Franchise Your Business

Franchise Your Business Author : Mark Siebert
Release : 2016
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
ISBN : 9781599185811
File Size : 82.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 178
Read : 916

Franchise Your Growth Expert franchise consultant Mark Siebert delivers the ultimate how-to guide to employing the greatest growth strategy ever--franchising. Siebert tells you what to expect, how to move forward, and avoid costly mistakes as he imparts decades of experience, insights, and practical advice to help grow your business exponentially through franchising. Learn how to: Evaluate your existing businesses for franchisability Identify the advantages and disadvantages of franchising Develop a business plan for growth on steroids Evaluate legal risk, obtain necessary documents, and protect intellectual property Create marketing plans, build lead generation, and branding for a new franchise Cultivate the franchisee-franchisor relationship

How To Franchise Your Business 2nd Edition

How To Franchise Your Business 2nd Edition Author : Brian Duckett
Release : 2011-08-26
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1848034954
File Size : 30.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 406
Read : 1042

Learn how to effectively expand your business system and reap the benefits of growth If you have a proven business system and are wishing to expand, franchising is a strong option. It provides a quick route to growth and uses other people's money and enthusiasm to open individual offices, shops, restaurants, salons, surgeries, units, van rounds, or service centres. This book provides practical advice on how franchising works from two authors with years of experience. As well as being for potential franchisors, this book is also invaluable to owners of existing branch networks, practising franchisors and their management teams, and candidates for the Diploma in Franchise Management. It will show you how to: - Decide whether your business should and could be franchised - Understand the franchisor/franchisee relationship - Structure the business so it works for both franchisor and franchisee - Prove the concept with pilot operations - Market your franchise and recruit franchisees - Motivate franchisees and monitor their performance - Franchise your business internationally - Prepare your network for sale - or buy an existing franchised network Contents: Acknowledgements; Preface; SECTION I - THE BASICS; 1. Introduction; 2. Business format franchising - a growth option for your business?; 3. The franchised network development plan; 4. The franchisor/franchisee relationship; 5. Pilot operations; 6. Building the franchisor management team; 7. The franchise operations manual; 8. The franchise agreement; 9. International franchising; SECTION 2 - PRACTICAL FRANCHISE; MANAGEMENT; 10. How to market a franchise; 11. How to recruit franchisees; 12. How to get the best results from franchise exhibitions; 13. How to help franchisees prepare and review their business plans; 14. How to write the franchise operations manual; 15. How to develop and deliver a franchise training programme; 16. How to monitor franchisees' performance; 17. How to motivate franchisees; 18. How to get the best from field visits; 19. How to manage franchise unit resales; 20. How to monitor your performance as a franchisor; 21. How to avoid legal problems for you and your franchisees; SECTION 3 - ADVANCED FRANCHISING; 22. Becoming an international franchisor; 23. Becoming a master franchisee; 24. Meeting your international match; 25. Negotiating the international arrangements; 26. Buying or selling an existing franchised network; Appendices; Index

How and Why to Franchise Your Business

How and Why to Franchise Your Business Author : Michael A. Peterson
Release : 2016-12-26
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 1540372847
File Size : 53.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 857
Read : 1320

This book was written with the would-be franchisor in mind. It delves deeply into such topics as preparing to become a franchisor, the legal repercussions of franchising, how to recruit the right candidates, and how to manage a franchise system. This book will guide you in building a successful team of experts to help you create the stellar franchise brand that you dream of!

So You Want To Franchise Your Business?

So You Want To Franchise Your Business? Author : Harold Kestenbaum
Release : 2015-03-12
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
ISBN : 1613082983
File Size : 52.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 310
Read : 653

Harold Kestenbaum has worked with more than 100 businesses in their franchising efforts including such household names as Sbarro and Nathan’s. A 30-year veteran of franchise law and a board member of four major franchise companies, he and Adina Genn, an award-winning journalist, have joined forces to teach you the secrets to turning your business into a successful franchise. If you’re interested in using this profitable strategy to expand your business, you’ll get an in-depth look at how to evaluate your business concept, determine if your business is a candidate for franchising, implement the franchise process, and build a thriving franchise. Well-known entrepreneurs who successfully franchised their business, including Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca and CEO of the Dwyer Group Dina Dwyer-Owens, offer detailed, in-the-trenches guidance and information. These experts speak frankly about the tactics you can use to market, sell, and build your franchise while offering insider advice to help you avoid the pitfalls of business growth. • Step-By-Step Guide To The Franchising Process • Low-Cost Ways To Grow A Franchise In The Startup Phase • Franchise A Concept For Less Than $100,000 • Best Practices From Top Franchisors And Franchisees

How to Franchise Your Business

How to Franchise Your Business Author : Lisa Newton
Release : 2016-10-27
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781539779087
File Size : 88.48 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 214
Read : 1165

Are you a service based business owner who is thinking of franchising their business? What we'll cover in this book is the process you need to go through in order to be ready to franchise. We'll cover what franchising is, the benefits of franchising, whether your business is franchisable and possible alternatives to franchising. We'll look at the costs of franchising, the steps, the process and possible timeframes in the franchising roadmap framework. Perhaps franchising your business is an idea that you have in mind, but you're not sure where to start? This book looks at exactly what you have to do, and various templates are included to help - including a franchise agreement, financial models for determining the feasibility for your business. Franchising is a great way to expand your business, but beware that it is a whole new business format. The ratios will be different from your existing company-owned unit, it performs differently, and it is a different culture. Adapting your business to work properly as a franchise and recruiting franchisees require know-how and experience. Allow this book to guide you through the process. It will save you time and money and will help you to assess whether its something work doing, or not. We will look at the financial aspects of franchising, the operations manual (what goes into it, how it should be written) and marketing the franchise. As stated previously - this is a whole new business. Not only will you have to continue to market, sell and promote your company owned unit, but you'll have to market and sell the franchise. Franchising is an entire industry all by itself. There are franchise shows and exhibitions to attend, franchise organisations to join and then there'll be sales people who crawl out of the woodwork offering to do everything for you - for a fee, of course. Your existing business will need to be strong enough to meet all of these extra costs. But that said, you don't want to muddy the waters. Having a new business structure which is entirely separate from the existing business unit is useful, to keep (and protect) the initial business from the franchise business.

How to Franchise Your Own Business

How to Franchise Your Own Business Author : Gideon Nieman
Release : 1998
Publisher : Juta and Company Ltd
ISBN : 9780702143717
File Size : 54.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 439
Read : 689

Franchizing doubled in South Africa between 1990 and 1997, with estimates suggesting further growth into the 21st century. This title suggests how entrepreneurs of limited capital may obtain what is necessary to grow and expand.

Franchising & Licensing

Franchising & Licensing Author : Andrew J. Sherman
Release : 2011
Publisher : Amacom Books
File Size : 81.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 228
Read : 1004

The definitive resource for corporations in myriad industries-now completely revised and updated.

The Unofficial Guide to Opening a Franchise

The Unofficial Guide to Opening a Franchise Author : Jason R. Rich
Release : 2007-05-14
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9780470131930
File Size : 74.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 667
Read : 382

The inside scoop... for when you want more than the official line! So you dream of escaping the 9-to-5 rat race, starting your own business, and becoming your own boss, but you don't have a clue where to start. Opening a franchise-based business can lower your start-up costs and reduce the time, hassle, and risk associated with getting a new business operational. A franchise offers training, support, a proven business model, and the closest thing possible to a turnkey solution for achieving success. There are more than 3,000 different franchise opportunities in more than seventy-five industries, including packaging and shipping, tax preparation, maid service, fitness, car care, and more. Featuring exclusive, in-depth interviews with a wide range of franchising experts, this book gives you a first-hand perspective plus valuable tips and strategies for success. It provides the guidance you need to choose the right franchise, select a prime location, market your business, and get it up and running efficiently. You'll learn all about financing, essential business skills, hiring and managing employees, working with suppliers, and even preparing for your grand opening. This guide includes: Vital Information on things to look for when evaluating franchise opportunities--and where to look Insider Secrets from successful franchisors, franchisees, and franchise consultants Money-Saving Techniques such as using a franchise attorney to help you review the UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) and finalize your Franchise Agreement The Scoop on the latest trends, plus profiles of the top twenty-five franchises in America Handy Worksheets to help you examine your goals and opportunities, evaluate financing options, develop a realistic business plan, and more

Franchise Bible

Franchise Bible Author : Rick Grossmann
Release : 2017-01-10
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
ISBN : 1613083556
File Size : 49.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 973
Read : 854

This proven, popular reference has been completely updated to better guide readers through the current franchise environment. Real-life examples of both service- and product-oriented franchises and useful checklists prevent mistakes and save time and money. Contact information for state and federal franchising regulatory agencies and a listing of useful publications guide new franchisees to the resources they need.

Franchise Your Business

Franchise Your Business Author : Mark Siebert
Release : 2015-12-21
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
ISBN : 1613083319
File Size : 57.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 665
Read : 517

Franchise Your Growth Expert franchise consultant Mark Siebert delivers the ultimate how-to guide to employing the greatest growth strategy ever—franchising. Siebert tells you what to expect, how to move forward, and avoid costly mistakes as he imparts decades of experience, insights, and practical advice to help grow your business exponentially through franchising. Learn how to: Evaluate your existing businesses for franchisability Identify the advantages and disadvantages of franchising Develop a business plan for growth on steroids Evaluate legal risk, obtain necessary documents, and protect intellectual property Create marketing plans, build lead generation, and branding for a new franchise Cultivate the franchisee-franchisor relationship

Franchising Demystified

Franchising Demystified Author : Wayne Maillet
Release : 2014-10-20
Publisher : FriesenPress
ISBN : 1460253973
File Size : 72.28 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 515
Read : 375

Whether you are considering getting into a franchise, or have made the commitment, Franchising Demystified provides you with a deep understanding of the franchisee-franchisor relationship. This definitive franchise handbook provides you with the tools to effectively assess the right franchise opportunity for you and then maximize your return on investment. Loaded with practical tips, Franchising Demystified helps you: - Identify the best franchise opportunities - Determine if franchising is right for you - Fully understand your rights under the license model - Improve and build upon the franchisee-franchisor relationship - Succeed and grow a successful, profitable business Real-life examples let you learn from other people's mistakes and experiences. Franchising Demystified is a must read for anyone considering buying a franchise or currently a franchisee ..

The Franchisee Handbook

The Franchisee Handbook Author : Mark Siebert
Release : 2019-01-22
Publisher : Entrepreneur Press
ISBN : 1613083998
File Size : 34.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 686
Read : 807

Is Franchising Right For You? Why start a business from scratch when you can have a piece of the greatest expansion strategy ever conceived? Franchising is BIG and getting bigger in every sector—from restaurants and coffee chains to pet care and insurance. There is a franchise for everything and everyone. As a potential franchise owner, you can be in charge of your own success while being supported by a known brand. Franchising gives you that ability, along with the satisfaction that comes only with building something that can last a lifetime and beyond. And, if you are successful, you eventually stop sweating the details and have the freedom to enjoy your life in a way that most around you cannot. In The Franchisee Handbook, franchise expert Mark Siebert walks you through the process of vetting and buying a franchise, helps you ask the right questions of franchisors and yourself, and gives you the resources you need to decide if franchising is right for you. Siebert shows you how to do your homework before making what could be the greatest financial decision of your life. You will learn how to: Accurately assess the risks of buying a franchise Determine if a franchise is a good fit for your personal goals Research and vet potential franchise opportunities Create a startup plan that meets your business goals Prepare your franchise for success Why dream about owning a franchise when you can take concrete steps to make it happen today? With The Franchisee Handbook as your guide, you have the power in your hands to start your own franchise journey right now.

The Essential Guide to Franchising Your Business

The Essential Guide to Franchising Your Business Author : Roz Goldstein
Release : 2017-01-10
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781527205260
File Size : 51.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 261
Read : 511

The Essential Guide to Franchising Your Business is a straight-forward, easy-to-read handbook for any business owner thinking about franchising. It sets out the key issues that you need to consider when deciding whether or not to franchise your business, and guidance on how to go about it. The book works around a clearly designed Franchise Roadmap, that provides you with a transparent set of milestones by which to plan your franchise journey. The Essential Guide to Franchising Your Business is packed with expert advice from the brightest and best of the franchising world, along with real-life examples from some of the UK's top franchise businesses. If you are a business owner looking at expansion, The Essential Guide to Franchising Your Business is an honest companion that will help set you on the road to franchise success!

The Guide to Franchising

The Guide to Franchising Author : Martin Mendelsohn
Release : 1992-01-01
Publisher : Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN : 9780304324064
File Size : 64.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 630
Read : 515

"The 5th edition of The Guide to Franchising has been entirely rewritten and substantially expanded to take account of the rapid developments in franchising over recent years." "It serves as valuable introduction to this growth area of commerce for those as yet unfamiliar with franchising, by describing its history and development and answering the fundamental questions: why franchise your business? why take up a franchise? and what can be franchised?" "The book is also designed as a practical guide for those already involved in franchising in one capacity or another; coverage includes how to become a franchisor, how to become a franchisee, an examination of franchisor/franchisee relations, franchisor services to franchisees, and the techniques of multiple franchising. Essential advice and information are provided on the legal aspects of the franchise contract." "A special chapter is devoted to the key issue of franchising internationally in recognition of the likely acceleration of growth of this practice as the Single European Market comes into effect." "Ten cases studies, six from the UK and four which focus on international companies, provide a fascinating insight into the variety of franchise systems which have proved successful in different business contexts." "The book also contains a detailed profile of the British Franchise Association and of the franchise consultants. Useful appendices supplement this information with the texts of official documents of the BFA and FCA."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Grow Smart, Risk Less

Grow Smart, Risk Less Author : Shelly Sun
Release : 2011
Publisher : Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN : 160832284X
File Size : 66.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 530
Read : 303

Experienced franchisor Shelly Sun shares practical advice, insights, and her own compelling experiences to help readers discover the power and avoid the pitfalls of franchising their businesses. * A low-risk, low-capital path to astounding growth. In today's economic environment, and long into the future, access to capital is limited. Successful business owners have few options for dramatically expanding their brand, taking it to the regional, national, or even international arena. Grow Smart, Risk Less describes how readers, through franchising, can use other people's money and leverage their success for rapid growth. * Covers the entire process of franchising. Most books on franchising focus on educating the franchisee, but this book is designed to fully educate the franchisor. The author walks readers through each stage of the franchising process: from determining if they have a franchisable concept, to assembling a professional team without wasting money, to adjusting the business model along the way for optimum growth, to growing as a leader to assume new challenges. * Written by an experienced, nationally lauded franchisor. Unlike many authors of books on franchising, Shelly Sun has been through the process, growing her business from $1 million to $100 million in five years. She's been named entrepreneur of the year by the International Franchise Association and is being featured on a network prime-time show about compelling companies.

Franchising For Dummies

Franchising For Dummies Author : Michael H. Seid
Release : 2006-09-18
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 0470109572
File Size : 64.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 208
Read : 1126

If you want to own your business but don’t want to start from scratch, maybe buying into a franchise is the right choice for you! Franchising can be a great way to get started in small business without taking the huge risk of founding and building a company on your own. But before you jump in there’s plenty you need to know in order to make sure you do it right. Franchising For Dummies, Second Edition gives you all the inside insight and smart advice to make sure you pick the right investment opportunity and make the most of it. Written by one of the nation’s leading franchise consultants and by the late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s International, this fun, friendly guide is packed with guidance from top industry professionals. Packed with practical resources you need to succeed, this handy guide will help you: Pick the perfect franchise opportunity for you Find an ideal location Raise the capital you need to launch your franchise Manage daily business operations Understand complex legal issues Work and communicate with your franchisor and other franchisees Read and understand a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular Expand your business and buy new franchises Full of handy resources—including sample forms and agreements and a listing of available government resources—Franchising For Dummies, Second Edition is a great way to discover a great franchising opportunity, get started, and achieve your dream of small business success and independence. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

How to Franchise Your Business

How to Franchise Your Business Author : Jason Anderson
Release : 2017-06-09
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 9781547108985
File Size : 66.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 746
Read : 878

How to franchise your business is a simple "no-fluff" 2017 modern explanation of the steps and process of franchising your business or idea. This book was written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and made to be short, simple and to the point. Our goal was to keep the book to under 50 pages total to make it a quick read you could knock out on a plane ride, or in one sitting to learn more about the basic steps and processes of franchising your business. The author Jason Anderson has helped develop and sell over 100 franchises since 2012, and now actively works as the president of Accurate Franchising Inc, a subsidiary of franchising giant United Franchise Group. Jason has been a regional developer, and the Director of Franchise Development for 9 Multinational Franchise Brands. He is an Air Force veteran, experienced entrepreneur having built a real estate company that was sold and franchised from scratch. Jason has an MBA, Cornell University Marketing Certification, has been featured on the cover of Realtor Magazine and made the Forbes 30 Under 30 in January 2012. The short and simple foreword is written by the CEO & Founder of United Franchise Group "Ray Titus." Ray Titus is the founder of the worlds largest sign franchise "Signarama" with 800+ locations in 40+ countries. Ray's father Roy Titus started the MinuteMan Press franchise. Ray has spent his entire life in the franchising world, and now owns and operates 9 franchise brands with over 1400 franchisees in 60+ countries. So if you have been wondering "How to Franchise My Business" then this book is the most current, simple, straight forward solution to helping you learn exactly what it takes to get started as a franchisor in the United States.

Franchise Management For Dummies

Franchise Management For Dummies Author : Michael H. Seid
Release : 2017-04-24
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1119337283
File Size : 45.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 334
Read : 1178

Learn what it takes to find, buy, and run a franchise — and enjoy the rewards of being your own boss If you’ve ever visited a chain restaurant and thought, “I’d like to run one of these,” you’re among countless would-be entrepreneurs eager to be their own boss. Franchise Management For Dummies is a hands-on guide that provides clear and concise information on the issues involved in finding, buying, operating, and ultimately growing a successful franchise business. Geared toward both novices and experts in franchising, it’s an essential guide to help prospective franchisees know what to look for in a great franchisor, and to show existing franchisees what great franchisors are providing their franchisees. Both emerging and experienced franchisors will gain an understanding about the proper methods of structuring, managing, and expanding their franchise systems. Social impact investors, donors, and NGOs can learn how franchising techniques can transform how they look at providing products and services at the base of the pyramid. Inside you’ll discover: How to find a franchise that’s right for you and the ideal location for it Where to find quality franchisors and understand the qualities franchisors look for How to gather information from franchisees A franchisor’s mandatory legal obligations to prospective franchisees, the franchise disclosure document (FDD), and working with franchise professionals How to take a realistic look at your finances and what capital you’ll need to buy and launch a franchise Develop strategic advertising and marketing plans How to find, hire, and train talented employees who will help make your franchise a success How to make sure your franchise makes money How to grow your business with multiple franchises And more! Additionally, Franchise Management For Dummies includes a glossary of common franchise-related terms, ten keys to franchisee success, and the questions to ask before becoming a franchisor. Get a copy today and find out if owning and operating a franchise is the right business move for you.

Successful Franchising

Successful Franchising Author : Bradley Sugars
Release : 2005-12-19
Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN : 0071466711
File Size : 73.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 487
Read : 1007

Let a franchising guru show you how it's done. A multimillionaire who built Action International up from a home-based operation to the 16th fastest growing franchise in the world in just twelve years, with nearly 1,000 franchises worldwide, Brad Sugars is one of the most successful franchising experts in the world. With the help of real-life examples, including KFC, Subway, and Howard Johnson's, Sugars arms you with powerful information you can put into action-immediately. You'll discover: Everything you need to know about buying a franchise How to franchise your own business The pros and cons of franchising versus licensing Insider tips for selling a franchise Get real results right now when you discover all that Instant Success has to offer! Instant Advertising * Instant Cashflow * Instant Leads * Instant Profit * Instant Promotions * Instant Referrals * Instant Repeat Business * Instant Sales * Instant Team Building * The Business Coach * The Real Estate Coach * Successful Franchising * Billionaire in Training

Franchising Your Business - The Keys to Success

Franchising Your Business - The Keys to Success Author : Len Rainford
Release : 2019-11
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781916483514
File Size : 30.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 292
Read : 1250

"Franchising Your Business - The Keys to Success" is an easily understandable and straightforward but in-depth overview of the key steps to ensuring success when considering franchising your business. It reveals two sides of the coin. In addition to focusing on the benefits of franchising it also covers the drawbacks of franchising.