Fabulous Food, Minus the Boombah

Fabulous Food, Minus the Boombah Author : Jane Kennedy
Release : 2011-09-01
Publisher : Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN : 1742732518
File Size : 86.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Read : 857

After having five children in six years and trying every fad diet known to man. A lifetime love of cooking teamed with a refusal to give up flavour led Jane to develop her own dishes that are dellicious but also good for you.

OMG! I can eat that? Indulgent Food Minus the Boombah

OMG! I can eat that? Indulgent Food Minus the Boombah Author : Jane Kennedy
Release : 2010-10-01
Publisher : Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN : 174273541X
File Size : 63.79 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 343
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From Australia’s favourite new health-food chef comes the follow up to the bestselling Fabulous Food Minus the Boombah. Like most of us, Jane Kennedy can’t eat anything she wants because she gets FAT. After having five children in six years and trying every fad diet known to man in an attempt to shift excess weight, Jane decided to take matters into her own hands. A lifetime love of cooking, teamed with a refusal to give up the flavours of her favourite meals, led Jane to develop her own dishes that are delicious but also good for you. In Jane’s second book, OMG! I can eat that?, she shares some of her favourite recipes, just without all the unwanted fat. Chapters include Nibbles, Soups, Piemakins, Chicken & Duck, Beef, Lamb & Pork, Fish & Seafood, Comfort Classics, Vegetables and Dessert. And these recipes aren’t your typical ‘diet’ recipes either, with delicious meals such as Chicken, Leek and Mushrooms ‘piemakins’ (pies in ramekins minus the pastry), Beef Bourguignon, Boombahfree burgers, and even sweet treats like Rhubarb and strawberry crumble, you’ll forget you’re even eating food minus the boombah!

I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar Author : Sarah Wilson
Release : 2014-01-30
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
ISBN : 1447272781
File Size : 90.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'I lost weight and my skin changed, it cleared. But when I quit the white stuff, I also started to heal. I found wellness and the kind of energy and sparkle I had as a kid. I don't believe in diets or in making eating miserable. This plan and the recipes are designed for lasting wellness.' Sarah Wilson was a self-confessed sugar addict, eating the equivalent of twenty-five teaspoons of sugar every day, before making the link between her sugar consumption and a lifetime of mood disorders, fluctuating weight issues, sleep problems and thyroid disease. She knew she had to make a change. What started as an experiment soon became a way of life, then a campaign to alert others to the health dangers of sugar. I Quit Sugar uses Sarah's personal experience to help you: · beat the sugar habit with a tested eight week plan · overcome cravings via proven and easy tricks · find healthy sugar substitutes · cook sugar-free: over a hundred desserts, cakes, chocolate, kids' treats, snacks and easy detox meals 'Sarah's down-to-earth, practical approach makes the sugar-quitting process doable, while her recipes make it fun' - David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison.

I Quit Sugar Cookbook

I Quit Sugar Cookbook Author : Sarah Wilson
Release : 2013-12-11
Publisher : I Quit Sugar
ISBN : 145662086X
File Size : 73.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Big Book of Fabulous Food

The Big Book of Fabulous Food Author : Jane Kennedy
Release : 2015-10-01
Publisher : Hardie Grant Books
ISBN : 1743583494
File Size : 66.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jane Kennedy long ago established that low carb and flavor need not be strangers. With some clever tweaking and testing, she transformed her best-loved dishes so that she could enjoy them without the inevitable regret later. The Big Book of Fabulous food introduces Jane’s newest creations alongside a best of collection of favourites from her three previous cookbooks. If you like to eat well and feel great, this collection is for you. Jane Kennedy is a radio, film and television stalwart who has worked on some of Australia's favourite films and TV shows, including The Late Show, Frontline, The Dish and The Castle. She loves to cook and eat well, and believes that healthy eating shouldn't come at the expense of flavour. Her first cookbook, Fabulous Food, Minus the Boombah, was published in 2009, followed by OMG! I Can Eat That? in 2010 and One Dish, Two Ways in 2014. She lives in Melbourne, Australia and – clearly taking her commitment to comedy too far – has five children with her partner, Rob Sitch.

The Big Book of Fabulous Food: 152 Delicious & Healthy Recipes to Make You Feel Great

The Big Book of Fabulous Food: 152 Delicious & Healthy Recipes to Make You Feel Great Author : Jane Kennedy
Release : 2016-04-05
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781743791004
File Size : 74.20 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 666
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Guilt-free, delicious food that leaves you feeling fabulous. Throw out those frozen meals and subscriptions to weight-loss programs and revel in some delicious new cooking. In The Big Book of Fabulous Food, Jane shares 152 great recipes that are fast, fresh, and bursting with flavor. They will also make you feel fantastic! Whether you’re after new ideas for brunch, comforting classics without the calories, inspiring salads to take to work, or hearty dinners, Jane’s recipes are for every day and will inspire your whole new way of healthy eating.

The Big Boombah-Free Book

The Big Boombah-Free Book Author : Jane Kennedy
Release : 2015-10
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781743790502
File Size : 61.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 800
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After bursting onto the food scene in 2009, Jane Kennedy established herself as a much-loved healthful foodie. After selling ____ books, Jane is back with a 'best of' of her bestselling books. The Big Book of Fabulous Food shares 150 great recipes--19 of which are new!--that are fast, fresh and bursting with flavour. They will also make you feel fantastic. These are dishes for every day in the home, for entertaining family and friends and for those nights when you couldn't be bothered cooking and are tempted to just get takeaway. The recipes are easy to follow and beautifully illustrated. Whether you're after new ideas for brunch, comforting classics without the calories, inspiring salads to take to work, or hearty dinners, this is your new way of cooking -- packed full of flavour but without the boombah! "These are dishes for every day in the home, for entertaining family and friends and for those nights when you can't be bothered cooking and are tempted to just get take-away" - Vani Naidoo, Bribie Weekly "If you're looking for something to add to your repertoire without adding to your waistline, consider The Big Book of Fabulous Food." - Margaret Linley, Geelong Advertiser "Jane Kennedy's fourth contribution to the world of cookbooks is a welcome one." - Shaunagh O'Connor, Weekly Times "When it tastes good and doesn't hang around on the hips, you've got to consider it a winner." Margaret Linley, Geelong Advertiser

One Dish, Two Ways

One Dish, Two Ways Author : Jane Kennedy
Release : 2014
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781742707174
File Size : 23.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The perfect collection of recipes that can be served simply for kids, then jazzed up for the adults with just a few additional ingredients - the first cookbook guaranteed to please the whole family. Feeding a family. Every night. Is hard. Jane Kennedy knows because she cooks for seven people, seven days a week. It's not the cooking that's hard, it's thinking of a new dinner ideas EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Grownups are easy. They love spices and chilli and garlic and onions and herbs and zest and can dress up a boring piece of chicken, fish or steak in a flash. Kidsawell. Most kids don't like spices and chilli and herbs and zest. Green bits. Orange bits. And especially not hot bits. So Jane set herself a challenge to find a way to keep everyone happy. A way that wouldn't involve her having to eat 'plain' food just to keep the kids happy and didn't require the kids to miraculously start loving spicy food. A way where one base meal could be jazzed up, or down, to suit all taste buds. One dish; two ways.

What Goes Around

What Goes Around Author : Renee Eloise
Release : 2012-02-08
Publisher : Outskirts Press
ISBN : 1432786237
File Size : 70.26 MB
Format : PDF
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Shayla, Jason, Sophia, Taylor, Ed and Jarvis: six vibrant, hard-working, diverse and loyal colleagues, along with Devlin, the boss straight from great-leader heaven, they have bonded over nearly a decade into ‘family’. Using their collective intelligence and wit, they have worked heart and soul to build Pure Waters, Inc. (PWI) from an afterthought into America’s premiere water/waste water treatment company. As fate would have it, “no good deed goes unpunished”. Without their knowledge and certainly without their consent, their profitable, warm-spirited company is sold to a foreign corporation. The new, multi-billion dollar owners are known worldwide for their vicious, ruthless leadership. They ignore policies, procedures, political correctness, any form of decency and federal laws as they trample on the hearts and spirits of these newly conquered employees. Soon, without warning or apology, the escalating, intolerable mistreatment will be stopped, forever, by one of them, in a carefully executed act deemed “terroristic”. Embittered Marcus Mason, the government agent assigned to uncover the doer, tears into their backgrounds, revealing shocking hurts and acts none of them knew about each other, including assault, arson, rape and death. He leaves the six corporate PWI executives further in shards. A blazing, searing love affair, hidden for as long as company policy could be endured is tested to the limit as the explosive investigation concludes. Join these battered but determined American employees, as collective breaths are held, to see if they and their company will ever recover from the assault and battery they valiantly revolt against.

The Gift of Jazzy

The Gift of Jazzy Author : Cindy Adams
Release : 2003-02-08
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
ISBN : 1429956895
File Size : 57.40 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 737
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This is the true story of a savvy, seemingly tough columnist who could take on Clintons, Bushes, VIPs from New York to Hollywood--but is taken prisoner by the love of a tiny Yorkie who taught her more about joy and survival than any human could have. After The New York Post's Cindy Adams lost her husband Joey, finding a new companion was the last thing on her mind. But one day, an unannounced visitor brought just that, in the form Cindy least expected: a dog named Jazzy. Although Cindy had never considered herself a dog lover before, Jazzy quickly moved from unwelcome surprise to her closest family member. Cindy brings her famous wit, smarts and taste for celebrity dish to the page in recounting her hilarious first year with Jazzy--which gave her a new leash on life. This book will touch anyone who's ever lost someone dear.

The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post Author :
Release : 1958-03
Publisher :
File Size : 41.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Videos for Kids

Videos for Kids Author : Doug Atkinson
Release : 1995
Publisher : Prima Lifestyles
ISBN : 9781559586351
File Size : 53.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 326
Read : 589

Offers advice on evaluating videos for children, and recommends videos for children in each age group from preschool to teenagers


Cue Author :
Release : 1967
Publisher :
File Size : 68.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Delineator

The Delineator Author : R. S. O'Loughlin
Release : 1911
Publisher :
File Size : 65.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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TV Guide

TV Guide Author :
Release : 1992
Publisher :
File Size : 89.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The University of Idaho Reports

The University of Idaho Reports Author :
Release : 1946
Publisher :
File Size : 21.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What Women Want

What Women Want Author : Nelly Thomas
Release : 2012-04-02
Publisher : Random House Australia
ISBN : 1742754899
File Size : 57.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 99
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A funny and moving book that Australian women of all generations will love. With all the moxie of an RSL barmaid and the library card of a research fellow, Nelly Thomas has emerged to talk about nothing slighter than the trials of her generation... She's erudite, earthy and entirely unemployable. Helen Razor - The Age (review Melb Comedy Festival) Growing up in post-feminist Australia, Nelly Thomas, one of Australia’s most gifted and natural comedians, was told she could ‘have it all’. She’s giving it a crack – but she still isn’t quite sure what ‘it’ is. What do women want? In pursuit of answers, Thomas has tried being a telemarketer, a professional student, a fast-food worker, a broadcaster, a smoker, a prostitute’s confidant, a health advocate, a reality television obsessive, a mother, a partner (or is it girlfriend? lover?), an award-winning comedian, a sex-educator, a Loony Lefty Feminista and a self-confessed fatty boombah. Like many of her generation, she’s had a lot of options, yet she’s wondering – which do you choose? In this hilarious part-memoir, part-manifesto, Thomas navigates the murky waters of her life and womanhood in the twenty-first century. She tackles the big contemporary issues – career, equality, family, porn, sex, entertainment, obesity, parenting, culture, class, Beyonce’s derriere – with customary insight and a wickedly dry wit. A must-read for the modern Aussie woman.