Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin? Author : Elvis Duran
Release : 2020-10-06
Publisher : Atria Books
ISBN : 1982106344
File Size : 49.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this New York Times bestseller, host of one of the nation’s top morning shows Elvis Duran shares his wildest stories and hardest-learned lessons with his trademark honesty and “bighearted, deliciously warm” (Barbara Corcoran, star of ABC’s Shark Tank) humor. Elvis Duran’s nationally syndicated radio program, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, is America’s most-listened-to Top 40 morning show and one of the 10 most-listened-to programs in all of radio, heard live by nearly ten million people every morning. But his success didn’t happen overnight. Elvis spent years navigating the wild world of radio as a DJ for hire, working (and partying) in markets around the country before taking over the morning shift at the legendary Z100 in 1996. Over the last twenty years, he has become one of New York City’s signature voices (Variety calls him “a permanent fixture of the area’s daily commutes”) thanks to his show’s exciting mix of music, new artist discovery, interviews, gossip, and live listener interaction. Along the way, Elvis has become known not just for his incisive interviews (and occasional feuds) with pop music’s biggest stars, but for the show’s commitment to kindness and positivity and Elvis’s own candor and openness with his audience. Bold, funny, and totally candid, Where Do I Begin? is sure to be loved by anyone who listens to Elvis live every morning—or anyone who wants to know what really goes on behind the scenes of the pop music machine from the “man who has been as big a part of the industry’s success as anyone” (Ryan Seacrest).

Love-N-Life Poetry

Love-N-Life Poetry Author : Poetic Flow
Release : 2014-06-27
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 149903119X
File Size : 32.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is my 2nd book of poetry. I began writing these poems, shortly after my 1st book was published in May 2008. From that date to now (2014), I have written numerous poems, many of which I have included in this body of work. Once again, I bring to you the realities of the world, words that will, as my motto goes “Inspire, Motivate & Encourage the World – One Poem/Positive Vibe at a Time.” It is my sincere hope that you can find hope, peace, love, understanding, laughter or joy in my selection of poems. GOD gifted me with this talent and it is my duty to share it with you all. As one of my poems is entitled, MY PASSION IS MY PURPOSE. I give you a little twist this time, adding in some Love poems, hence Love~N~Life Poetry. I thank you for your continued support over the years, you are TRULY my inspiration & I appreciate each and every one of you. May this book of poetry be a beautiful read and keepsake.

How Do I Begin?

How Do I Begin? Author : Andre Yang
Release : 2011
Publisher : Heyday Books
ISBN : 9781597141505
File Size : 73.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Hmong history and culture can be found in the form of oral stories, oral poetry, textile art, and music but there is no written account of Hmong life, by a Hmong hand, passed down through the centuries. As an undergraduate, Burlee Vang experienced this void when he received valuable advice from his English professor: "Write about your people. That story has not been told. If you don't, who will?" How Do I Begin? is the struggle to preserve on paper the Hmong American experience. In this anthology, readers will find elaborate soul-calling ceremonies, a woman questioning the seeming tyranny of her parents and future in-laws, the temptation of gangs and drugs, and the shame and embarrassment of being different in a culture that obsessively values homogeneity. Some pieces revisit the ghosts of war. Others lament the loss of a country. Many offer glimpses into intergenerational tensions exacerbated by the differences in Hmong and American culture.

How Do I Escape When I’m Trapped in My Own Mind?

How Do I Escape When I’m Trapped in My Own Mind? Author : Kris Jones
Release : 2011-07-12
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1462035655
File Size : 55.68 MB
Format : PDF
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Kris Jones is just fourteen when her mother suffers a stroke and slips into a coma from which she never fully recovers. A few years later, Kris’s mom dies. The burden then falls on the shoulders of Kris’s older sister to take care of the family, but the effort does not succeed. The family breaks apart, and amid the turmoil Kris must cope with attending a dangerous high school, longing to return to her Catholic school and the safety it provided. When Kris’s grandma dies as well, Kris has no choice but to move in with her father. Though her instincts warn against the move, she has no idea that she’s about to become a victim of child molestation. She soon finds herself in a foster home, and her father finds himself in prison. Despite battles with alcohol, drugs, and the legal system, Kris finds the will to keep chasing her dreams. She works and struggles, showing true courage when she comes out of the closet and starts living as openly gay. Today, she is free.

Bridge Stories

Bridge Stories Author : Susan Wilson-Shultz
Release : 2014-04
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 1490833099
File Size : 44.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Like a lot of people, Susan didn't believe that she had a story worth sharing, a story that would impact lives for Christ-that is until that surprising day when God called her to write her testimony. That day, with fingers pressed upon the keys of her laptop, Susan embarked on a journey that forever changed her life as well as the lives of others. Over the course of a few years, as Susan wrote, God began to orchestrate the events of her life to paint a beautiful picture depicting how His people should live in preparation for His return and demonstrating His desire that we begin living lives that testify to Him. In these pages you will find more than simply the words that describe Susan's personal journey; you will hear the Savior's voice. You will hear the message that Jesus lovingly laid on her heart, a message that speaks about how He longs for His ultimate wedding day to His Bride, the Church, and about how we should live in preparation for that day. Just as a bridge once connected Jerusalem with the Temple Mount, bringing people closer to the Temple where God resided, these stories will lead you into a deeper relationship with the Lord. They will help you to discover your own story-for God created you to testify! You are meant to be a bridge that leads others to Christ. God wants to speak through you, so let's get started finding your story!

Visual Design for Online Learning

Visual Design for Online Learning Author : Torria Davis
Release : 2015-09-08
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118922441
File Size : 36.65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Update the visual design of your course in pedagogically sound ways Visual Design for Online Learning spotlights the role that visual elements play in the online learning environment. Written for both new and experienced instructors, the book guides you in adding pedagogically relevant visual design elements that contribute to effective learning practices. The text builds upon three conceptual frameworks: active learning, multiple intelligences, and universal design for learning. This resource explores critical issues such as copyright, technology tools, and accessibility and includes examples from top Blackboard practitioners which are applicable to any LMS. Ultimately, the author guides you in developing effective visual elements that will support your teaching goals while reinforcing the learning materials you share with your students. There has been a steady increase of over 10% in online enrollment for higher education institutions since 2002, yet the visual look of online courses has not changed significantly in the last ten years. Adapting to the needs of students within online classes is critical to guiding your students toward success—and the right visual elements can play an integral role in your students' ability to learn and retain the information they need to thrive in their chosen programs. In fact, visual elements have been shown to increase student participation, engagement, and success in an online course. Leverage the best practices employed by exemplary Blackboard practitioners Explore three foundational conceptual frameworks: active learning, multiple intelligences, and universal design for learning Increase student retention and success Visual Design for Online Learning is an essential reference for all online educators—both new and experienced.

Debating Race, Ethnicity, and Latino Identity

Debating Race, Ethnicity, and Latino Identity Author : Iván Jaksić
Release : 2015-07-07
Publisher : Columbia University Press
ISBN : 0231537727
File Size : 43.29 MB
Format : PDF
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The philosopher Jorge J. E. Gracia engages fifteen prominent scholars on race, ethnicity, nationality, and Hispanic/Latino identity in the United States. Their discussion joins two distinct traditions: the philosophy of race begun by African Americans in the nineteenth century, and the search for an understanding of identity initiated by Latin American philosophers in the sixteenth century. Participants include Linda M. Alcoff, K. Anthony Appiah, Richard J. Bernstein, Lawrence Blum, Robert Gooding-Williams, Eduardo Mendieta, and Lucius T. Outlaw Jr., and their dialogue reflects the analytic, Aristotelian, Continental, literary, Marxist, and pragmatic schools of thought. These intellectuals start with the philosophy of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and then move to the philosophy of African Americans and Anglo Americans in the United States and the philosophy of Latin Americans in Latin America. Gracia and his interlocutors debate the nature of race and ethnicity and their relation to nationality, linguistic rights, matters of identity, and Affirmative Action, binding the concepts of race and ethnicity together in ways that open new paths of inquiry. Gracia's Familial-Historical View of ethnic and Hispanic/Latino identity operates at the center of each of these discussions, providing vivid access to the philosopher's provocative arguments while adding unique depth to issues that each of us struggles to understand.

How Do I Proceed?

How Do I Proceed? Author : M. P. Pandit
Release : 1998-04-01
Publisher : Lotus Press
ISBN : 817509026X
File Size : 25.35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book presents an outline of the scope, practice, and goal of the integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, stressing more of its practical side than its philosophical content. The author begins with the three basic processes of the Yoga: aspiration for the Divine, rejection of all contrary movements, and surrender of one's will to the Divine Will on each level of one's being. The next chapters deal with ways one may approach the Yoga, and the final chapter discusses the key role of the psychic being in the sadhana.


Kierkegaard Author : Louis Mackey
Release : 2016-11-11
Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN : 151280407X
File Size : 44.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Philosopher Louis Mackey facilitates a new understanding of Kierkegaard using the tools of literary criticism.

The Breaking Bridges: How Do I Cross?

The Breaking Bridges: How Do I Cross? Author :
Release :
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
ISBN : 1434920402
File Size : 73.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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St. Benedict's Toolbox

St. Benedict's Toolbox Author : Jane Tomaine
Release : 2015-07
Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN : 0819231983
File Size : 39.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 534
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Revised anniversary edition: When St. Benedict formed his first small community of monks at Monte Cassino on the hilltop, Italy--and much of Europe--was ravaged by war. The Roman Empire was breaking apart, and politics, cultural life, and even the Church, were all in disarray. In the midst of these tumultuous times, Benedict offered his followers a “little rule,” a guide about the size of a checkbook, that showed his monks the way to peace as they learned to prefer Christ above all things. Though it was written nearly 1500 years ago, the Rule of Benedict still offers the practical tools for living a Christ-centered today. Here in St. Benedict’s Toolbox, readers will find a primer on how to use these tools in their own tumultuous lives. Each chapter examines one aspect of the Rule, from ways of praying to ways of embracing humility, and offers suggestions for prayer, reflection, journaling, and action. As they learn to use Benedict’s tools, readers will discover the power--and the timeliness--of this ancient way of life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families Author : Stephen R. Covey
Release : 2014-08-05
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
ISBN : 1466874325
File Size : 56.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families is Stephen R. Covey's newly revised and updated paperback edition of the New York Times bestseller that offers precious lessons in creating and sustaining a strong family culture in a turbulent world. In his first major work since The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey presents a practical and philosophical guide to solving the problems--large and small, mundane and extraordinary--that confront all families and strong communities. By offering revealing anecdotes about ordinary people as well as helpful suggestions about changing everyday behavior, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families shows how and why to have family meetings, the importance of keeping promises, how to balance individual and family needs, and how to move from dependence to interdependence. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families is an invaluable guidebook to the welfare of families everywhere.

Isese Spirituality Workbook

Isese Spirituality Workbook Author : Ayele Kumari
Release : 2020-06-23
Publisher : Ayele Kumari
File Size : 77.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ifa Orisa Spirituality is an ancestral wisdom tradition steeped in nature and West African history . Isese (Ee Shay Shay) refers to tradition in Ifa spirituality and refers to the wisdom passed down from our ancestors and spiritual progenitors. Descendants from the African Diaspora displaced during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade are seeking to return back to our indigenous nature based roots for empowerment and spiritual transformation. The Isese Workbook offers a wealth of information, personal rituals, and exercises that can be done right now to begin to tap this expansive spiritual system whether or not a mentor has been found. It will also offer new practicial tools for those who are already devotees of the tradition to deepen their understanding. The workbook is specifically designed for inner work including exercises and rites drawn from traditional practices in Africa but also embraces the evolution of that understanding to be useful and relevant for the 21st Century African Diaspora population. In the Isese Spirituality Workbook, you will learn: * About your unique spiritual anatomy and physiology based on Isese and Ifa * The power of your Ori and its influence in shaping your destiny. * The Pillars of Isese foundations in Ori, Egun, and Egbe. * The role in Iwa or Character in spiritual evolution and healing. * About Asaro meditation and how to use it to cultivate inner peace and healing. * How to cultivate a relationship with your ancestors & healing generational trauma. * About Egbe, your spiritual support system ,soul family & multidimensional worlds * The role of divination in securing answers and how to use a simple method to gain immediate direction and guidance. * Sacred verses in the Ancient Ifa literary corpus to give us timeless guidance. * Sacred technology using Ewe and easy to find items. * Frequently Asked Questions of Beginners * How to begin the practice of Isese, Ifa Orisa Spirituality in the West and more.

The Four Most Baffling Challenges for Teachers and how to Solve Them

The Four Most Baffling Challenges for Teachers and how to Solve Them Author : Sheryn Spencer Waterman
Release : 2006
Publisher : Eye On Education
ISBN : 1596670193
File Size : 79.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Based on ethical development, the standards movement, and brain-based research, shows teachers how to solve four of their most fundamental classroom challenges at the elementary, middle, and high school level.

To Believe Or Not Believe, That Is the Question

To Believe Or Not Believe, That Is the Question Author : Thomas J. Gorman
Release : 2007-02-01
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 1600349889
File Size : 46.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 223
Read : 256

A former Boy Scout turned gang member, Catholic altar boy turned agnostic, Gorman reflects on his life and the search for answers about God which led him back to a life of Bible-based faith. (Practical Life)

What Do I Say?

What Do I Say? Author : Linda N. Edelstein
Release : 2011-05-12
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118061489
File Size : 79.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The must-have guide to honestly and sensitively answering your clients' questions Written to help therapists view their clients' questions as collaborative elements of clinical work, What Do I Say? explores the questions—some direct, others unspoken—that all therapists, at one time or another, will encounter from clients. Authors and practicing therapists Linda Edelstein and Charles Waehler take a thought-provoking look at how answers to clients' questions shape a therapeutic climate of expression that encourages personal discovery and growth. Strategically arranged in a question-and-answer format for ease of use, this hands-on guide is conversational in tone and filled with personal examples from experienced therapists on twenty-three hot-button topics, including religion, sex, money, and boundaries. What Do I Say? tackles actual client questions, such as: Can you help me? (Chapter 1, The Early Sessions) Sorry I am late. Can we have extra time? (Chapter 9, Boundaries) I don't believe in all this therapy crap. What do you think about that? (Chapter 3, Therapeutic Process) Why is change so hard? (Chapter 4, Expectations About Change) Will you attend my graduation/wedding/musical performance/speech/business grand opening? (Chapter 20, Out of the Office) Where are you going on vacation? (Chapter 10, Personal Questions) I gave your name to a friend . . . Will you see her? (Chapter 9, Boundaries) Should I pray about my problems? (Chapter 12, Religion and Spirituality) Are you like all those other liberals who believe gay people have equal rights? (Chapter 13, Prejudice) The power of therapy lies in the freedom it offers clients to discuss anything and everything. It's not surprising then, that clients will surprise therapists with their experiences and sometimes with the questions they ask. What Do I Say? reveals how these questions—no matter how difficult or uncomfortable—can be used to support the therapeutic process rather than derail the therapist–client relationship.

God Knows the Way that I Take

God Knows the Way that I Take Author : Pearlie Inez Ealey-Forrest
Release : 2008-05-13
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1462821618
File Size : 50.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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God Knows The Way That I Take The open road, Before me lay I reminiscence Along the way. Across my path, Shadows are cast, But the darkness Cannot last. Pearlie I. Ealey-Forrest God Knows the Way That I Take, and heard my parents’ Midnight Cry. He let me escape a Fatal Substance. Long Winding Road was hazardous and Emerging from the Cocoon was painful. I overcome Unpredictable Storms. My Amazing Mentors pointed me to God. Wisdom came through a Wake-up Call and standing In the Shadow of the Trees. Summoned by Death, I asked, Where Do We Go From Here? I Witnessed during a Special Assignment. A Little Red Light, led to a televison Program. During an interruption, I took the Long Journey Home and fulfilled a Deferred Dream.

Arnold Bennett: The Self-Management Series

Arnold Bennett: The Self-Management Series Author : Arnold Bennett
Release : 2019-12-18
Publisher : e-artnow
File Size : 83.97 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 458
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This collection presents a personal development series by Arnold Bennett. The trilogy addresses corporate workers and people who to work every day from nine to five. Bennett offers them practical advice on how to live life to the full potential as opposed to just exist.