The Horse Nutrition Handbook

The Horse Nutrition Handbook Author : Melyni Worth
Release : 2010
Publisher : Storey Publishing
ISBN : 1603425411
File Size : 60.74 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 346
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FROM CLEAN, HEALTHY HAY and pasture grasses to alfalfa cubes and daily treats, every horse's well-being depends on a healthful, nutritionally balanced diet. What, when, and how much he eats are key contributors to your horse's health, temperament, and performance. In this essential volume, equine nutrition expert Melyni Worth provides all the in-depth knowledge and guidance you need to confidently develop year-round and lifelong feeding programs for horses of every age and discipline. Covering everything from general dietary requirements to pasture management and food solutions for common health problems, this feeding handbook is your complete guide to equine nutrition and one of the most important investments you will ever make to your horse's health.

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition Author : Lisa Preston
Release : 2016-07-05
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1510705368
File Size : 36.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 269
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A primary concern of all horse owners and caregivers is that their animals receive the proper feed and in the correct amounts. In seeking information about these matters, it’s easy for owners and caregivers to be lured in—and often misled—by advertisements and endorsements for vitamins, alternative medicines, and other supplementary products. Noted equine nutritionist Lisa Preston offers solid and sensible guidance in these and other areas in her wide-reaching Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition. Among the topics she covers are: • Formulating a correct dietary routine for your horse, pony, or mule based on such considerations as breed, age, and size, as well as locale, climate, and the activities in which they take part • Understanding the horse’s digestive system and related organs and the effects of various feeds on them • Feed-related diseases and other ailments: their causes, prevention, and treatment • The use and misuse of vitamins and other supplements • Understanding your veterinarian’s diagnoses, tests, and treatments • And much more Thoroughly researched using the latest scientific data and featuring dozens of tables, charts, and illustrations, The Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition belongs on the shelf of every horse owner.

The Horse Nutrition Bible

The Horse Nutrition Bible Author : Ruth Bishop
Release : 2005-10-01
Publisher : David & Charles
ISBN : 9780715322093
File Size : 23.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Compatibility of Pharmaceutical Products and Contact Materials Dennis Jenke Important safety aspects of compatibility for therapeutic products and their manufacturing systems, delivery devices, and containers Compatibility of Pharmaceutical Products and Contact Materials helps pharmaceutical, toxicology, analytical, and regulatory affairs professionals assess the safety of leachable and extractable chemicals associated with drug product packaging, manufacturing systems, and devices. The most comprehensive resource available, its coverage includes the strategies, tactics, and regulatory requirements for performing safety assessments, along with the means for interpreting results. Structured around a logical framework for an extractables and leachables safety assessment and closely linked to the pharmaceutical product development process, Compatibility of Pharmaceutical Products and Contact Materials directly addresses the fundamental questions of "what activities need to be performed to completely, efficiently, and effectively address the issue of product safety from an extractables and leachables perspective?" and "when do the various required activities need to be performed?" Specifically, the chapters describe: Pertinent regulations and practical ways to meet guidelines Coordinating manufacturing, storage, and delivery systems development and qualification with therapeutic product development Materials characterization and the materials screening process Component and/or system qualification (illustrated by several case studies) Performing validation/migration studies and interpreting and reporting the results Creating a product registration dossier and putting it through regulatory review Product maintenance (Change Control) from an extractables and leachables perspective Likely future developments in extractables and leachables assessment Additionally, the book's appendix provides a database, including CAS registry numbers, chemical formulas and molecular weights of extractable/leachable substances that have been reported in the chemical literature. Detailing the interconnected roles played by analytical chemistry, biological science, toxicology, and regulatory science, Compatibility of Pharmaceutical Products and Contact Materials supplies a much-needed, comprehensive resource to all those in pharmaceutical product or medical device development.

A Guide to Equine Nutrition

A Guide to Equine Nutrition Author : Keith Allison
Release : 1995
Publisher : J. A. Allen, Limited
ISBN : 9780851316352
File Size : 68.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Much of the information on horse nutrition emanates from feed and supplement manufacturers and takes little account of the natural diet of the animal. To add to the confusion, holistic veterinarians have raised health issues concerning the use of some raw materials. enables the horse-owner to make an informed choice when purchasing feeding stuffs and supplements. It traces the development of the horse from its early ancestors, and relates its physiology to the type of food it has eveolved to eat - as well as that which it has not. It also describes the basic principles of feeding by more tradional methods, and the use of holistic feeding stuffs and supplements.

Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies

Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies Author : Audrey Pavia
Release : 2011-02-04
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9781118052327
File Size : 87.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 803
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Want to know the best ways to care for your horse? Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies gives you up-to-the-minute guidance on keeping horses healthy at all stages of life. It provides the latest information on equine nutrition and healthcare, explaining how your horse’s body functions and how to keep it in good working order. Packed with practical advice on equine first aid and alternative therapies, this completely practical, plain-English guide explains exactly what to feed your four-legged “hayburner” and how much. You’ll find out what kind of preventive care is vital to keeping your horse in good physical shape and how to recognize signs of illness when things go wrong. You’ll get the low-down on the diseases and conditions most likely to plague the domestic horse and find help in deciding whether to treat problems yourself or call the vet. Discover how to: Manage your horse’s diet House your horse safely and comfortably Tend to the daily details of horse care Examine coat, eyes, hooves and manure Identify, control, and prevent equine diseases Understand links between horse behavior and health Practice good horse nutrition Grow your own horse food Cover horse-health-care costs Breed your horse Care for pregnant mares and newborns A healthy horse is a happy horse. Keep your horse fit with a little help from Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies, and you’ll be happy too!

Feeding and Care of the Horse

Feeding and Care of the Horse Author : Lon D. Lewis
Release : 2013-07-16
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118694945
File Size : 52.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 141
Read : 896

This is the concise, easy-to-use version of Dr. Lewis's Equine Clinical Nutrition, Feeding and Care. It includes a full-color section identifying toxic plants and provides practical information on the diversified effects of different nutrients, feeds and supplements on a horse's athletic performance, reproduction, growth, hooves, appetite, behavior and disease. The book can help prevent common, but expensive problems in horses of all ages.

Dr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses

Dr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses Author : Eleanor Kellon
Release : 2019-11-12
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1510741682
File Size : 47.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 133
Read : 935

Sound professional advice on what to do until the veterinarian arrives. Dr. Eleanor Kellon has created a quick and easy reference to conditions that require emergency treatment. Dr. Kellon’s Guide to First Aid for Horses offers guidelines to be followed in determining what a horse's problem could be, and it suggests information that should be given to the veterinarian as soon as you call. The book is organized by color-coded chapters on specific types of problems, or on specific anatomical areas and organ systems. At the beginning of each chapter is a quick reference list of symptoms and topics that allows you to turn immediately to those sections of the chapter that might pertain to your horse’s problems. Dr. Kellon’s Guide to First Aid for Horses includes lists of symptoms and their causes, instructions for home treatment, and checklists of the first aid supplies necessary to deal with the following emergencies: Concussions, burns, and shock Abrasions, lacerations, bleeding Smoke inhalation, asthma, and emphysema Fever, botulism, and blood poisoning Colic, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea Hypothermia, hyperthermia, and frostbite Stroke, muscle cramps, laminitis, and seizures Bladder infection and stones in the urinary tract Prolonged labor, newborn emergencies Allergies and adverse drug reactions And many other life threatening situations or conditions Dr. Kellon also includes reference sections on preparing horses for treatment, restraint, drug reactions, and managing trapped horses. Give yourself the confidence to deal with any emergency veterinary situation by keeping a copy of Dr. Kellon’s Guide to First Aid for Horses close at hand.

Understanding Equine Nutrition

Understanding Equine Nutrition Author : Karen Briggs
Release : 1998
Publisher : Eclipse Press
File Size : 27.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 175
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What are the nutritional needs of your horse? Misconceptions abound about what horses actually require to remain healthy and perform their designated jobs. Does your horse require a high-fat diet or need supplements? This essential guide from the Horse Health Care Library helps you decide on a plan and a menu that supplies all the nutrients your horse needs.

Equine nutrition

Equine nutrition Author : William Martin-Rosset
Release : 2015-05-27
Publisher : Wageningen Academic Publishers
ISBN : 908686855X
File Size : 88.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 778
Read : 630

Equine nutrition' gives insight in updated feed evaluation systems based on net energy, global amount of amino acids, and feed intake. These systems allow accurate comparison of the nutritive value of feeds, the formulation of well-balanced rations to achieve production or utilisation goals, and the prediction of equine performance based on the quantity and quality of the ration. 'Equine nutrition' provides an update of the nutrient requirements for all categories of equine. Tables of recommended allowances based on long term feeding trials carried out at INRA are proposed. These recommendations and the simple approach to formulation of rations based on the use of a maximum amount of forage have been successfully tested in the fields. The importance of grass intake during summer for the different categories of equines is evaluated and grazing management is described. Feed allowances and feeding practices are proposed in respect of health and behaviour of the equine and of the preservation of environment. The feed tables list 169 roughages and 71 concentrates feeds. Data have been derived from digestion trials on horses, carried out at INRA and measurements of voluntary intake for most of the forages. This book also deals with several distinct pedagogic tools dedicated to end-users: 'equineration', a guide to 'body condition scoring in horse' and 'Equine Rami' for horse grazing and farming management. This book is an essential source for scientists, teachers and their students, advisers and professionals.

Introduction to Horse Nutrition

Introduction to Horse Nutrition Author : Zoe Davies
Release : 2009-09-28
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1405169982
File Size : 82.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 701
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If you are studying horse nutrition at an introductory level, thenthis is the ideal book for you. It covers the current syllabusesset out by equine science and management courses, and isparticularly suitable for those who lack background knowledge inscience. Nutrition has long been recognised as a vital part of horsecare. It is important for optimal horse health, reproduction,sustained performance and general well being. This book isinvaluable for horse owners, trainers and breeders. Features: Student friendly, with key summary points at the end of eachchapter and lots of helpful tables and images. Covers the fundamentals of horse nutrition including dailynutrient requirements (using the latest National ResearchCouncil data). Information on nutraceuticals and the nutritionalmanagement of health-related problems, such as Equine MetabolicSyndrome, Laminitis and PPID (Cushing’s syndrome).

Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition Author : Derek Cuddeford
Release : 2002-11-15
Publisher : Crowood Press
File Size : 65.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 454
Read : 1249

This authoritative and accessible guide provides practical advice to the horse owner on how to assess the individual horse’s nutritional needs in the most effective and economical way. This will, in turn, reduce feed and veterinary bills and enhance the horse’s quality of life. Topics covered include evolution and equine behavi∨ the digestive system and how it works; digestion and absorption; the utilization of essential nutrients; minerals and vitamins; conventional and compound feeds; and clinical nutrition and food-related problems.

Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition Author : Nutrena
Release : 2006
Publisher :
File Size : 75.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition Author :
Release : 2009
Publisher :
File Size : 75.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Horse Nutrition Handbook

The Horse Nutrition Handbook Author : Melyni Worth
Release : 2010-05-17
Publisher : Storey Publishing
ISBN : 9781603422093
File Size : 33.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 425
Read : 763

Good nutrition is essential for a strong and healthy horse. Here are in-depth explorations on the benefits of additives and herbal supplements inform Worth’s dietary approach toward treating common health problems that include colic, cribbing, Cushing disease, ulcers, tying-up syndrome, and more. Providing your horse with a healthy, well-balanced diet will keep him looking and feeling his best for years to come.

Horses, 3rd Edition

Horses, 3rd Edition Author : J. Warren Evans
Release : 2000-12-13
Publisher : Macmillan
ISBN : 9780805072518
File Size : 51.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 619
Read : 377

Discusses barns, pastures, breeding, feeds, training, grooming, common ailments, riding, driving, races, shows, and competitions.

Horse Journal Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Horse Journal Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals Author : Eleanor M. Kellon
Release : 2008
Publisher : Globe Pequot
ISBN : 9781599211787
File Size : 62.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 936
Read : 196

An all-new, up-to-date guide to the mind-boggling array of equine nutraceuticals and supplements on the market today from the most trusted publication in the equestrian world, Horse Journal. This is the only book of its kind, complete with photos and charts, to guide you in making decisions about the optimal nutrition and preventative care for your horse, as well as natural supplements for performance. Dr. Eleanor Kellon is a founding editor at Horse Journal, and her articles have appeared in many books and magazines. Her philosophy has always been that herbal and proper nutritional support can help horses who suffer from allergies, insulin resistance, laminitis, weight problems, tendonitis, and ligament ailments. The Big Book fills a long-standing gap in horse care. Eleanor Kellon is a veterinarian and equine consultant whose work appears regularly in Equus, Perfect Horseman, Hoofbeats and The Chronicle of the Horse. She and her husband live in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, where they breed and race Standardbreds.

Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment

Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment Author : J. Warren Evans
Release : 2000-12-13
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
ISBN : 1429934581
File Size : 37.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 113
Read : 960

For almost twenty years, Horses has been the definitive horse care manual, an indispensable reference for anyone who shows, races, breeds, or rides horses. Now Horses is available for the first time in paperback in a completely revised and updated new edition, offering all the latest information necessary for the competent care and recreational use of horses today. It covers every vital phase of buying, managing, enjoying, and raising horses and features a wealth of illustrations and photo sequences showing step-by-step management procedures, as well as more technical information for advanced owners. The Third Edition also reflects recent findings in health care and research, and includes * A new chapter on business practices in the horse industry * Current recommendations for internal parasite control * Information on equine assisted therapy * Linebreeding, the Dosage Index, and the Rasmussen Factor * Recent information on coat color inheritance * The physiology of conditioning performance horses * The practical use of behavior for training Comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible, Horses, Third Edition is an essential reference book for anyone who cares for a horse, from novice to experienced owner.

Equine Nutrition and Feeding

Equine Nutrition and Feeding Author : David Frape
Release : 2008-04-15
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 0470750391
File Size : 76.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 562
Read : 382

Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition Author : Ann C. Leighton Hardman
Release : 1980
Publisher : Michael Joseph
File Size : 36.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 166
Read : 1322

Equine Supplements & Nutraceuticals

Equine Supplements & Nutraceuticals Author : Eleanor M. Kellon
Release : 1998
Publisher :
File Size : 43.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 982
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An all encompassing discussion of nutrition elements, minerals, and vitamins for horses of all performance types. The book will consist of five sections: Basic Nutrition, Nutriments A-Z, Nutrition for the Performance Horse, Nutritional Solutions for Health Problems, and a Consumer's Guide to commercial supplements.The A-Z section will be in chart format: a one to two page chart which will describe each nutriment; including food sources, symptoms indicating its requirement, benefits, and interaction with other nutriments. Icon illustrations will indicate the required supplemental dosages of each nutriment for each of the five defined levels of horse activity or work level.Nutrition solutions for basic health problems will be discussed, including recommended nutriment combinations and dosages. Special attention is given to the performance horse -- increased nutriment levels are recommended for various levels and phases of performance, training, competition, long-distance, etc.The consumer's guide will provide market sources for nutritional products for horses, a result of a survey of over 200 known equine nutritional product dealers.