers a hit for any reader in your library! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. SportsZone is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

Jennie Finch: Softball Superstar

Jennie Finch: Softball Superstar Author : Christine Dzidrums
Release : 2016-06-10
Publisher : Creative Media Publishing
ISBN : 1938438140
File Size : 88.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 250
Read : 662

Jennie Finch fell in love with baseball as a four-year-old when her mother took her to Dodger games. A year later, her parents signed her up for softball lessons and the young girl was instantly smitten. As a youngster, Jennie dominated travel softball and later became a star player at La Mirada High School in Southern California. During her time at University of Arizona, she set an NCAA record with 60 consecutive wins. Blessed with remarkable pitching ability, good looks and role-model sportsmanship, Jennie became a breakout celebrity at the 2004 Athens Olympics, where she captured gold with Team USA. A children’s biography, Jennie Finch: Softball Superstar details the California native’s journey as she transitioned from a shy youngster playing in a t-ball league to become softball’s most famous face, a devoted mother of three and a legend in women’s sports.

Meet Lebron James

Meet Lebron James Author : John Smithwick
Release : 2007
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN : 9781404236387
File Size : 21.32 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 986
Read : 928

In this fascinating sports biography, students will explore the remarkable life led by basketball superstar LeBron James, both in the spotlight and out.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Getting into a Top College

The Dirty Little Secrets of Getting into a Top College Author : Pria Chatterjee
Release : 2015-03-24
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 194139373X
File Size : 39.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 770
Read : 978

A top college admissions insider exposes the never-before revealed secrets to getting into one of America’s elite colleges. Your child is smart. Your child is on the honor roll. Your child aced the SAT. But is it enough to get into a top-tier college? In the Dirty Little Secrets of Getting into a Top College, educational consultant Pria Chatterjee simplifies the complicated process of college admissions, providing parents and students with the tools needed to secure a spot at one of America’s most competitive colleges. In the spirit of Kitchen Confidential, Chatterjee gives readers an exclusive look inside the college admissions office—and the mind of a college admissions officer—and exposes just what elite schools look for in a potential student. Through a series of real-world case studies and with a store of deep insider knowledge, Chatterjee will help you navigate the thicket of college admissions and show parents and students what skills and attributes to stress (and what to downplay) when applying to your dream school. • 100% SUCCESS RATE: This is the bullet proof guide to getting into a top college from a consultant with a 100 percent success rate getting her clients into one of America’s best universities. • INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: Last year 35,000 students applied to Harvard. Only 6 percent were accepted. Chatterjee, a Harvard alum who interviews potential Harvard students as a member of the university’s schools committee, explains that you too can be a member of that elite group. But you must stress the right qualifications.

Sasquatch Superstar

Sasquatch Superstar Author : Lyle Hanson
Release : 2005
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
ISBN : 1412035643
File Size : 81.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 509
Read : 703

The sleepy, agriculture hamlet, Kettle Falls, Washington, finds its peach growers threatened by a hairy monster intent on marauding excursions into their farms. When the Dan Stevenson orchard receives serious damage early one morning, serious investigation ensues. The conclusion? This Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, or whatever, must be captured if the family's livelihood is to survive. Dan, wife Ellie, tomboy teenage daughter, Marci, and Ralph, the youngest Stevenson, devise plans for an elaborate capture attempt. When Dan is suddenly removed from the equation, Marci relies on her tomboy skills and aggressive approach to organize the neighbours in the daring capture of an enraged monster. The world becomes enthralled, amazed and excited at this startling news event. Folks come to Kettle Falls from far and near to see this caged hairy behemoth standing eight feet tall and weighing 550 pounds. A sad sack professional basketball team, desperate to recover respectability and start making money at the box office hangs its future on an animal with no playing experience, no ability to communicate and little hope for accomplishing even rudimentary skill level. Still, this unknown is signed for a lucrative salary with the thought that he could at least instill fear in the hearts and minds of opponents when they view the power that might be unleashed on them.

Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be

Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be Author : Frank Bruni
Release : 2015-03-17
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 145553269X
File Size : 61.27 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 244
Read : 546

Read award-winning journalist Frank Bruni's New York Times bestseller: an inspiring manifesto about everything wrong with today's frenzied college admissions process and how to make the most of your college years. Over the last few decades, Americans have turned college admissions into a terrifying and occasionally devastating process, preceded by test prep, tutors, all sorts of stratagems, all kinds of rankings, and a conviction among too many young people that their futures will be determined and their worth established by which schools say yes and which say no. In Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be, Frank Bruni explains why this mindset is wrong, giving students and their parents a new perspective on this brutal, deeply flawed competition and a path out of the anxiety that it provokes. Bruni, a bestselling author and a columnist for the New York Times, shows that the Ivy League has no monopoly on corner offices, governors' mansions, or the most prestigious academic and scientific grants. Through statistics, surveys, and the stories of hugely successful people, he demonstrates that many kinds of colleges serve as ideal springboards. And he illuminates how to make the most of them. What matters in the end are students' efforts in and out of the classroom, not the name on their diploma. Where you go isn't who you'll be. Americans need to hear that--and this indispensable manifesto says it with eloquence and respect for the real promise of higher education.

Basketball in America

Basketball in America Author : Frank Hoffmann
Release : 2016-05-23
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1135419930
File Size : 67.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 686
Read : 408

Examine the social and cultural impact of basketball on America at the amateur and professional levels! Basketball in America: From the Playgrounds to Jordan’s Game and Beyond is a pioneering analysis of the history of basketball and its effect on popular culture from the 1970s to today. The popularity of basketball is undeniable, and the subject allows for such a broad range of interpretations in popular culture. It cuts across economic, racial, and social boundaries, and its major stars cross over into other forms of popular entertainment more than any other professional sport. This book examines the entire scope of modern basketball history, from the playgrounds, where people first learn the fundamentals, to the college and professional levels. Basketball in America is a collection of essays that explores the intersection of basketball and popular culture in America. The contributors are an eclectic mix of writers, scholars, journalists, former players, coaches, and sports enthusiasts who all share an undying love for the game of basketball. The authors analyze the sport from a cross-cultural and historical perspective—digging deep into the profound popular cultural influences of basketball and exploring the scope and depth of its influence. This is the first book that examines the social and cultural impact of basketball on American society to reveal how tightly it is woven into America’s cultural fabric. Also included are photographs and tables to enhance your understanding of the material. Topics covered in Basketball in America include: Elgin Baylor—the first “modern” basketball player Chocolate Thunder and Short Shorts: The NBA in the 1970s Dr. J, Bird, Magic, Jordan, and the Bad Boys: The NBA in the 1980s The Jordan Era: The NBA in the 1990s LeBron James and the future of the NBA the Nike brand and popular culture lessons learned from legendary UNC coach Dean Smith professional women’s basketball and much more! Basketball in America is a comprehensive analysis that will appeal to anyone interested in understanding how the sport has become an integral part of our national culture. It is an insightful read for sports fans as well as for sports historians. In addition, this book can be used as a textbook in sports history or sociology of sports classes. It will entertain and inform those who treasure basketball and the role it plays in the American consciousness. Make it part of your collection today!