Dreaming Souls

Dreaming Souls Author : Owen J. Flanagan
Release : 2000
Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN : 9780195142358
File Size : 53.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 793
Read : 716

"An accessible survey of the latest research on sleep and dreams and a compelling new theory about the nature and function of dreaming."--Jacket.

Creative Dreaming

Creative Dreaming Author : Patricia Garfield
Release : 1995-07-01
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 0684801728
File Size : 76.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 748
Read : 902

With more than 250,000 copies sold, this classic exploration of dreams and how to use them has been updated to reflect recent research on dreams and dreaming.

Dreaming Beyond Death

Dreaming Beyond Death Author : Kelly Bulkeley
Release : 2005
Publisher : Beacon Press
ISBN : 9780807077207
File Size : 56.74 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 554
Read : 1091

The authors probe the phenomenon of "pre-death dreams," delving into culture, history, and psychology to present a multidisciplinary portrait of the visions many people have on the verge of their own deaths.

Courageous Dreaming

Courageous Dreaming Author : Alberto Villoldo
Release : 2010-07
Publisher : ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN : 1458757285
File Size : 90.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 721
Read : 590

Courageous Dreaming tells us how to dream our world with power and grace. The ancient shamans of the Americas understood that we're not only creating our experience of the world, but are dreaming up the very nature of reality itself - that is, ''life is but a dream. '' When you don't dream your life, you have to settle for the nightmare being dreamed by others. This book shows how to wake up from the collective nightmare and begin to dream a life of courage and grace, a sacred dream that shamans throughout time have known and served. Alberto Villoldo reveals ancient wisdom teachings that explain how to birth reality from the invisible matrix of creation; and reveals how we can interact with this matrix to dream a life of peace, health, and abundance. He shows us that courage is all that is required to create the joy we desire!

The Secret History of Dreaming

The Secret History of Dreaming Author : Robert Moss
Release : 2009
Publisher : New World Library
ISBN : 157731638X
File Size : 77.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 105
Read : 947

The author of Conscious Dreaming and The Three "Only" Things poses arguments for understanding one's dreams in order to resolve past events and prepare for the future, explaining the practices of ancient dreaming cultures and the dream experiences of famous historical figures.

Liminal Dreaming

Liminal Dreaming Author : Jennifer Dumpert
Release : 2019-05-28
Publisher : North Atlantic Books
ISBN : 1623173051
File Size : 51.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 485
Read : 1018

A dream hacker explains how to learn and use liminal dreaming and lucid dreaming for creativity, healing, and consciousness exploration. At the edges of consciousness, between waking and sleeping, there’s a swirling, free associative state of mind that is the domain of liminal dreams. Working with liminal dreams can improve sleep, mitigate anxiety and depression, help to heal trauma, and aid creativity and problem-solving. Readers of Liminal Dreaming will learn step-by-step how to create a dream practice outside of REM-sleep states that they can incorporate into their lives in personally meaningful ways.

Dreaming in French

Dreaming in French Author : Alice Kaplan
Release : 2013-03-22
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
ISBN : 022605487X
File Size : 70.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 954
Read : 584

Looks at how the magical city of Paris, France, changed the lives and outlooks of three notable American women. By the author of The Collaborator: The Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach.

A Dark Night's Dreaming

A Dark Night's Dreaming Author : Professor Matthew J Bruccoli
Release : 1996
Publisher : Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN : 9781570030703
File Size : 45.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 923
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A Dark Night's Dreaming opens by defining the shape of horror fiction today, illuminating the genre's narrative themes, psychological and social contexts, and historical development. The core of the volume focuses on the lives and major works of the six who have dramatically shaped the genre: William Peter Blatty, Thomas Harris, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Peter Straub, and Whitley Strieber. A final chapter analyzes the complex relationship between horror fiction and its adaptation to film. Looking beyond the tormented maidens, madmen, monsters, and other archetypes of the genre, these critics differentiate contemporary Gothic fiction from that of earlier generations while demonstrating that horror remains one of the most important and consistent strains connecting the diverse elements of the American literary tradition. They comment on the genre's enormous popularity and undeniable influence in American society and scrutinize its changing representations of women, monsters, and gore. The volume concludes with an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary works.

Dreaming Souls

Dreaming Souls Author : Owen Flanagan
Release : 2001-05-17
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 0190286547
File Size : 42.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What, if anything, do dreams tell us about ourselves? What is the relationship between types of sleep and types of dreams? Does dreaming serve any purpose? Or are dreams simply meaningless mental noise--"unmusical fingers wandering over the piano keys"? With expertise in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience, Owen Flanagan is uniquely qualified to answer these questions. And in Dreaming Souls he provides both an accessible survey of the latest research on sleep and dreams and a compelling new theory about the nature and function of dreaming. Flanagan argues that while sleep has a clear biological function and adaptive value, dreams are merely side effects, "free riders," irrelevant from an evolutionary point of view. But dreams are hardly unimportant. Indeed, Flanagan argues that dreams are self-expressive, the result of our need to find or to create meaning, even when we're sleeping. Rejecting Freud's theory of manifest and latent content--of repressed wishes appearing in disguised form--Flanagan shows how brainstem activity during sleep generates a jumbled profusion of memories, images, thoughts, emotions, and desires, which the cerebral cortex then attempts to shape into a more or less coherent story. Such dream-narratives range from the relatively mundane worries of non REM sleep to the fantastic confabulations of deep REM that resemble psychotic episodes in their strangeness. But however bizarre these narratives may be, they can shed light on our mental life, our well being, and our sense of self. Written with clarity, lively wit, and remarkable insight, Dreaming Souls offers a fascinating new way of apprehending one of the oldest mysteries of mental life.

Ludic Dreaming

Ludic Dreaming Author : David Cecchetto
Release : 2017-02-23
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN : 1501320815
File Size : 66.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 347
Read : 898

Ludic Dreaming uses (sometimes fictional) dreams as a method for examining sound and contemporary technoculture's esoteric exchanges, refusing both the strictures of visually dominated logic and the celebratory tone that so often characterizes the “sonic turn.” Instead, through a series of eight quasi-analytical essays on the condition of listening, the book forwards a robust engagement with sounds (human and nonhuman alike) that leverages particularity in its full, radical singularity: what is a dream, after all, if not an incipient physics that isn't held to the scientific demand for repeatability? Thus, these studies declare their challenge to the conventions of argumentation and situate themselves at a threshold between theory and fiction, one that encourages reader and writer alike to make lateral connections between otherwise wildly incongruent subjects and states of affairs. Put differently, Ludic Dreaming is a how-to book for listening away from the seeming fatality of contemporary technologies, which is to say, away from the seeming inevitability of late capitalistic nihilism.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Author : Celia and McCreery Green
Release : 2013-11-26
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1317799097
File Size : 84.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 571
Read : 1293

Lucid dreams are dreams in which a person becomes aware that they are dreaming. They are different from ordinary dreams, not just because of the dreamer's awareness that they are dreaming, but because lucid dreams are often strikingly realistic and may be emotionally charged to the point of elation. Celia Green and Charles McCreery have written a unique introduction to lucid dreams that will appeal to the specialist and general reader alike. The authors explore the experience of lucid dreaming, relate it to other experiences such as out-of-the-body experiences (to which they see it as closely related) and apparitions, and look at how lucid dreams can be induced and controlled. They explore their use for therapeutic purposes such as counteracting nightmares. Their study is illustrated throughout with many case histories.

Active Dreaming

Active Dreaming Author : Robert Moss
Release : 2011
Publisher : New World Library
ISBN : 1577319648
File Size : 68.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 633
Read : 1198

Active dreaming is a way of being fully of this world while maintaining constant contact with another world, the world-behind-the-world, where the deeper logic and purpose of our lives are to be found. This book offers three core areas of practice: talking and walking our dreams to bring energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life; shamanic lucid dreaming; and, conscious living.

The Dreaming & Other Essays (Large Print 16pt)

The Dreaming & Other Essays (Large Print 16pt) Author : Weh Stanner
Release : 2011-02
Publisher : ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN : 1458763110
File Size : 83.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 462
Read : 405

W.E.H. Stanner's words changed Australia. Without condescension and without sentimentality, in essays such as 'the Dreaming' Stanner conveyed the richness and uniqueness of Aboriginal culture. In his Boyer Lectures he exposed a 'cult of forgetfulness practised on a national scale,' regarding the fate of the Aborigines, for which he coined the phrase 'the great Australian silence'. And in his essay 'Durmugam' he provided an unforgettable portrait of a warrior's attempt to hold back cultural change. 'He was such a man,' Stanner wrote. 'I thought I would like to make the reading world see and feel him as I did.' The pieces collected here span the career of W.E.H. Stanner as well as the history of Australian race relations. They reveal the extraordinary scholarship, humanity and vision of one of Australia's finest essayists. Their revival is a significant event. With an introductory essay by Robert Manne.

Infinite Possibilities of Social Dreaming

Infinite Possibilities of Social Dreaming Author : W. Gordon Lawrence
Release : 2018-04-24
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 0429914903
File Size : 60.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 687
Read : 701

Examining recalled dreams with many others in a Social Dreaming Matrix leads to the transformation of the thinking embedded in the dreams. There are infinite meanings to a dream by regarding the dream as an unconscious product of cultural knowledge, not as an expression of the psyche exclusively, opening new possibilities of thinking.

Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond

Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond Author : George T. Calofonos
Release : 2016-05-13
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1317148150
File Size : 39.52 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 527
Read : 629

Although the actual dreaming experience of the Byzantines lies beyond our reach, the remarkable number of dream narratives in the surviving sources of the period attests to the cardinal function of dreams as vehicles of meaning, and thus affords modern scholars access to the wider cultural fabric of symbolic representations of the Byzantine world. Whether recounting real or invented dreams, the narratives serve various purposes, such as political and religious agendas, personal aspirations or simply an author’s display of literary skill. It is only in recent years that Byzantine dreaming has attracted scholarly attention, and important publications have suggested the way in which Byzantines reshaped ancient interpretative models and applied new perceptions to the functions of dreams. This book - the first collection of studies on Byzantine dreams to be published - aims to demonstrate further the importance of closely examining dreams in Byzantium in their wider historical and cultural, as well as narrative, context. Linked by this common thread, the essays offer insights into the function of dreams in hagiography, historiography, rhetoric, epistolography, and romance. They explore gender and erotic aspects of dreams; they examine cross-cultural facets of dreaming, provide new readings, and contextualize specific cases; they also look at the Greco-Roman background and Islamic influences of Byzantine dreams and their Christianization. The volume provides a broad variety of perspectives, including those of psychoanalysis and anthropology.

Dreaming 1

Dreaming 1 Author : Debi Comeau
Release : 2016-06-08
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1514485516
File Size : 31.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 105
Read : 569

Dreaming is a collection of poems relating to experiences that throughout our journey in life have participated in a personal way or have known someone in our lives who as readers can connect and relate to these poems in this book.

Our Dreaming Mind

Our Dreaming Mind Author : Robert L. Van de Castle
Release : 1995
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780345396662
File Size : 84.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 853
Read : 1215

"A MASTERPIECE ON DREAMS...This book is a singular resource.... If it inspires you to remember your dreams, this book will change your life. If it inspires you to act on your dreams, this book will change the world." --Henry Reed Author of Getting Help from Your Dreams and Dream Solutions In this brilliantly researched and thorough study, internationally recognized dream authority Robert L. Van de Castle examines the vital role that dreams have played throughout history, from the dreams of ancient Sumerian kings to the pioneering dream research of nineteenth-century psychologists. Our Dreaming Mind delves into the most provocative experiments that scientists are conducting on the dreaming mind in this century and surveys ongoing dream experiments: dreams and sexual arousal, the impact of pregnancy on dreams, the connection between dreams and creativity, and the possibility of paranormal dreams. "In Our Dreaming Mind, Robert Van de Castle pulls decades of accumulated wisdom together in a sweeping panorama unsurpassed in the literature for its scope, its insight, and its ability to captivate its readers. --Stanley Krippner Director of The Saybrook Institute Editor of Dream Time and Dream Work "IMMENSELY READABLE...A monumental history of dreams." --Publishers Weekly "Our Dreaming Mind is really a dream come true--the most comprehensive, authoritative, and inspiring book on dreams I know about. At heart, this book is about human consciousness and our place in the universe. A magnificent contribution." --Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of Meaning & Medicine: A Doctor's Tales of Breakthrough and Healing AN ALTERNATE SELECTION OF THE BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB

Dialecticoma Dreaming

Dialecticoma Dreaming Author : Cristina Archer
Release : 2013-11-07
Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN : 1304556883
File Size : 35.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 745
Read : 1159

Dialecticoma Dreaming is a journey into the imagination of dreams and philosophical minefields. The book brings together a small number of short stories that have been inspired by my dreams.

Dreaming Pemberley

Dreaming Pemberley Author : Ellen Mary Soule
Release : 2013-09-27
Publisher : WestBowPress
ISBN : 1490808752
File Size : 43.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 805
Read : 1129

Who can ever get enough of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? Who doesn’t dream of strolling through stately shrubberies? Of reveling in Regency lore—where luxury is silken, manners are refined, and the language reflects exquisite sensitivities and a decorum whose bonds we have managed to escape, yet we still find charmingly quaint? Dreaming Pemberley is a mini-saga composed of four “dreams” that carry the Bennets, Darcys, Collins, and their friends forward in their lives through two generations. Their journeys are fraught with painful detours and misunderstandings, and they are forced to grapple with character flaws as well as dastardly acquaintances. At one point, a member of the Collins household is deemed a witch! In the fourth dream, the famed equanimity of Pemberley is threatened by a disruptive cat. However, felicity and redemption are persistent threads, and we rejoice when Anne de Bourgh’s personhood is allowed to blossom, even though Lady Catherine de Bourgh feels strongly abused. Mystery and surprise are found at various twists and turns. Georgiana’s fate is beyond belief. And the late Mrs. Darcy’s long-locked tea room engenders a renown that spreads as far as London—much to Mr. Darcy’s chagrin. Over all, the gracious gentility that pervades Pemberley is a force for good and does much to soothe hearts and hurts.

Dreaming of Lions

Dreaming of Lions Author : Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Release : 2016-02-23
Publisher : Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN : 1603586393
File Size : 86.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 222
Read : 697

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has spent a lifetime observing other creatures and other cultures, from her own backyard to the African savannah. Her books have transported millions of readers into the hidden lives of animals—from dogs and cats to deer and lions. She’s chronicled the daily lives of African tribes, and even imagined the lives of prehistoric humans. She illuminates unknown worlds like no other. Now, she opens the doors to her own. Dreaming of Lions traces Thomas’s life from her earliest days, including when, as a young woman in the 1950s, she and her family packed up and left for the Kalahari Desert to study the Ju/Wa Bushmen. The world’s understanding of African tribal cultures has never been the same since. Nor has Thomas, as the experience taught her not only how to observe, but also how to navigate in male-dominated fields like anthropology and animal science and do what she cared about most: spending time with animals and people in wild places, and relishing the people and animals around her at home. Readers join Thomas as she returns to Africa, after college and marriage, with her two young children, ending up in the turmoil leading to Idi Amin’s bloody coup. She invites us into her family life, her writing, and her fascination with animals—from elephants in Namibia, to dogs in her kitchen, or cougars outside her New England farmhouse. She also recounts her personal struggles, writing about her own life with the same kind of fierce honesty that she applies to the world around her, and delivering a memoir that not only shares tremendous insights, but also provides tremendous inspiration. Dreaming of Lions, originally published in hardcover as A Million Years With You, is slightly updated and includes a powerful new afterword by the author.