Can an Otaku Like Me Really Be an Idol?

Can an Otaku Like Me Really Be an Idol? Author : Wacoco Waco
Release : 2019-07
Publisher : Kuma
ISBN : 9781634421713
File Size : 61.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Burly anime fan gets bullied for being into pop idols and then is pulled deep into the idol world by one of it's most popular performers.

In/Spectre 05

In/Spectre 05 Author : Kyo|Katase Shirodaira (Chashiba)
Release : 2020
Publisher :
ISBN : 9783842064140
File Size : 66.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Otaku and the Struggle for Imagination in Japan

Otaku and the Struggle for Imagination in Japan Author : Patrick W. Galbraith
Release : 2019-12-06
Publisher : Duke University Press
ISBN : 147800701X
File Size : 21.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From computer games to figurines and maid cafes, men called “otaku” develop intense fan relationships with “cute girl” characters from manga, anime, and related media and material in contemporary Japan. While much of the Japanese public considers the forms of character love associated with “otaku” to be weird and perverse, the Japanese government has endeavored to incorporate “otaku” culture into its branding of “Cool Japan.” In Otaku and the Struggle for Imagination in Japan, Patrick W. Galbraith explores the conflicting meanings of “otaku” culture and its significance to Japanese popular culture, masculinity, and the nation. Tracing the history of “otaku” and “cute girl” characters from their origins in the 1970s to his recent fieldwork in Akihabara, Tokyo (“the Holy Land of Otaku”), Galbraith contends that the discourse surrounding “otaku” reveals tensions around contested notions of gender, sexuality, and ways of imagining the nation that extend far beyond Japan. At the same time, in their relationships with characters and one another, “otaku” are imagining and creating alternative social worlds.

Debating Otaku in Contemporary Japan

Debating Otaku in Contemporary Japan Author : Patrick W. Galbraith
Release : 2015-05-21
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 1472594983
File Size : 48.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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With the spread of manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese cartoons) around the world, many have adopted the Japanese term 'otaku' to identify fans of such media. The connection to manga and anime may seem straightforward, but, when taken for granted, often serves to obscure the debates within and around media fandom in Japan since the term 'otaku' appeared in the niche publication Manga Burikko in 1983. Debating Otaku in Contemporary Japan disrupts the naturalization and trivialization of 'otaku' by examining the historical contingency of the term as a way to identify and contain problematic youth, consumers and fan cultures in Japan. Its chapters, many translated from Japanese and available in English for the first time – and with a foreword by Otsuka Eiji, former editor of Manga Burikko – explore key moments in the evolving discourse of 'otaku' in Japan. Rather than presenting a smooth, triumphant narrative of the transition of a subculture to the mainstream, the edited volume repositions 'otaku' in specific historical, social and economic contexts, providing new insights into the significance of the 'otaku' phenomenon in Japan and the world. By going back to original Japanese documents, translating key contributions by Japanese scholars and offering sustained analysis of these documents and scholars, Debating Otaku in Contemporary Japan provides alternative histories of and approaches to 'otaku'. For all students and scholars of contemporary Japan and the history of Japanese fan and consumer cultures, this volume will be a foundation for understanding how 'otaku', at different places and times and to different people, is meaningful.

Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia

Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia Author : Mark McLelland
Release : 2014-09-15
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1317685741
File Size : 84.42 MB
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This collection brings together cutting-edge work by established and emerging scholars focusing on key societies in the East Asian region: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam. This scope enables the collection to reflect on the nature of the transformations in constructions of sexuality in highly developed, developing and emerging societies and economies. Both Japan and China have established traditions of ‘sexuality’ studies reflecting longstanding indigenous understandings of sex as well as more recent developments which interface with Euro-American medical and psychological understandings. Authors reflect upon the complex colonial and economic interactions and cultural flows which have affected the East Asian region over the last two centuries. They trace local flows of ideas instead of defaulting to Euro-American paradigms for sexuality studies. Through looking at regional and global exchanges of ideas about sexuality, this volume adds considerably to our understanding of the East Asian region and contributes to wider discussions of social transformation, modernisation and globalisation. It will be essential reading in undergraduate and graduate programs in sexuality studies, gender studies, women’s studies and masculinity studies, as well as in anthropology, sociology, history, cultural studies, area studies and health sciences.

Guide to the Perfect Otaku Girlfriend: Roomies and Romance Volume 1

Guide to the Perfect Otaku Girlfriend: Roomies and Romance Volume 1 Author : Rin Murakami
Release : 2021-06-17
Publisher : J-Novel Club
ISBN : 1718381484
File Size : 65.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If I’m going to find a girlfriend, she has to be an otaku. She’ll be beautiful, innocent, with long black hair, and she’ll like all the stuff that I like! Kokoro Nishina, the girl I’m living with, is the exact opposite of that. So why did I promise that I’d turn that flashy, extroverted gyaru into the ideal otaku girlfriend?! Sadly, I know just how it feels to need a little self-improvement to find the perfect date... and there’s no way a girl like that will tell her friends that she’s actually a closet fujoshi. But I’ll teach her—then maybe she can teach me too! With my expertise, she’ll definitely become an otaku’s dream girl!

Otaku Japan

Otaku Japan Author : Gianni Simone
Release : 2021-06-20
Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
ISBN : 146292154X
File Size : 72.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Transport yourself to the global capital of cool with this ultimate guide to Japanese pop culture! Are you crazy about Japanese manga, anime, video games, cosplay, toys and idols? If so, this book is for you! Whether you're planning a trip to Japan, have a severe case of wanderlust, or are just fascinated by its culture, let Otaku Japan transport you to the capital of cool. In this practical travel guide, over 450 iconic shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs and events are presented in loving detail with precise directions on how to find them. More than 20 maps, websites and over 400 color photos take you the length and breadth of Japan to all the centers of Otaku culture—from snowy Hokkaido to sunny Kyushu. Highlights include: Interviews with Game Developers Cosplay and Halloween Events in Japan Dojinshi: Self-published Comics A Visit to the Ghibli Museum Interview with famous Japanese idols Anime-themed Trains A Glossary of Otaku Terms And much, much more! The book covers all major regions in Japan—Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka—as well as lesser-known areas like Tohoku, Chugoku and Shikoku.

The Japan Journal

The Japan Journal Author :
Release : 2005-05
Publisher :
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Giant Robot

Giant Robot Author :
Release : 2007
Publisher :
File Size : 77.19 MB
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